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Marriages in Bathurst District, part 1


Bathurst Dist. marriages transcribed from Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 1.

The following marriages were transcribed & submitted by Alison Causton:

Thomas MAUD of Brockville, married Mary GILMOUR of Perth, witn: Thomas THOMPSON, John THOMPSON, 18 Sept 1840, at Perth.
John RORISON of Ramsay, married Margaret KILPATRICK of Beckwith, witn: John McEWAN, John MURPHY, 30 Mar 1841, at Perth.
John KILPATRICK of Ramsay, married Ann DOWNIE of Ramsay, witn: William RAE, Wm Metcalf, 31 Dec 1841, at Ramsay.
James M'KID? of Packenham, married Janet GILMOUR of Packenham, witn: James GILMOUR, Alex'r SNEDDEN, 24 Feb 1843.
Wm MITCHELL of Ramsay, married Marian GILMOUR of Ramsay, witn: Wm GILMOUR, James SUTHERLAND, 5 April 1843.
James GILMOUR of Sherbrook, married Janet CRAWFORD of Dalhousie, witn: Jas CRAWFORD, Arthur McINNES, 4 Aug 1841, at Lanark.
James McBRIDE married Mary KIRKPATRICK, witn: Edward KIRKPATRICK, John KIRKPATRICK, 2 June 1842, at Pakenham.
William GILMOUR of Ramsay, married Ellen BERRY?, witn: Alex'r GILMOUR, Wm SLATER, 4 May 1844, at Beckwith.

Emory REED of Smiths Falls, married Jesse GILMORE of Smiths Falls, witn: Henry LAKE?, Russel? N.? REED, 1 Nov 1849

The following Bathurst District marriages were transcribed & submitted by Kathie McCutcheon-Gawne


Archibald McNab Justice of the Peace

Page 11, 1835: July 7 Robert ROBERTSON to Catherine MCCALLUM both of McNab. Wit: Donald Patie, Donald Foskin.

Page 26, 1839: Jan. 10 Murdoch MCDONALD to Christian MCLACHLAN both of McNab. Wit: Duncan McNab, James McLachlan.


Rev. Alva Adams Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 3, 1831:

Dec. 11 Abyah/Abijah DUNNING to Elizabeth COYEN/COGEN both of Bathurst. Wit: John Dunning, James Cameron.


Page 3, 1832:

Jan. 14 John EBERT to Jane ARMSTRONG both of illegible. Wit: William Stacks, Charles Coulter.

March 13 James MILLER to Eliza BOONE both of Bathurst. Wit: Thomas Donelly, Isabella Miller.

Page 4, 1832: June 20 Thomas TOTTEN to Jane SWAN both of Bathurst. Wit: Jonas Richey, John Johnston

Page 8, 1832: Aug. 29 James ALMSTEAD (OLMSTEAD?) to Ann ALMSTEAD (OLMSTEAD?) both of Hull. Wit: James Usecroft, Ex?? Wright.


Page 8, 1833

March 11 Christopher MILLER to Eliza CAMBA both of Packenham. Wit: Michael Nanilea?, Mary McDonald, Ann Knox.

March 15 Henry MCDOWALL to Ann KNOX both of Clarendon. Wit: John Knox, Thomas Wilson.

Aug. 7 Samuel SCAMON/CAMOR to Jane TAYLOR both of Clarendon. Wit: Thomas Wilson, William Dale.

Aug. 28 John CARROLL, Clergyman, to Beulah ADAMS/ADANUS both of Bathhurst. Wit: William Patrick, Alexander McCattan.


Page 46, 1839

March 11 William DOCHERLY/DOCKERLY, Ramsay, to Sarah KERR, Perth. Wit: Geroge Kennedy, George Kerr.

Sept. 24 Thomas B. HYDE, Huntley, to Mary SUMMERVILLE, March. Wit: James Hazelton, Elizabeth Calville.

Oct. 23 James MCRARY to Elizabeth WALLACE both of Ramsay. Wit: William Dryman, James Wallace.

Dec. 11 Henry LOVE, Packenham, to Lucinda MCARTHY, Beckwith. Wit: Samuel Love, Mary McArthy.


Page 74, 1840:

June 26 John CALVANS, Wolford, to Mary MCCREARY, Ramsay. Wit: Morris Hamilton, Elizabeth McCreary.

Sept. 23 William Hallock ELLIOTT, Perth, to Emily BOYCE, Drummond. Wit: Finlay, McLaren, Isaah K. Boyce.

Dec. 23 James MCKEBBIN to Jeremiah FORSYTH both of Packenham. Wit: James Eliot, William Forsyth.


Page 74, 1841:

Jan. 14 John GROVES to Ann WILSON both of Fitzroy. Wit: Edward Kilpatrick, Richard Groves.

Jan. 26 John STURGEON to Elizabeth CROZIER both of Lanark. Wit: Samuel Boyd, Robert Gray.

March 28 John FLINTOFF to Desdemonia WILLOWS both of Drummond. Wit: Maria Lealy, Green Willows.

May 1 John WILLOWS to Eleanor JACKSON both of Lanark. Wit: Jackson & Maria Lealy.

Aug. 15 Edward RENNICK, Packenham, to Margaret WILSON, Ramsay. Wit: William Forsyth, John Wilson.

Aug. 15 John ARMSTRONG to Ann BEST both of Clarendon. Wit: William Knox, Robert Best.

Dec. 13 Roger MILLIKEN, Elmsley, to Jane TAYLOR, S. Sherbrook. Wit: George Milliken, David Taylor.


Page 74, 1842:

Jan. 15 Alexander ANDREW, Packenham, to Elizabeth MILLS, Ramsay. Wit: Elizabeth & George Mills.

Feb. 13 Isaac MANSELL to Elizabeth BIGHAM both of Ramsay. Wit: Alfred Mansell, Elizabeth Dunlop.


Page 75, 1842:

Feb. 4 Robert RALPH, Clarendon, to Catherine ARMSTRONG, Huntlye. Wit: James Ralph, Sarah Acres.

April 11 John PORTER to Ann Jane JACKSON both of Packenham. Wit: Samuel Lowry, Mary Ann Dockerel.

April 15 Samuel WELWOOD to Jane JACKSON both of Lanark. Wit: Elizabeth Welwood, William Jackson.

May 23 James REA to Elizabeth DUNLOP both of Ramsay. Wit: Martha Rea, Robert Dunlop


Rev. Alexander Mann Presbyterian Church

Page 53 , 1843:

Oct. 16 Robert DICKSON to Rebecca HOGG both of McNab. Wit: William & James Dickson.

Nov. 6 D.S. MONTGOMERY to Christian MCLAREN both of Ross. Wit: William Morris, Peter McLaren.

Dec. 18 Peter RAINVILLE to Mary MONRO both of Bagot. Wit: Dun. Anderson?, Alexander Maxwell.


Page 53, 1844

Jan. 29 John MCINTYRE to Mary PHILLIPS both of Bagot. Wit: John McIntyre, William Holloway.

Feb. 16 William CRAM, McNab, to Elizabeth HEADRICK, Packenham. Wit: James Cram, John Hendrick.

Feb. 12 James GLEN to Margaret CUTHBERTSON both of Bristol. Wit: Hugh McCredie, Archibald McCornig.

Feb. 23 Hugh ROSS to Margaret COFFEE both of Ross. Wit: James & John Ross.

March 11 Thomas STEWART to Janet STEWART both of McNab. Wit: James Robertson, Peter Ferguson.

April 1 John JAMESON to Ann LEITCH both of Horton. Wit: Henry Airth, Angus McInney.

April 1 Thomas NEW to Margaret LEITCH both of Horton. Wit: Henry Airth, Angus McInney.

May 22 Daniel MCINTYRE to Mary HENDERSON both of McNab. Wit: Isaac Gregory, Alexander Stewart.

May 27 James CAMPBELL to Margaret SHIRLEY both of Bristol. Wit: Hugh Stewart, James Stephenson.


Page 54, 1844

April 7 Robert FERGUSON to Margaret Jane GINKINS both of Bagot. Wit: Thomas McIntyre, Dun. McNab.

June 3 Andrew HAMILTON to Jane FORREST both of McNab. Wit: John & Samuel Forrest.

Feb. 5 Horace SMITH to Margaret RICHARDS both of Torbotton. Wit: Moses Kelley, Daniel Pennock.

Nov. 5 John HUNT to Elizabeth BODDEY both of Fitzroy. Wit: William & Thomas Hunt.

March 18 William COBB, Litchfield, to Janet BAIRD, Ramsay. Wit: William & John Baird.

April 3 Thomas SIMPSON, Goulbourn, to Purdy DUNFIELD, Buckingham. Wit: Daniel Ross, James Dunfield.

May 14 Robert MCLEAN to Mary DUNLOP both of Ramsay. Wit: William Black, George Dunlop.

June 18 Thomas OAKLEY, Colborne, to Georgina SUTHERLAND, Ramsay. Wit: Dunc. Galbreath, Margaret Mithcell.

Oct. 14 David FERGUSON to Catherine MCDONALD both of Pembroke. Wit: James Ross, J. M. McDonald.

Oct. 18 Alexander DUNLOP to Margaret ERSKINE both of Ramsay. Wit: Robert Dunlop, Alexander Erskine.

Oct. 18 Robert DUNLOP to Mary KENNEDY both of Ramsay. Wit: Alexander Dunlop, James Rae.

Dec. 20 John MCINTYRE to Frances LANG both of Ramsay. Wit: John B. Davie, Arthur Lang.


Page 78, 1840

Oct. 19 Joseph FLEET/FLINT to Elizabeth RICHARDS both of Torbolton. Wit: Robert & David Richards.


Page 78, 1841

June 6 James LEARMOUTH to Catherine MCGILLAVRAY both of Fitzroy. Wit: George Learmouth, Alpin McMillan.

Sept. 25 Nelson CHASE, Onslow, to Ellen MCLAUGHLIN, Bristol. Wit: David McLaren, David Richards.

Sept. 22 Matthew BATES to Jane JOHNSTON both of Fitzroy. Wit: Nicholas Reid, James McPhee.

Oct. 20 James HERRIGE to Jane SUNSTRUM both of Onslow. Wit: David Richards, John McDonald.

Jan. 22 John MCKENZIE, Killoboggie Lake, to Margaret MCGREGOR, McNab. Wit: Mary L. Mann, Dougal McGregor.

Feb. 10 James MCLAUGHLAN to Catherine FISHER both of McNab. Wit: Duncan McLaughlan, Duncan Anderson.

Feb. 8 John MARTIN to Mary MORRIS both of McNab. Wit: John & James Morris.

March 5 Thomas KNIGHT, Horton, to Elizabeth PATTERSON, No. 1 New Survey. Wit: Archibald Robeson, David Crawford.

Sept. 20 Colin MCGREGOR to Isabella MCLAUCHLIN both of McNab. Wit: William Holliday, Dougall Stewart.

Oct. 11 Peter MCKENZIE to Margaret MCNAB both of McNab. Wit: Donald & Angus McNab.

Nov. 1 Henry AIRTH to Catherine MCNAB both of Horton. Wit: Henry Airth Sr., John McNab.

June 22 Robert BOAL to Mary Jane FORSYTH both of Packenham. Wit: Thomas Lowry, William Forsyth.


Page 79, 1841

June 22 Robert HENNING, Packenham, to Christian YOUNG, Ramsay. Wit: John Wallace, William Tait.

Oct. 8 James MCCOLEGAN, Packenham, to Mary OMEARA, Fitzroy. Wit: Robert Clark, Francis Lehere.

June 10 George REILEY to Elizabeth HIGGINSON both of Packenham. Wit: James Dunfield, Mary Ann Genoe.

March 21 Archibald MCDONALD to Isabella MCFAYDEN both of No. 1 New Survey. Wit: Robert Barrie, John McIntyre.

June 21 John BRENNEN to Agnes NATERSON both of No. # New Survey. Wit: David Brennen, Thomas Knight.

July 19 James BARREL to Susannah BLACK both of New Survey. Wit: Duncan Anderson, James Wilson.


Page 80, 1842

Jan. 18 John MORO to Helen MCARTHUR both of Packenham. Wit: John Moro, Wallis Scott.

Jan. 18 Archibald CAMPBELL to Elizabeth ROBERTSON both of McNab. Wit: Allan Stewart, Peter Robertson.

Jan. 26 Duncan CAMPBELL to Ann MCCLARREN both of McNab. Wit: Duncan Ferguson, Dugald Stewart.

Feb. 15 John LEE to Rosina MICPEAK (McPeak?) both of Packenham. Wit: James Cally, Henry Micpeak.

Nov. 15 Joseph BENNFRY to Helen KERF both of McNab. Wit: John Henry, Charles Goddison.

Dec. 30 Robert DICKSON to Helen RATTLE both of Packenham. Wit: Samuel Dickson, John Fisher.


Page 80, 1843

Jan. 27 James SUMMERTON to Margaret SMITH both of Packenham. Wit: William Smith, William Smith.

April 11 William LEMMING to Elizabeth PAUL both of Packenham. Wit: William Wilson, Daniel Ferguson.

March 21 Thomas WOOD to Ann GORDON both of McNab. Wit: William Wood, Daniel Ross.

April 26 Thomas CRAIG to Jean CLARKE both of Packenham. Wit: George Goodfellow, James McKillop.

April 11 Alexander William K. HUTCHISON to Jean PARK both of Packenham. Wit: William Wilson, Daniel Ferguson.


Page 81, 1842

Feb. 24 John BAIN to Mary MAILS both of McNab. Wit: John Fisher, John Campbell.

April 18 Thomas Charles MALLET to Susan MCGREGOR both of McNab. Wit: Donald McNaughton, Allan McNab.

Sept. 30 Peter MCGREGOR to Margaret CAMPBELL both of McNab. Wit: John & Angus McNab.

Oct. 3 Robert MCLAUGHTON to Janet MCCALLUM both of McNab. Wit: John McLaughton, Robert Robertson.

Dec. 27 John ROBERTSON to Isabella STEPHENSON both of McNab. Wit: Robert Robertson, Allan Stewart.


Page 81, 1843

Jan. 9 Archibald MCCRAIG to Catherine MCLEOD both of McNab. Wit: Henry Leeman, Daniel McLeod.

Jan. 31 John YOUNG to Grace HAMILTON both of McNab. Wit: Andrew Forrest, Andrew Hamilton.

Feb. 9 Duncan MCNIE to Elizabeth WARBRAICK both of McNab. Wit: Duncan Carmichael, Robert McJennet.

Feb. 21 John TOUGH to Christy Ann ROBERTSON both of Packenha. Wit: William Dobson, John Robertson.

Feb. 3 Alexander SPENCER to Ann MCNAB both of McNab. Wit: Alexander McNire, Peter McKenzie.

March 29 William STARK to Janet LETCH both of McNab. Wit: Peter Robertson, William Cameron.

March 29 Duncan DEWAR to Marian STEWART both of McNab. Wit: Peter Robertson, William Cameron.

March 15 John FERGUSON to Ann COBHAM both of Pembroke. Wit: James Barry, David Ferguson.


Page 82, 1843 :

March 17 John SWALWELL to Elizabeth JOHNSTON both of Pembroke. Wit: George McGillivray, Spencer Allan.


Page 82, 1842

Feb. 18 Daniel FERGUSON to Isabella MCGILLIVRAY both of Fitzroy. Wit: Alpin McMillan, Thomas McDonald.

Sept. 8 Charles MARCELLES to Margaret SIMPSON both of Fitzroy. Wit: Alpin McMillan, Alexander Bentley.

Oct. 27 William WHYTE to Mary GRAHAM both of Packenham. Wit: William York, James Tail.


Page 120, 1844

Feb. 25 Thomas KIRK to Mary MCARTHUR. Wit: James & John McArthur. (Note: Residence not Recorded on page 120)


Page 120, 1845

April 30 Charles CROSS to Maria Ann WILKIE. Wit: Smith Coleman, Charles Royce.

June 11 Hugh METCALF to Jane MCLEAN. Wit: James Toshack, Robert McLean.


Page 120, 1846

Feb. 17 Alexander CAMPBELL to Margaret MCGREGOR. Wit: James Sinclair, Duncan McGregor.

March 12 Matthew MCFARLAIN to Mary SNEDDEN. Wit: Andrew Dickson, Robert Whyte.

March 5 John FERGUSON to Catherine MCALLUM. Wit: James Blair, Nelle Deane.

May 11 James RITCHIE to Ann DICKSON. Wit: William Connery, Hugh Dickson.

Aug. 13 William MOORE to Jemima ROBB. Wit: Patrick Congrere?, James Allison.

Aug. 13 John RIDDLE to Ann FEE. Wit: John & Robert Riddle.


Page 121, 1848:

Jan. 1 Robert ANDERSON to Jesse BOWERS. Wit: Robert & Alexander Dick.


Page 121, 1847

Feb. 15 James GRIERSON to Mary FITZGIBBON. Wit: James Grierson, William Cumming.

Feb. 17 John WHYTE to Elizabeth LINDSAY. Wit: William Whyte, David Phillips.

April 2 Alexander CAMERON to Janet MCLAREN. Wit: Mary L. Mann, Ellen Clary.

April 17 Robert RIDDLE to Isabella Routh RICHEY. Wit: Matthew & John Richey.

July 21 John MCCALLUM to Sally SEELEYE. Wit: James Brown, John Seeley.

Aug. 16 James WARK to Mary Ann TERRY. Wit: James Shaw, Mordecai Lester.

Dec. 30 William MCCRAE to Mary CURRAN. Wit: John Russell, Peter Curran.


Page 121, 1844:

Nov. 5 John HUNT to Elizabeth BODDY. Wit: William & Thomas Hunt.


Page 121, 1845:

Jan. 27 Duncan FERGUSON to Mary CAMERON. Wit: Donald Robertson, William Scott.

March 24 John MCRICHEY to Jane FORBES. Wit: Matthew McRichey, Robert Dickson.

May 19 Robert RICHARDS to Mary Ann WOODS. Wit: John Robertson, David Richards.


Page 121, 1846

Feb. 21 Alexander DARILVA? to Janet GRIERSON. Wit: James & John Grierson.

Feb. 18 Robert MCINTYRE to Margaret MURPHY. Wit: Peter & John McIntyre.

March 2 Colin MCFADEN to Catherine CAMERON. Wit: Peter McGregor, Dougal Stewart.


Page 122, 1846

March 31 Donald WATT to Elizabeth KNIGHT. Wit: John McNab, Thomas Knight.

April 29 Alexander STEWART to Agnes YUILL. Wit: John Fisher, James Yuill.

June 23 David AIRTH to Margaret BORSHAW. Wit: James McLaren, Alexander McNab.

Aug. 4 Robert MCNEE to Marian MCALLISTER. Wit: Peter McGregor, John Fisher.

Aug. 29 David BROWN to Elizabeth NELSON. Wit: David & Allen Carrwell.

Oct. 4 John JAMES to Ann ROSS. Wit: John Graff, James Ross.

Oct. 5 William FRASER to Marian FORREST. Wit: John Martin, Andrew Forrest.

Oct. 27 John KNIGHT to Christianna MCLEAN. Wit: Donald Watt, Gregor McIntyre.

Oct. 11 Arthur MCARTHUR to Rebecca HILLIARD. Wit: Hugh Hamilton, David Hilliard.

Dec. 8 Duncan MCNAB to Margaret GILLESPIE. Wit: John McNab, Duncan Ferguson.

Dec. 29 Peter ROBERTSON to Mary STEPHENSON. Wit: John Robertson, Duncan Campbell.


Page 123, 1846:

March 2 John MCMILLAN to Mary Ann MILLER. Wit: James Morris, John McNab.

Feb. 23 Robert STORIE to Christian MCLAREN. Wit: David Airth, John McLaren.

Feb. 27 Duncan MCFARLANE to Mary MCNAB. Wit: James Morris, William Holliday.

March 23 Alexander MILLER to Margaret LINDSAY. WIT: James Morris, James Lindsay.

March 16 James SAMBON to Mary ORR. Wit: Thomas Bernan, John Street.

March 23 Michael MCFARLANE to Margaret LIVINGSTONE. Wit: James Morris Sr., James Morris Jr.

March 23 Alexander MCNEVIN to Margaret MCCALLUM. Wit: James Morris, Colin McGregor.

April 13 John DICKSON to Jane STEWART. Wit: William Dickson, James Morris.

April 27 John WARBRICK to Easter MCMICHAN. Wit: George Warbrick, John Gilmore.

May 23 Matthew JAMESON to Phebe SOMMERVILLE. Wit: J.E. Cuthbert, T. B. Hyde.

Nov. 9 Alexander STERLING to Christian MCINTYRE. Wit: David & John McIntyre.


Page 123, 1847

Feb. 22 William ROYCE to Mary Ann BENNETT. Wit: Thomas McIntyre, Robert Bennett.


Page 124, 1847

July 5 John MCNAB to Catherine TAYLOR. Wit: Duncan McNab, Andrew Taylor.

July 26 Hiram CUMMINGS to Mary NOVRY. Wit: Peter Ferguson, Alexander Spence.

Nov. 8 William STORIE to Elizabeth CAMERON. Wit: Matthew Anderson, Daniel Ferguson.

Nov. 8 William KNIGHT to Flora MCLEAN. Wit: Thomas Knight, David Watt.

Page 124, 1848: Jan. 5 Charles RACROFT to Elizabeth BICKETT. Wit: Robert Riddell, James Antherson.

Page 148, 1849: No Date James Evans CUTHBERT to Mariah MCADAM both of Packenham. Wit: Not recorded.

Page 229, 1849: No Date Peter KING to Jane SADLER both of Packenham. Wit: not recorded.

Page 281, 1849: No Date Joseph SEELY to Hariot LAROND both of Packenham. Wit: Not Recorded.


Rev. Alexander Wright, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 111, 1846

April 7 William BURTON to Elizabeth LEACH both of Horton. Wit: Jonathon Emmon, Thomas New.

July 17 William MONTGOMERY to Jane THOMPSON both of Horton. Wit: Hamilton Boyd, William Emmon.

Aug. 5 Hamilton BOYD to Caroline JESSUP both of Horton. Wit: William Frosthney, Archibald Thompson.

Aug. 26 Joseph PHELPS to Tabitha MCGRAW both of Montague? Wit: George Hutton, George McGraw.

Nov. 17 Nathan D. STOUGHTON to Rachel MANNEL both of Bagot. Wit: John A. Kerr, Alexander Mannel.

Page 111, 1847

Jan. 21 Bursell HUNTER to Hannah ROSS both of Ross. Wit: John Hunter, Lorenzo D. Edmonds.

Feb. 1 Edward BOUSTRUM? to Elizabeth VISHET both of McNab. Wit: John Stewart, Edward Squires.


Rev. A. Melville Presbyterian Church

Page 139, 1849: Sept. 19 Wilson BROWN to Mary ANDERSON both of Pembroke. Wit: not recorded.

Page 149, 1850: Feb. 18 Alexander CONDIE to Jane RYAN both of Westmeath. Wit: not recorded.

Page 244, 1850: March 6 Robert MARTIN to Rachel MILLER both of Pembroke. Wit: not recorded.

Page 247, 1850: Feb. 12 Archibald R. MCDONALD, Pembroke, to Hariot A. JACKSON, Westmeath. Wit: not recorded.

Page 263, 1850: March 11 Charles PATTERSON to Jane HENDERSON both of Westmeath. Wit: not recorded.

Page 275, 1850: March 6 Henry RONEY to Margaret CLARKE, both of unsurveyed lands. Wit: not recorded.

Page 282, 1852: March 16 Jonathon SMALES to Ann MONTGOMERY both of Alumet Island. Wit: Not recorded.

Page 287, 1850

March 26 George THOMPSON to Elizabeth WILCOCKS both of unsurveyed lands. Wit: not recorded.

Sept. 6 Philemon TRASHER to Sarah MANGEN both of Westmeath. Wit: not recorded.



Rev. Asahel Hurlburt Wesleyan Methodist Church (Page 49)

Note: Residence not recorded


Feb. 6 John ACTON to Sarah NEELIN. Wit: Abraham Acton, Joseph Neelin.

April 1 Robert KENNEDY to Francis CUTHBERT. Wit: John Argee, William Cuthbert.

July 22 James FOSTER/FORTER to Mary KERFOOT. Wit: James Taylor, Thomas Kerfoot.

Sept. 21 James MANSON to Nancy HANNAH. Wit: William Mackey, Samuel Templeton.



Jan. 7 John ARGER to Ann MITCHELL. Wit: William Arger, Robert Cherry.

May 6 William KERFOOT to Mary BROWNLEE. Wit: Thomas Kerfoot, James Shillington.

May 24 William MCCARTY to Eliza Jane DUNNING. Wit: Archibald Carson, Alexander Cameron.



Rev. George Watson, Baptist Church

Page 12, 1834

April 16 William MCMILLAN to Alice SMITH both of N. Sherbrooke. Wit: Roert Davis, James Danlop.

April 18 Duncan MCDOUGALD to Agnes TWADDLE both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: George Harrison, Duncan Ferguson.

Nov. 17 David WILSON to Helen SMITH both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: Andrew Wilson, Robert Smith.


Rev. Ezra Healy Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 10, 1834

Sept. 19 John WALLACE, Hull, to Ann COOPER, Bytown. Wit: Robert Wallace, Paul Cooper.

Sept. 25 John LEWIS, March, to Catherine SCOTT, Nepean. Wit: John Scott Sr., John Scott Jr.

Dec. 11 William BLOOD to Harriet BARBER both of Bytown. Wit: E. Crouch, Lucias Barnes.

Dec. 24 William MCCONNICK to Ann DONAHOE both of Hull. Wit: James Vincent, Patrick ??

Dec. 25 Thomas MCGILLON/MCGITLON to Isabella DONALLY both of Bytown. Wit: James McDonald, William Popham.


Page 21, 1835

Nov. 4 David HONEYWELL to Mary HONEYWELL both of Nepean. Wit: Alexander McConnell, Jonathon Fenton.


Page 21, 1836

Jan. 4 Samuel GRIMES to Sally SHADFORD both of Hull. Wit: Robert Kenny, John Faris.

Jan. 4 George HODGENS to Charity HAUNCH both of Clarendon. Wit: John Fates Carter, John Leamon.

March 19 Thomas WILLIAMS to Mary Ann ROBERTS both of Bytown. Wit: Saul Jordary, Archibald Foster.


Rev. George Goodson Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 72, 1843

Aug. 20 James STEWART, Ramsay, to Elizabeth MARTIN, Lanark. Wit: Joseph McCreary, Thomas Plunkett.

Oct. 5 William FINLAY, Beckwith, to Sarah WATSON, Ramsay. Wit: William Moore, John Boyd.

Oct. 9 Nathan FISHER to Mary COUSTON/COURTON both of Beckwith. Wit: Charles Parkhurst, J. McEwan.

Dec. 27 Thomas ELLIOTT, Fitzroy, to Eleanor JACKSON, Lanark. Wit: Rev. James Elliott, Rev. E.B. Hughes.


Page 72, 1844

April 3 William DAVIS, Beckwith, to Sarah FOSTER, Lanark. Wit: John Totten, Peter Young.

April 12 Robert DRYNAN, Beckwith, Elizabeth BRITTAN, Ramsay. Wit: James & William Drynan.

April 23 James MCGEE, Edwardsburgh, to Mary DEZELL/LISELL, Ramsay. Wit: Joseph McCreary, Thomas Dezell/Lisell.

May 13 Thomas Alexander FENN to Eleanor WATCHORN both of Lanark. Wit: John Wright, James Lynn.

June 29 William LEES to Mary PLAYFAIR both of Bathurst. Wit: Robert Lees, Elizabeth Playfair.

July 4 John CODD to Mahritta SEELEY both of Drummond. Wit: James Codd, Peter Shain.

Sept. 3 John BROCKHAM to Ann HUGHES both of Ramsay. Wit: John & James Wright.

Sept. 11 John SMITH to Elizabeth CODD both of Drummond. Wit: John Robinson, James Morris.

Oct. 25 John MILLER to Margaret MCCONOHUE both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: George Miller, Alexander McConohue.


Page 73, 1844

Nov. 11 William SMITH to Elizabeth MCNAUGHTON both of Drummond. Wit: John & George Smith.

Dec. 21 John LITTLE to Eleanor CURRY both of Pembroke. Wit: James Hanan, Alexander Lyons.


Page 73, 1845

Jan. 15 Hugh BUCHANAN to Diana ARMSTRONG both of S. Sherbrook. Wit: Archibald & John Hamilton.

Feb. 1 John MCKERROCHER, Perth, to Rebekah HILL, Montague. Wit: Donald & Duncan McKerrocher.

Feb. 18 Nathan GREEN to Jane BENNETT both of N. Crosby. Wit: Finlay Brush, John Bennett.

March 31 John MONTGOMERY, Montague, to Jane BARTHOLOMEW, Elmsley. Wit: A. Alexander, R. Dearmid.

April 3 John HUNTER, Drummond, to Marion BARROWMAN, Perth. Wit: William McLeod, James Kelly.

April 28 Christopher CURRY, Kitley, to Jane WARNER, Elmsley. Wit: Rev. B. Haigh?, William Warner.

April 30 Thomas BAILEY to Susan CODD both of Drummond. Wit: Thomas Appleby, John Codd.

July 14 Alexander JACKSON, Dalhousie, to Isabella GEMMIS, Bathurst. Wit: J. Walker, ?? Gemmis.

Sept. 15 Richard CARDIFF to Jane DAVIDSON both of packenham. Wit: ?? Halfpenny.


Page 93, 1842

July 14 Robert BYAM/BIGAM to Margaret STEVENSON both of Lanark. Wit: William Hy. Poole, Isaac Mansell.

Sept. 27 Dorland NOXON, Hillier, to Emma D. TOWNSEND, Carleton Place. Wit: Russ C. Laurence, James Rosamond.

Nov. 22 Adam COUBAY, Ramsay, to Ann MCLAUGHLAN, Lanark. WIT: Andrew Wilson, John McLughlan.

Dec. 1 William CASWELL, Drummond, to Mary Jane JAMES, Lochaber. Wit: Andrew Caswell, George Wright.


Page 93, 1843

Feb. 8 Robert CLARKE to Ann FORSYTHE both of Packenham. Wit: Robert McIntyre, Thomas Elliott.

Feb. 23 William FORSYTHE, Packenham, to Catherine WALLACE, Ramsay. Wit: Thomas Elliott, Thomas McKillon.

March 3 Samuel DONALDSON, Huntley, to Helen FULMERTON, Ramsay. Wit: Jesse & David Fulmerton.

April 17 John GILLAN, Bathurst, to Mary MILLS, Drummond. Wit: Elijah Playfair, Robert J. Mills.

July ?? Daniel SHIPMAN, Ramsay, to Charlotte ROSE, Wolford. Wit: Reuben & Hugh Rose.


Rev. George Reynen Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 65, 1844

Nov. 22 Alfred T. MANSELL to Agnes MCIVER both of Ramsay. Wit: Thomas Craig, William Rea.

Dec. 19 Mark KITRON to Ann MILLINS both of Ramsay. Wit: William Williams, William Millins.

Dec. 31 John MILLINS to Jane BEAN both of Ramsay. Wit: William Williams, William Millins.


Page 65, 1845

Jan. 10 James DELSELL to Margaret MCCREARY both of Ramsay. Wit: Ann & Joseph McCreary.

March 5 Albert TESKEY to Merrion HART both of Ramsay. Wit: Robert & Thomas Teskey.

March 19 William WILLIS, Fitzroy, to Elizabeth JACKSON, Lanark. Wit: Robert Carr, Thomas Elliot.

March 25 George SMALL, Pembroke, to Maria HARRIS, Ramsay. Wit: James McGee, William Harris.


Page 65, 1846

Feb. 6 Robert BRYSON, Ramsay, to Janet CARSWELL, Huntley. Wit: Thomas Bryson, John W. Poole.

Feb. 18 James CODD to Elizabeth STEVENSON both of Lanark. Wit: John W. Poole, Thomas Jackson.

April 14 Thomas DICKSON to Susan SHEAN both of Lanark. Wit: William & Peter Shean.

April 23 John PORTERFIELD to Christiana DRYNAN both of Ramsay. Wit: William Wallace, William Drynan.

May 8 Duncan MCGREGOR to Mary Veach DUNCAN both of Ramsay. Wit: Peter & Elias McGregor.

May 20 William BAILEY, Ramsay, to Elice APPLEBY, Drummond. Wit: John & James Wright.


Rev. George Romanes Church of Scotland

Page 101, 1844

Jan. 16 William HERBERTSON, Kitley, to Agnes COLBORNE, S. Elmsley. Wit: G. Nilliny?, J. Colborne.

Jan. 25 Alexander MCAIKIN to Mary MILLER both of Elmsley. Wit: G. McAikin, W. Ringer.

Jan. 30 Edward CHALMERS to Margaret HARRINGTON/WARRINGTON both of Elmsley. Wit: El Clint, H. Chalmers.

March 8 William RINGER to Hannah MCAULAY both of Elmsley. Wit: W. James, J. McAulay.

March 25 Robert LEE to Ann COPELAND both of Montague. Wit: J. Fitzgerald, B. Copeland.

June 12 Alexander CLARK, Smith Falls, to Mary B. MAITLAND, Montague. Wit: J. Muir, P. Maitland.

Nov. 14 John PHILIP to Lavinia SHANNON/SHARMON both of Montague. Wit: A. Kininmont, J. McGillivray.

Nov. 22 Thomas GIWAN/GIRVAN, Elmsley, to Elizabeth CONELIE (Condie?), Montague. Wit: A. Condie, A. Condie Jr.

Dec. 4 R.W. BARTLETT to Elivira FROST both of Smith Falls. Wit: R. Bartlett, E. Frost.

Dec. 27 Charles MCRITCHIE to Margaret BARNETT both of Wolford. Wit: J. Scott, J. Morrison.


Page 104, 1845

Jan. 15 William SANDS to Margaret MURPHY both of Elmsley. Wit: Robert Sands, John Grant.

Jan. 29 J.B. DREW, Smith Falls, to Ann CLARKE, Montague. Wit: George Foster, Alexander Clarke.

June 27 John HANNAH, Kitley, to Agnes MAXWELL, Wolford. Wit: James Hannah, John Mooney.

Feb. 25 William HOFRE, Kitley, to Jane HOGG, Elmsley. Wit: Alexander Hofre, George Foster.

Feb. 31 Courtney COLTER, Smith Falls, to Eliza FRASER, Elmsley. Wit: Robert Dodd, John Taylor.

Nov. 13 Michael CAVANNAUGH to Sabra RAYMAN both of Elmsley. Wit: Elizabeth Boyer, John Melburn.

Nov. 18 David HARRISON, Wolford, to Isabella MCRICHIE, Montague. Wit: Barney Henry, James Beamish.

Dec. 3 Wilson LEMAX (Lennox?), Elmsley, to Mary Ann COPELAND, Montague. Wit: Isaac Mitchell, Benjamin Copeland.

Dec. 5 Johnson HUTTON to Sophronia OLMSTEAD both of Kitley. Wit: R. Hutton, John Hutton.

Dec. 16 William GIRVAN, Elmsley, to Elizabeth Ann BUCKES, Drummond. Wit: James & Thomas Girvan.

Dec. 25 John GARRETT to Sally Ann LYLE both of Elmsley. Wit: John & William Flegg.

Dec. 31 John PHILLIP, Wolford, to Catherine JORDAN, Kitley. Wit: George Philip, Abraham Beamage.


Page 105, 1845

Dec. 31 Nehemiah STREET to Eliza Ann PHILIP both of Wolford. Wit: Abraham Brundage, George Philip.


Page 105, 1846

Feb. 25 Ira GILBERT, N. Gower, to Maria SHANE, Kitley. Wit: William Johnson, Larry Shane.

March 9 John MCTAVISH, Elmsley, to Nancy MCTAVISH, Drummond. Wit: Duncan & Donald McTavish.

July 26 Colin ROBB, Darling, to Margaret SMITH, Ramsay. Wit: William Blackburn, James Hollercroft.

Sept. 18 James NICOLL, Kitley, to Isabella BROWN, Elmsley. Wit: George & James Rutherford.


Rev. George Butcher Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 90, 1842

Nov. 2 John MCKAY to Isabella REID both of Perth. Wit: George Kerr, Elisha Drew.


Page 90, 1843

Jan. 1 John SIMPSON, Carleton Place, to Elizabeth M. WORDSWARD, Drummond. Wit: John Williams, Lydia Butcher.

Feb. 27 William HAMMOND, Dalhousie, Marian MEGGIT, Lanark. Wit: John Tittan, Lydia Butcher.

April 24 John CAVANNAH, Drummond, to Elizabeth CHURCHILL, Bathurst. Wit: Joseph Harper, William Churchill.

June 27 William HUSTON, Goulbourn, to Rebecca GOULANGER, Bathurst. Wit: Thomas White, Thomas White Jr.

July 15 Joseph MORRIS to Martha MOORE both of Beckwith. Wit: James Mitchell, Adam Prattie.

Aug. 28 Joseph HAMILTON, Bathurst, to Margaret HUGHES, S. Sherbrook. Wit: James Hamilton, William Pollard.


Page 90, 1844

Feb. 26 William JOWSTER, S. Sherbrook, to Jane WATSON, Bathurst. Wit: Daniel Adams, Ann Piquet.

March 18 Allen STEWART, Mcnab, to Mary MCLAREN, Bathurst. Wit: Peter & Chance McGregor.

April 11 Luke MCMULLING to Ann FRASER both of Perth. Wit: Alexander Fraser Jr., Alexander Fraser.

June 18 Ian THOMPSON to Hannah KELLEY both of Perth. Wit: George Goodson, James Kelley.


Page 138, 1850

June 5 John BEACH to Margery ROBERTSON both of Westmeath. Wit: Abel & Sarah Beach.


Page 148, 1848

June 12 William COCHRANE to Margaret A. MATHEWS both of Pembroke. Wit: James Rowan, Thomas Robertson.


Page 148, 1849

Nov. 22 George COTTENHAM to Catherine LEE both of Alumet Island. Wit: William Argery, Charles Warren.


Page 148, 1850

Jan. 29 John CURRY/CARRY, Pembroke, to Lucy JONES, Aylmer. Wit: Lemuel Curry/Carry, Henry Jones.


Page 189, 1850

Sept. 14 W. H. GIBSON to Margaret EVANS both of Pembroke. Wit: Richard Stewart, Elizabeth Little.


Page 199, 1850

July 16 James HUCKABONE to Hannah WELSH both of Pembroke. Wit: Bridget Morine, Harriet Bucher.


Page 199, 1849

Sept. 1 Edward HUCKABONE to Jane MCGIBBON both of Pembroke. Wit: John & Arannah Dunlop.


Page 229, 1851

July 3 James KNOTT to Elizabeth SMITH both of Pembroke. Wit: Edward England, Louis Whitemore.


Page 237, 1848

Feb. 29 James LEECH to Mary MCLELLAN both of Pembroke. Wit: William Miller.


Page 244, 1849

Feb. 8 Alexander MCDONALD, Westmeath, to Margaret LAYTON, Bromley. Wit: Archibald McDonald, Samuel Divine.


Page 248, 1851

Jan. 6 John MCCONNEL, Hull, to Sarah IRISH, Alumet Island. Wit: William McConnell, Alexander McGinnis.


Page 263, 1850

May 20 Thomas PAXTON to Margaret BROWN both of Westmeath. Wit: Harriot Bucher, David Brown.


Page 275, 1850

Oct. 8 John RANKIN to Margaret JOHNSTON both of Pembroke. Wit: Peter McLauchlin, Peter Woods.


Page 282, 1851

Jan. 6 Charles STEWART to Susan LETT both of Lake Dorie. Wit: James Paul, William Little.


Page 287, 1851

June 14 George TENNANT to Lily Ann HAMILTON both of Lake Dorie. Wit: Daniel Carneggia, Smith Fraser.



James Rae, Justice of the Peace

Page 4, 1832

April 1 Robert BOWES to Janet BLACK both of Ramsay. Wit: Thomas McKen, Nathan Blank.

Dec. 29 Peter NEASMYTH to Jane CARSWELL both of Ramsay. Wit: George Charters, Alexander Ferguson.


Rev. Gideon Shepherd, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 101, 1843

Oct. 23 William BURTON to Jane COLE both of Horton. Wit: John Eady, William Richards.


Page 101, 1844

June 21 Benjamin HOOVER to Fanny POFF both of Stafford. Wit: William Stalshead, Peter Poff.

June 22 John EADY to Margaret MCBRIDE both of Horton. Wit: William Stalshsead, Robert Eady.

June 22 Young NEW to Ann EADY both of Horton. Wit: Robert Eady, William Stalshead.


Rev. Henry Shales, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 50, 1841

Oct. 21 Francis SCOTT, March, to Mary Ann KENNEDY, Goulbourn. Wit: Alexander McGee, Isaac Pratt.

Nov. 3 William MANN to Nancy MCPHERSON both of Goulbourn. Wit: James Elliott, James Mann.

Nov. 3 David LIDDLE to Mary Ann BLEEKS both of Goulbourn. Wit: James Elliott, James Shillington.

Dec. 2 John HILL to Lydia BROWNLEE both of Goulbourn. Wit: William TRIMBLE, James Elliott.

Dec. 18 Thomas BEARMAN to Eliza MCCALLOUGH both of Nepean. Wit: James Bearman, John Fenton.


Page 50, 1842

March 25 William TURNBULL to Jane HILL both of Goulbourn. Wit: John Neilson, John Hill.

March 30 John W. ARGUE to Esther WILSON both of Goulbourn. Wit: William Argue, James Elliott.

April 11 William DAWSON to Margaret MCCURDY both of Goulbourn. Wit: William Cuthbert, James Still.


Page 66, 1844

Aug. 21 James BRINDLE or BRINELLE to Mary Ann MCALARY both of Pembroke. Wit: Edward Lafargy, James McKay.

Aug. 24 George GOUCHER to Lydia EVANS both of Pembroke. Wit: William Morton, Hiram Chamberlain.

Aug. 26 Robert DAVIDSON, Westmeath, to Catherine LEE, Ross. Wit: William Morton, William Childshore.

Sept. 13 Isiah MARRIOTT to Barbara PONPORE (POUPORE?) both of Westmeath. Wit: William Morton, Thomas Ponpore/Poupore.

Oct. 20 Denmore LIBBEY to Catherine WINTERS both of Chichester. Wit: A. Libbey, Thomas Snowden.

Nov. 17 Alexander MCMILLAN to Ellen BRADY both of Perth. Wit: John McKay, John Nott.

Nov. 18 Abraham WOLFE to Margaret THOMAS both of ?? Twp. Wit: John McMillan, Robert Turner.

Dec. 18 Andrew CARR to Martha MCKINLEY both of Perth. Wit: John L. Ward, William Adam.

Dec. 8 Edward LAFARGY to Sarah RANKIN both of Pembroke. Wit: D. C. Dunlop, Edward Burke.


Page 66, 1846

Feb. 14 Robert LANG to Eliza THOMPSON both of Pembroke. Wit: A. Irvine, A. Moffatt.

Feb. 18 Robert L. ARMSTRONG to Elizabeth ROWAN both of Pembroke. Wit: D. A. Mason, James Rowan.

March 21 William SWALWELL to Johan? JOHNSON both of Pembroke. Wit: Shiam? Crosby, John Swalwell.


Page 67, 1846

April 2 Robert FRASER to Hannah CURRY both of Pembroke. Wit: Robert Colburn, James McLeod.

April 3 Henry HOLBROOK to Elizabeth JOHNSON both of Pembroke. Wit: R.G. Cockburn, James McLeod.

April 20 David HOGARTH to Catherine STUBBS both of Westmeath. Wit: William Morton, G. R. Tucker.

April 23 Joseph LOFLURE (Lafleur?) to Margaret MCADAM both of Pembroke. Wit: E. Lafurgy, E. Burke.

May 6 John FERGUSON to Mary C. FARRAH both of Pembroke. Wit: D. Ferguson, William Morton.

June 22 Theodore M. BRUCE to Charlotte MCARTHUR both of Litchfield. Wit: D. J. McLaren, John McArthur.

July 17 John CAMPBELL to Grace GRAHAM both of Westmeath. Wit: A. McDonald, William Spottwood.

July 20 Daniel HARVEY to Flora MCLEOD both of Pembroke. Wit: Andrew Irvine, Aron Sneezy.

Aug. 15 Richard LAFRAMBOISE to Jane BLEAKY both of Westmeath. Wit: J. R. Rowan, J. A. Huntingdon.


Page 114, 1846

Aug. 23 John THOMPSON to Mary POSTUNS both of Pembroke. Wit: Jane R. Irving, Andrew White.

Oct. 3 Edward MONK to Jane CLOSS or CLOP both of Westmeath. Wit: W. M. Pattyson, John Huntington.

Oct. 15 John MACNAMARA to Jane TRIMBLE both of Westmeath. Wit: Charles Bateman, James Dunn.

Dec. 15 Wyman CHAMBERLIN to Sophia JACKSON bothof Westmeath. Wit: Alexander McDonald, Hugh Hamilton.


Page 114, 1847

March 30 Alexander RANKIN to Rebecca LAFURGY (Lafargy?) both of Pembroke. Wit: John Supple, Edward Lafurgy.

March 31 Arryne (Anyne?) GURHAN to Catherine EVANS, residence illegible. Wit: John Trickey, Elizabeth Evans.

April 23 George THRASHER to Margaret MOORE both of Beckwith. Wit: John Robertson, John Lyttle.

July 19 James Stuart JOHNSON to Agnes DARRELL both of Pembroke. Wit: John Lyttle, Matthew Frank.


Page 148, 1848

Oct. 17 William CRAIG to Agness KIRK both of Perth. Wit: Thomas Carmichael, John Jordan.

Oct. 24 Lannel H. CURRY to Harriot JONES both of Perth. Wit: William H. Thompson, John McKinley.


Page 148, 1849

March 29 Steven COLEMAN to Jane OBRIAN both of Westmeath. Wit: Silas Huntington, Abel Beach.

April 9 Thomas CARMICHAEL to Eliza Jane MATHESON both of Pembroke. Wit: William Cochlin, Simon Fraser.


Page 159, 1849

March 22 Mark Mason DREW, Litchfield, to Julia Harsley BELLOWS, Westmeath. Wit: D. F. McLaren, C. R. Bellows.

Page 229, 1849

Feb. 18 Andrew KENNEDY to Jane HOOLEY both of Pembroke. Wit: Richard Patehoue, Thomas Carmichael.

Page 244, 1848

Oct. 5 John MANNY to Catherine CARVAR (Carver?) both of unsurveyed lands. Wit: Ira Mason, John Ferguson.

Page 281, 1848

Nov. 4 Thomas STUBBS to Catherine SHIELDS both of Alumet Island. Wit: Edward & Mary J. Gallahan.

Page 305, 1849

March 20 Benjamin F. WRIGHT to Jane LANDEN both of Westmeath. Wit: Hugh Hamilton, William Russell.


Rev. Hiram Williams, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 138, 1849

Dec. 4 William BURGESS to Elizabeth PETERSON both of Stafford. Wit: Thomas Roster, Richard Hase.

Page 139, 1851

Feb. 11 John BRENNER to Mersilla WESLEY both of Unsurveyed Lands. Wit: Duncan Ferguson, Philip Thompson.

Page 199, 1850

Jan. 21 Alva HOOVER to Fanny PERCIFUL (s/b Percival?) both of Horton. Wit: Henry & Ira Rose.

Page 229, 1850

April 14 James KNIGHT, Horton, to Jesse BRENNER, unsurveyed land. Wit: John Knight, David Brenner.

Page 247, 1850

April 14 James MCLEAN, Dalhousie, to Jane KNIGHT, Horton. Wit: David Brenner, John Knight.

Page 247, 1851

July 29 Donald MCDONALD to Margaret MCLAREN both of Ross. Wit: Ehpraim Olmstead, Robert Traverse.

Page 249, 1850

March 4 Jacob NELSON to Jane WESLEY both of unsurveyed bush. Wit: John Creyton, Hugh Livinston.

Page 257, 1851

March 24 Ephraim OLMSTEAD, Ross, to Mary Ann PAPA, Westmeath. Wit: William Rose, Jonas Smith.

Page 263. 1849

Dec. 4 Thomas POFF to Isabella MCDONALD both of Stafford. Wit: John & Alexander McDonald.

Page 263. 1851

May 5 Charles PRICE to Eliza PAYNE both of Horton. Wit: Eliza & William Payne.

Page 275, 1851

March 24 James ROSE, Westmeath, to Hester Ann OLMSTEAD, Ross. Wit: William Rose, Jonas Smith.

Page 282, 1850

Aug. 10 Chancy SMITH to Susan GRAFT both of Horton. Wit: James Smith, Ephraim Rutnam.

Page 287, 1851

March 27 Robert TRAVERSE, Pembroke. Wit: Jessie MCDONALD, Stafford. Wit: Chancey Smith, Donald McDonald.


Rev. J. Scott, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 138, 1849

Nov. 15 Hugh BOWLAND, Ramsay, to Sarah STEADMAN, Drummond. Wit: William & Nathaniel Steadman.

March 26 Angus BELLOW (BELLON?) to Janet FERGUSON both of McNab. Wit: Donald Robertson, Peter Ferguson.

Oct. 29 Joseph BOYD to Margaret BAIN both of McNab. Wit: D. Campbell, James Brown.


Rev. J. N. D. West, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 50, 1841

Feb. 18 Jessie WARREN, Horton, to Mary Ann HOUTON, Nepean. Wit: john Robinson, Francis Abett.

Oct. 23 Clemmant MORREN (MORREU?) to Eliza CARR both of Horton. Wit: Samson Combs, Batts Bardeay.


Page 89, 1842

April 14 George EADY to Catherine BURTON both of Horton. Wit: John Eady, Joseph Phelps.

July 14 John HOLDEN to Luiza COLMAN both of Bagot. Wit: Francis Joice, Andrew Hamilton.

July 14 Francis PERO to Catherine MCFARLEN both of Bagot. Wit: Francis Joice, Andrew Hamilton.

Nov. 3 Patrick CLOSE to Margaret JOHNSON both of Bagot. Wit: Peter & Margaret McIntyre.


Page 89, 1843

March 14 John LIPSETT to Christian THOMPSON both of Admeston? Wit: Ephraim Boynton, Eliad Wallar.


Page 99, 1843

April 8 Edward CLOSE to Hannah BAILY both of Bagot. Wit: William Staten, John Baily.

April 11 John POFF to Nancy HOOVER both of Horton. Wit: William Holstead, Samuel Poff.

April 13 R.B. OMSTEAD to Mary GELERISE both of Ross. Wit: Ephraim Omstead, James Gilerise.

June 12 James MCGIVER to Mary LEE both of Ross. Wit: W. Chitenhouse, J. Omstead.


Rev. James Armstrong, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 159, 1851

Feb. 27 Robert DAY to Margaret LAWFORD both of Beckwith. Wit: Thomas Whiting, Thomas Lawford.

Page 219, 1851

Jan. 30 John JAMES to Sarah FETLOCK both of Drummond. Wit: Thomas James, John Couch.

Page 247, 1851

Jan. 17 Alexander MCDONALD, Bathurst, to Mary CAMERON, Dalhousie. Wit: Elisha Playfair, John Cameron.

March 18 James MCVEA, Bathurst, to Jane ARMSTRONG, S. Sherbrook. Wit: John & William Armstrong.

Page 263, 1850

June 27 Rev. William Montgomery PATTYSON, Richmond, to Sarah MCDOWELL, Clarenden. Wit: Rev. D. C. McDowell, Sophia Caldwell


Rev. James Brook, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 14, 1834

Feb. 4 Thomas HODGINS to Margery ARMSTRONG both of Clarendon. Wit: Robert Kerr, Edward Armstrong.

Feb. 24 Thomas BAILEY to Elizabeth HODGINS both of Clarendon. Wit: Edward & Thomas Hodgins.

March 11 George HODGINS to Ruth HODGINS both of Clarendon. Wit: Thomas Wilson, George Hodgins.

Sept. 2 William DEAN to Margaret LATIMORE both of Fitzroy. Wit: George Morton, James Shaw.


Page 15, 1835

March 19 Emanuel MILIKEN (s/b Milliken?)to May NALINAK. Wit: George Taylor, John Hannah.

April 29 William LUTTON to Agnes JOHNSON. Wit: Thomas Lutton, Alexander McLean.


Page 23, 1838

Jan. 15 Thomas BOSTWORTH (s/b Bosworth?), Gloucester, to Margaret TEMPLETON, Templeton. Wit: Alexander Graham, Peter Heath.

Jan. 16 Christopher SWITZER to Sarah ELLIOT both of Nepean. Wit: Alexander Parke, Thomas Evans.

March 19 Samuel LANGFRED to Mary Jane FRAZIER both of Bytown. Wit: William Langford, William Frazier.

March 20 John MCLATCHIE to Ann HARRIS both of Templeton. Wit: Stephen Story, John Millar.

March 20 Robert ARMSTRONG to Frances ARMSTRONG both of Gloucester. Wit: Robert Hardy, Thomas Aarmstrong.

March 31 William SKEAD to Elizabeth MANLY both of Bytown. Wit: Stephen Story, William English.

April 3 William MCKEON, Osgood, to Jane JOHNSTON, Bytown. Wit: Donald McIntosh, Thomas Philips.


Page 24, 1838

April 3 Stephen STOREY to Ann Louisa PLAYTER both of Bytown. Wit: Henry & James Bisoprick.

April 17 John DONALDSON, Bristol, to Margaret EVANS, Nepean. Wit: Christopher Switzer, Thomas Evans.

May 26 Thomas MARKS to Elizabeth CARY both of Clarendon. Wit: Henry Wilkinson, John Cary.

Nov. 29 William WILSON to Lydia WALSH both of Cumberland. Wit: James Traffe, Stephen Walsh.

Nov. 31 Joseph SLANE to Elizabeth BALDWIN both of Hull. Wit: Isaac Cross, George Sutherland.


Rev. James Cooper, Baptist Church

Page 85, 1844

June 28 Gregor MCGREGOR to Christian SINCLAIR both of Drummond. Wit: Ronald McDonald, Duncan Sinclair.

Oct. 10 John ROBERTSON to Emma RUSHDALE both of Bathurst. Wit: William Redford, Thomas Davidson.


Page 85, 1845

Jan. 31 Thomas KERR to Christian MENZIES both of Drummond. Wit: duncan Cameron, Isaac Barber.

June 16 John FORSYTH, Charlotton, to Elizabeth MCEWAN, Perth. Wit: Robert Killock, John Clark.

July 9 George ROSS, Burgess, to Catherine KIPPEN, Bathurst. Wit: William Glassott?, Alexander Stewart.

Oct. 2 John RICTHIE to Jane MENTSY Wit: Nathan Juchon?, Robert Allen.


Rev. James Currie Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 16, Note: Marriage location recorded but is illegible.

Page 16, 1835

Aug. 3 Darby GRAY to Mary DOWNEY. Wit: John Armstrong, John Evry.

Oct. 12 Nicholas NEADLY to Jane MCBRIDE. Wit: William Cawford, Robert Lyttle.


Page 16, 1836

March 25 Lewis WILLIAMS to Orilla KEALY. Wit: John Burrows, John Frost.

April 2 Henry MATHERS to Susannah KULLEDGE (Rutledge?). Wit: William Brownlee, Sarah Caughan.

April 13 James BURROWS to Margaret BOOTH. Wit: George Burrows, Isaac Smith.

May 2 Henry MILLER to Ann WILSON. Wit: George Miller, John Wilson.


Page 47, 1840

Sept. 24 John SHILLINGTON, Goulbourn, to Ann KERFOOT, Beckwith. Wit: John Hill, James Shillington.


Page 49, 1841 Note: Residence not recorded

Dec. 21 John MCLEAN to Christie MCGILVRAY. Wit: John McKay, Noah Jackson.

Jan. 4 Patrick SULLIVAN to Chrisie MCPHERSON. Wit: Donald & Walter McDonald.

Jan. 19 John GRANT to Margaret FULFORD. Wit: Thomas McTannet, John Fulford.

Feb. 12 John MCMILLIN to Sarah TURNER. Wit: Thomas Ramsay, Thomas Byars.


Rev. James Haley Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 28, 1838

July 10 John BEALEY to Sarah COOK both of Drummond. Wit: John Codd, Richard Cook.

Oct. 9 William LATERMER (s/b Latimer?) to Jane DANE both of Fitzroy. Wit: Robert McGinley, James Shaw.

Oct. 9 John HOW to Eliza MELOY both of Fitzroy. Wit: Andrew Forbes, James How.

Oct. 14 John MCEVOY, Hambly, to Maria WIGGINS, March. Wit: James McGee, Thomas Wiggins.

Dec. 11 William DONAHOO (Donahoe?)to Elizabeth DUNNIN both of Ramsay. Wit: John Donahoo, John McGuise.

Dec. 31 James WILSON, Fitzroy, to Jane COUCH, Drummond. Wit: Francis Hunt, Arthur Couch.


Page 28, 1839

Jan. 2 Thomas HUNT, Fitzroy, to Sarah NEEDHAM, Packenham. Wit: Thomas Ellis, Charles Gillin.

Oct. 29 James MORRIS, Beckwith, to Hannah TRUEMAN, Drummond. Wit: Richard Cuch (Crich?), Samuel Truman.


Page 28, 1840

Feb. 6 Thoams GIFF to Martha BAILEY both of Drummond. Wit: James Quail, John Bailey.


Rev. James Hughes Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 115, 1846

Oct. 9 Robert MCLELLAN, Fitzroy, to Isabella THORNE, Drummond. Wit: Thomas Jackson, Abraham Miller.

Oct. 13 Miron STERNE, Wolford, to Emily DOUGHERTY, Ramsay. Wit: John Lekie, William Dougherty.

Oct. 22 James ELMER to Jane Ann DALMAGE both of Ramsay. Wit: Robert Robinson, Thomas Teskey.


Page 115, 1847

Jan. 15 Robert JOHNSON to Mary Ann CONNOR both of Beckwith. Wit: George Barley Jr., John McLaughlin.

Feb. 10 Henry ROSE to Catherine SHIPMAN both of Ramsay. Wit: Ariel Turrill, N.H. Lock.

March 1 John STEVENSON, Lanark, to Ellen FERGUSON, Drummond. Wit: Henry Townson, John Blair.

March 4 W. H. KERFOOT, Montague, to Margaret TESKEY, Ramsay. Wit: Robert Drury, James Poole.

March 18 Andrew WILSON to Sarah RAE both of Ramsay. Wit: James Pottare, James Rae.

March 29 John GRAY to Nancy BINGHAM both of Ramsay. Wit: Robert Robinson, James Bingham.

April 13 John TOMLINSON, Lanark, to Bridget APPLEBY, Drummond. Wit: John Stingson, Will? McLaren.

April 22 Dougall MCEWAN, Lanark, to Margaret DUNN, Dalhousie. Wit: Joseph Campbell, Jacob Gallinger.

April 26 William BINGHAM, Ramsay, to Jane STEVENSON, Lanark. Wit: Robert Bingham, Robert Robinson.


Page 116, 1847

May 3 Robert THOMPSON to Elizabeth WATSON both of Ramsay. Wit: Josiah Thompson, John Hammond.

Aug. 3 Thomas DEZELL to Ann Maria BENSON both of Ramsay. Wit: William McGee, N.M. Pattyson.

Aug. 25 Robert DOUGLAS to Catherine DRURY both of Ramsay. WIT: Thomas Mansell, Thomas Perrott.

Aug. 31 John MILLS to Sarah FRASER both of Beckwith. Wit: R.C. Laurence, Huntry? Baden.


Page 243, 1847

Dec. 17 George MCLEAN, Ramsay, to Catherine MCGREGOR, Beckwith. Wit: Hugh & Gillan McLean.

Page 263, 1848

April 28 James Charles POOLE, Beckwith, to Eliza Mary AUSTIN, Packenham. Wit: Thomas Mansell, William M. Pattyson.

Page 263, 1849

April 4 Jacob POWERS to Margaret MOULTON both of Drummond. Wit: John & Robert Moulton.

Page 281, 1848

March 1 John SINGLETON, S. Crosby, to Sarah DONOHUGH, Ramsay. Wit: Richare Singleton, John Donohugh.

Page 309, 1848

Feb. 24 Henry YOUNG, Wolford, to Rachel DOCHERTY, Ramsay. Wit: Andrew Smith, Joseph Docherty.