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Talbot District Marriages, 1837-1857, part 1

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source: Archives of Ontario microfilm MS 248 Reel 4, or LDS film 1030054


Rev. E. L. Koyle Methodist Episcopal Church

pg 109,  1850

Dec. 14 William H. RYERSE, Woodhouse to Marilla BOLSBY, Woodhouse. Wit: Benjamin Wright, Sarah Kniffen.


April 9 John NEWKIRK, Walsingham. Wit: Susan WATTS, Walsingham. Wit: Maria Newkirk, Benjamin Watts.

Nov. 11 Isaac A. JOHNSTONE, Houghton to Cecilia WILLIAMS, Houghton. Wit: Major G. Campbell, Mehil. McKinnon.

Nov. 12 Miller BOUGHNER, Woodhouse to Ann Maria GLOVER, Charlotteville. Wit: Elizabeth Rogers, James Glover.


Rev. Aaron Slaght Baptist Church

Pg 76,  1848 :  May 17 John CARROW, Charlotteville to Charity WILSON, Charlotteville. Wit: Mrs. Slaght, Charles Depew?

Pg 98 [Return was filed June 22, 1850. Exact marriage dates were not recorded.]

Jos. Edwy RYERSON, Townsend to Mary SHAW, Townsend. Wit: H. Slaught, Hiram Shaw.

George MACKLIN, Barton to Isabella MCKERLIE, Barton. Wit: John Macklin, Elijah Binkley.

Samuel PURSEL, Windham to Abigail YOUNG, Windham. Wit: N. Webster, C. Packham


Pg 107, 1850

Oct. 24 Abel SMITH, Townsend to Jane STAFFORD, Townsend. Wit: Alfred Smith, Martha Stafford.

Nov. 2 John BEEMER, Townsend to Nancy A. BARBER, Townsend. Wit; Hiram Beemer, Jane Pettit.

Dec. 25 Fluelling JARVIS, Townsend to Lucinda JAY, Townsend. Wit: Evaline Jarvis, Ezekiel Foster.

Pg 107, 1851

Feb. 21 Walter MCKERLIE, Townsend to Caroline STEWART, Townsend. Wit: George & Isabella Maclin.

April 28 George HENDERSON, Ancaster to Margaret BROWN, Waterford. Wit: John Robinson, Helen Walker.

April 29 Descom COLLVER, Windham to Angeline COLLVER, Townsend. Wit: Amanda Collver, Calvin Schuyler.

June 9 Samuel KNISELY, Simcoe to Louisa WOOD, Windham. Wit: Miss Boughner, John Wood


Rev. Abraham Austin Baptist Church

pg 88, 1849

Aug. 5 Abraham MCLAIN, Townsend to Mary DOUGAND, Townsend. Wit: William Munro, Esther Potts.

Aug. 26 William HEATON, Charlotteville to Mary WILSON, Charlotteville. Wit: William & Ann Craig.

Oct 21 John MANDAVILLE, Townsend to Semildae WILSON, Charlotteville. Wit: Charles Kitchen, Sarah Culver.

Pg 88, 1850 :  Feb. 28 William STRANDS (SHANDS?), Woodhouse to Mary Ann AUSTIN, Woodhouse. Wit: Alex. McIntosh, Rebecca Slaght.

pg 96, 1848 :  Nov. 8 Christopher HALL, Townsend to Harriet Matilda VAIL, Townsend. Wit: Susan Teeple, Charles Vail.

Pg 96, 1849:  Mar 18 William POST, Woodhouse to Jane BUTLER, Woodhouse. Wit: Bansel Post, Nelson Avecombe.

Pg 104, 1850:  Dec. 6 James R. MANDEVILLE, Townsend to Margaret SCUYLER, Townsend. Wit: Esther Potts, Hannah Austin.

Pg 104, 1851:

Jan 16 Augustus TELLERMAN, Woodhouse to Ann MCNEIL, Woodhouse. Wit: Joshua Austin, Eliz. Ann Potts.

Feb. 16 Matthew BROWN, Woodhouse to Adaline HILDA, Woodhouse. Wit: David Austin, Esther Potts.

Mar 3 Alfred COOMBS, Woodhouse to Julianna STAGE, Woodhouse. Wit: George & Amanda Coombs.



Abraham Duncan, Baptist Church

Pg 90 1849

June 3 Alexander BENNET, Charlotteville to Elizabeth JACKSON, Charlotteville. Wit: Davie Shearer, James Jackson.

July 27 William WELK, Charlotteville to Mary WALKER, Charlotteville. Wit: Gabriel Shearer, Janet Duncan.

Sept. 2 James H. MOLASKY, Blanford to Honorah? (Hannah?) GRIFFINS, Charlotteville. Wit: John Molasky, William Culver.

Sept. 13 John COPE, Charlotteville to Tabby BANSON, Charlotteville. Wit: Daniel & Mrs. Bennet.

Pg 91, 1849

Oct. 21 Samuel COHOUEN? Charlotteville, to Mary HENRY, Charlotteville. Wit: Janet Duncan, Martha Kitchen.

Nov. 19 George BASS, Walsingham to Deborah SERPERALE?, Oakland. Wit: Robert Sherer, Mary Jane Das.

Pg 91, 1850

Jan. 8 George ROBINSON, Townsend to Caroline HOLMNS, Townsend. Wit: Caroline Robinson, Jane Creek.

Jan. 23 Archibald HALLMAN, Charlotteville to Lucinda SPENCER, Walsingham. Wit: Henry Anderson, Mrs., Potts.

pg 104, 1850

June 17 A. W. HIGGINS, Walsingham to E. J. SPENCER, Walsingham. Wit: J. B. Fish, Ellen Anderson.

June 17 Henry OVERHOLT, Charlotteville to Anna BULLER, Charlotteville. Wit: G. & M. Teeple.

Oct. 12 Peter RYERSE, Walpole to Mary BULLER, Walpole. Wit: John Hanson, E. Jannise.

Dec. 29 Joshua? ROUSE, Brantford to Eliza BIRDSAL, Charlotteville. Wit: John Rouse, Robert Shaverd.

Pg 104, 1851

Jan. 21 Hammond PIGHMAN, Houghton to Isabella SIMONS, Walpole. Wit: James & Janet Duncan.

April 3 Caleb DAVIS, Charlotteville to M. CHURCH, Charlotteville. Wit: Robert Warren, Elizabeth Church.



Alexander Anderson, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg. 4, 1838

Nov. 4 Constant EDDY, Oakland, to Ann AMENOND (Ormerond?), Oakland. Wit: John Eddy, Elizabeth Anderson.

Feb. 16 George KELLY, Windham, to Harriet DELL, Windham. Wit: William Kelly, Richard Dell.

March 12 John EDDY, Oakland, to Abigail SMITH, Oakland. Wit: Edward Eddy, Benjamin Hewlin.

April 5 John MILLER, Townsend, to Polly SMITH, Townsend. Wit: John Eddy, Samuel Fisher.



Rev. David Griffin, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 38, 1843

May 30 Edward BUGNER, Middleton to Harriet COHO, Middleton. Wit: Joseph & Christ. Bugner.

May 30 Louis RUSSELL, Middleton to Elizabeth COHO, Middleton. Wit: Joseph & Christ. Bugner.




Rev. Francis Chapman,  Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 93, 1850

Jan. 9 John LANZETO, Woodhouse to Jane WIGGINS, Woodhouse. Wit: Daniel & Susanna McSwain.

Mar 12 Allen WILCOX, Walpole to Phebe Ann RYERSON, Woodhouse. Wit: Josiah Wilcox, Matilda Ryerson.

Mar 12 John JACKSON, Woodhouse to Mary SEACOME?, Woodhouse. Wit: Joseph Hawn, Polly Walton.

April 10 Edwin MONROE? Woodhouse to Ann June AKIN, Woodhouse. Wit: D. Monroe, Ephm. Potter.

Pg 93, 1850:  May 25 John LAW, Woodhouse to Ann Jane AKIN, Woodhouse. Wit: Thomas Carlton, Mary Law.



Edward Bailey Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 7, 1839: April 17 Jacob SILVERTHORNE, Windham, to Susannah LONDY, Windham. Wit: Nathan Culver, Oliver Purdy.

Pg 21, 1841:

Oct. 15 James JULL, Windham to Lydia ACKFORD, Windham. Wit: John Jull, Joseph Lake.

Dec. 4 Andrew MCLAREN, Yarmouth to Sarah Ann MANDEVILLE, Townsend. Wit: Robert & Nesbit Culver.

Pg 21, 1842

Jan. 1 Jacob LOUKS, Charlotteville to Marilla WILSON, Charlotteville. Wit: Edwin Potts, Ross Birdsall.

Mar. 20 James JUIROE?, Windham to Pheby CARROW, Windham. Wit: Peter Cline, John Carrow.

Jan. 12 George W. BARNS, Walsingham to Fanny SMITH, Walsingham. Wit: Abram Countryman, Samuel Smith.

Jan. 20 Isaac GREEN, Oakland to Lois AVERALD, Oakland. Wit: Daniel Elliot, Hiram Wesbrook.

Pg 45 1844

Dec. 19 Samuel LESHER? (Lester?), Townsend to Ann FARCE, Windham. Wit: Freman Nickerson, George Farce.

Nov. 15 James CAMPBELL, Norwich to Margaret LIBZER/SIBZER, Windham. Wit: Samuel & Ward Rilley.

Pg 45, 1845

Mar. 12 Samuel FISHER, Townsend to Mary SHARP, Ancaster. Wit: Benjamin & Cyrus Fisher.

June 3 John D. MAYBY (MAYLEY?), Windham to Elizabeth CLINE, Middleton. John Wilson, Peter Cline.



Rev. Elijah Clarke, Baptist Church

pg 105 1850

June 5 Jacob SOVEREEN, Middleton to Mary Ann BAKER, Charlotteville. Wit: Peter Hyatt, Benjamin Palmerton.

July 21 Thomas ROBINSON, Townsend to Sarah Ann MARKLE, Windham. Wit: John & James Markle.

Oct. 15 Charles BONNER, Dereham to Sylvonia DISBROW, Middleton. Wit: Davie Bonner, Charles Gilbert.

Pg 105, 1851: Mar 17 Stephen H. SANFORD, Middleton to Martha Ann MILLS, Charlotteville. Wit: John Carlyle, James Smith



Elijah Mudge, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 22, 1841

Aug. 29 John SHARP, Middleton to Betsey Ann CRAM, Charlotteville. Wit: Elizabeth & Catherine Wilson.

Nov. 23 George W. LAWRENCE, Charlotteville to Sally Ann HOUSE, Middleton. Wit: Perin? & Mary Cline.

Pg 22, 1842

Jan. 13 Ezra JAX, Middleton to Sarah WHITEHEAD, Middleton. Wit: Andrew Wilson, Mary M. Cline.

Feb. 8 William BURCH, Windham to Kitty HOPKINS, Middleton. Wit: Edward & Jane Gibbon.

May 15 James CARROW, Windham to Mary Ann MCCALL, Windham. Wit: John Carrow, Catherine Wilson.

pg 43, 1844

Mar. 14 James WILSON, Charlotteville to Judith WHITTAKER, Charlotteville. Wit: Daniel & Juliana Butler.

Sept. 9 Hugh MCQUEEN, Charlotteville, to Hannah WILSON, Charlotteville. Wit: James & Catherine May.

Aug. 4 Peter WILSON, Windham to Fannie WINANS, Simcoe. Wit: Jacob Petit, Benjamin Birdsel.

Mar. 9 Samuel B. CARLE, Charlotteville, to Catherine WILSON, Charlotteville. Wit: William Adams, Mary E. Earle.

pg 50, 1845

July 14 Benjamin WHITEHEAD, Middleton to Christiana GRIFFEN, Middleton. Wit: William Anderson, Louisa Brown.

Oct. 7 James B. CARFREE (PARFEN?), Bayham to Melinda HALLEY, Bayham. Wit: George Ranglend?, Sarah Halley.

Oct. 7 Daniel HILIKER, Malahide to Lemey MARR, Windham. Wit: Ester Card, Eliza Mans

Pg 51 1845

Dec. 7 Warren MASSACAR, Windham to Maria SECORD, Windham. Wit: Samuel Williams, Aloisa Smith.

Dec. 9 Warren FRANKLIN, Middleton to Elizabeth BROWN, Middleton. Wit: David & Margaret Long.

Pg 51, 1846

Feb. 8 Francis BARBER, Norwich to Eliza STEEL, Middleton. Wit: George Reed, Mary Ann Byerley.

Feb. 8 Abner MATTHEWS, Walsingham to Ennis? BUTLER, Houghton. Wit: Abel Merrit, Olewa? Marten.

Pg 74 1847

Aug. 29 Eneas SCOTT, Norwich to Sarah WICKS, Dereham. Wit: Charles Scott, Eneas Johnson.

Oct. 27 James RANSON, Middleton to Eleanor J. HALEY, Dereham. Wit: James & Melinda Ranson.

Pg 74, 1848

April 4 Eli HARTSAL, Norwich to Elizabeth HAGADANE, Dereham. Wit: John Hartsal, Phebe Tredwell.

April 7 Thomas BARKER, Middleton to Julia Ann VANATTER, Charlotteville. Wit: Josiah & Hannah Brown.

Pg. 75 1848

April 28 Edward COLLARD, Middleton to Lavinia ROGERS, Westminster. Wit: John & Huldah McClentick.

May 22 William GRIFFIS, Middleton to Margaret MCMULLEN, Charlotteville. Wit: William & Ann Edmed.

June 4 James RYAN, Middleton to Sarah Ann BYERLY, Middleton. Wit: David & Margaret Long.


E.T. Perley,  Justice of the Peace

Pg. 17, 1839: Dec. 29 Peter WAGONER, Middleton, to Rachel JONES, Middleton. Wit: John Mabee, Zephaniah Frost


Rev. Felse Owen, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 93 1849: Jan. 10 Joshua M. OWEN, Charlotteville to Mary Ann SHARP, Charlotteville. Wit: Francis & Anna Owen.

pg 94 [unrecorded date, 1849 -1850].

July 27 Byard M. ROSS, Walsingham to Jane PROCUNIER, Walsingham. Wit: John & Ann Akins.

June 26 Daniel F. SILVERTHORN, Bayham to Mary A. BARNABUS, Walpole. Wit: John Silverthorn, John McLane.


Henry Wilkinson, Wesleyan Methodist Church


Pages 83 & 84 -  Note: This return states that the marriages took place between Aug. 27, 1849 and Sept. 18, 1849. However, the actual marriage dates, witnesses and residences were not recorded.

Isaac WALKER, 24 to Ursula P. NICKERSON, 17.

Andrew L. BEZZO, 22 to Sarah DEAN, 16.

James SCHRAM, 21 to Elizabeth ARNOLD, 20.

John S. JACKSON, 22 to Phebe S. DEAN, 24.

Reuben F. KINNEY, 28 to Sarah A. BUTLER, 19.

Charles DEPEW, 24 to Margaret SHAW, 17.

William MURRAY, 27 to Esther PEGG, 21.

William BOWLBY, 26 to Rhoda DUNCOMBE, 16.

John WHITE, 23 to Angeline PRINDLE, 16.

William CHESLEY, 27 to Lucinda FLANDERS, 18.

Oliver P. STITLOR, 25 to Phylina BOWEN, 20.

Samuel CROOKER, 29 to Julia A. DEAN, 22.

Daniel DISBROW, 22 to Elizabeth BABCOCK, 23.

Philip FORSE, 42 to Hulda BOUGHNER, 40.

Henry SMITH, 28 to Mary Ann THOMAS, 16.

Robert W. BOUGHNER, 24 to Eleanor FONGER, 19.

Robert MAGEE, 23 to Anna HORNING, 23.

Benjamin SCHOOLEY, 28 to Phebe Ann BENTON, 20.

Lewis A. POWELL, 29 to Mary Ann BUTLER, 26.

David FREELAND, 25 to Priscilla QUICK, 23.

David FER, 35 to Mary GRAVES, 19.

Peter WINGER, 23 to Abigail SHOP, 18.

pg 92 Note: Return states that marriages occurred between July 1, 1849 & July 1, 1850. Exact dates, residences & witnesses not recorded.

Peter WINGER to Abigail SHOP.

William MCKAY to Elizabeth SINCLAIR.

John DELL, to Jane HOWICK.

William BEEMER to Mary CATCHELL.

Edward Henry AUSTIN to Sarah Ann SMITH.

Richard William WOOD to Sarah AXFORD.

David Jackson LOWREY to Elizabeth LONGHURST.

Theobald Butler BARRETT to Emily LANGS.

Daniel Harvey BUTLER to Sarah SNIDER.

Jacob LOUCKS, to Ann Maria BENNETT.

Abraham Ogden YOUNGS to Lavina Jane WIDNER.

Samuel ANDERSON to Malinda EDDY.

Gershom G. WILSON to Emily PETTIT


Rev. George Kennedy, Wesleyan Methodist Church

pg 106, 1850

June 1 William RODWAY, Walsingham to Matilda Jane UNDERHILL, Walsingham. Wit: Conrad Brando, James Toland.

Aug. 5 John ADAMS, Walsingham to Sarah Ann MYERS, Walsingham. Wit: John Chesterman, Margaret Myers.

Aug. 15 Andrew STEINHOFF, Charlotteville to Catherine LOWKS, Walsingham. Wit: William Crittenden, Mary Ann Chambers.

Nov. 10 David HANDY, Walsingham to Mary Ann SCANLIN, Walsingham. Wit: Elijah Hazen, Philip Bowk.

Pg 106, 1851

Feb. 7 Henry LAMPORT, Walsingham to Mary SECORD, Walsingham. Wit: Henry Killmaster, Miriam Becker.

April 15 Thomas BRACKENBURY, Walsingham to Mary RATT, Walsingham. Wit: Mary Brackenbury, John Bennett.

May 13 John MCGEE, Walsingham to Mary Margaret BULLER, Walsingham. Wit: Jeremiah & Charles Lowks.

May 13 Stephen J. HOUSE?, Walsingham to Rebecca MCKENNA, Middleton. Wit: Stephen Lea, Cornelia Armstrong



George Ryerse, Baptist Church

Pg 5 & 6, 1837

July 16 Ebenezer T. GILBERT, Woodhouse, to Mary Ann POTTER, Woodhouse. Wit: John W. Hazen, John Ryan.

July 24 Thomas HARRIS, Ohio U.S., to Matilda WAGGONER, Walpole. Wit: Seth E. Ryerson, John T. Cooper.

Sept. 11 Jacob FITE, Rainham Niagara District, to Mary OSBORNE, Rainham Niagara District. Wit: James Soper, Thomas Stillwell.

Sept. 20 James MCCREDY, Walpole, to Mary HODGES, Walpole. Wit: Christopher Smith, Robert Howey.

Sept. 21 Samuel CULVER, Townsend, to Esther Ann KITCHEN, Townsend. Wit: Acquilla Millard, Timothy W. Culver.

Dec. 10 John HEATH, Townsend, to Amoret KEIR, Charlotteville. Wit: Edward Beaupre, Christopher Keir.

Dec. 24 David MCCALL, Charlotteville, to Harriet MANN, Woodhouse. Wit: Andrew Smith, Nathan Mann.

Pg 6, 1838

Feb. 22 John MCCALL, Charlotteville, to Ann COWEN, Charlotteville. Wit: Robert White, John Cowen.

March 6 John SINCLAIR, Walpole, to Mary HELMER, Walpole. Wit: Calvin Gates, Seth E. Ryerson.

June 24 George HART, Charlotteville, to Eliza Ann SIMMONS, Charlotteville. Wit: Levi Hudson, Edward Beaupre.

Aug. 15 Richard FIFIELD, Woodhouse, to Maria MCSWAIN, Woodhouse. Wit: John Law, Richard McBride.

Oct. 31 Thomas TOPPING, Walsingham, to Mary J. MCDERMOND, Walsingham. Wit: Jas. L. Dedrick, John Backhouse Jr.

Nov. 14 William GOODLAND, Charlotteville, to Elsy MCCALL, Charlotteville. Wit: David & John McCall

Pg 6, 1839

March 9 John AUSTIN, Woodhouse, to Catherine WHITE, Woodhouse. Wit: Elijah Doan, Nathaniel White.

April 4 John W. GILBERT, Woodhouse, to Christian SMITH, Woodhouse. Wit: John Wycoff, Daniel Hazen.

Pg 12, 1839

April 30 Christopher FITE, Rainham, to Catherine HELMER, Walpole. Wit: William Franklin, William Sweet.

May 25 Christopher SMITH, Walpole, to Caroline VAUGHN, Walpole. Wit: Edmond & Hannah Pugsley.

May 27 William FRANKLIN, Rainham, to Susan FITE, Rainham. Wit: William Sweet, William Snare.

May 28 Ezekiel JEWELL, Woodhouse, to Mary Jane BOUGHNER, Walpole. Wit: Alfred Andrews, Frederick Boughner.

July 10 Alfred ANDREWS, Woodhouse, to Nancy A. HUSTON, Townsend. Wit: Cyrus Andrews, Jas. Tisdale.

July 17 Samuel WOOD, Woodhouse, to Mary WYCOFF, Woodhouse. Wit: John W. Gilbert, William H. Ryerse.

July 21 Jas. SMITH, Charlotteville, to Elisa BARTON, Townsend. Wit: John L. Mordan, John Barton.

Aug. 12 William SWEET, Rainham, to Mary NULL, Rainham. Wit: William Franklin, Jacob Fite.

Oct. 4 Jas. THOMSON, Charlotteville, to Roseana DORSEY, Charlotteville. Wit: W. H. Ryerse, Justice Blakely.

Oct. 28 Brinton P. BROWN, Southwold, to Nancy SMITH, Walsingham. Wit: Charles Townsend, Henry Brando.

Pg 12, 1840

Jan. 11 Jas. DOAN, Woodhouse, to Margaret Ann POTTS, Woodhouse. Wit: Jas. Flint, Jacob Potts Jr.

Jan. 11 John ELCORN, Woodhouse, to Barbara STEWART, Woodhouse. Wit: William Shand, Alex. Crawford.

Jan. 12 John YAGER, Walpole, to Barbara SWARLS, Walpole. Wit: John Stannermon, John Swarls.

Jan. 15 Justice BLAKELY, Charlotteville, to Francis AVIHOUSER, Charlotteville. Wit: Zimii Fair, Joseph Billit.

Feb. 11 Zimii FAIR, Charlotteville, to Ann BONSER, Charlotteville, wit: Isaac Wheeler, Thomas Bonser.

Feb. 18 John RONSON, Middleton, to Sally Ann REAGH, Middleton. Wit: William Ronson, Peter Brown.

April 8 Levi Lewis DOUGLAS, Woodhouse, to Jane LEMON, Woodhouse. Wit: Robert Douglas, Jacob Lemon Jr.

Pg 15, 1840

May 10 George Vanall ANDERSON, Charlotteville, to Elizabeth BUTLER, Windham. Wit: James Brown, Peter Wyall.


Sept. 15 William HENDERSON, Woodhouse, to Mary Ann SEVILLE, Woodhouse. Wit: Emily & Maria Dease.

Oct. 18 Carolus D. REYNOLDS, Charlotteville, to Francis GROFF, Charlotteville. Wit: John McGill, M. Groff.

Dec. 29 Francis SMITH, Walsingham, to Caroline POTTER, Charlotteville. Wit: Peter Lesose, Martha Potter.

Pg 15, 1841

Jan. 1 Joseph MCFALL, Woodhouse, to Cynthia OLDS, Woodhouse. Wit: George & Cortland Olds.

Feb. 17 Bradford OAKS, Charlotteville, to Polly BURLINGHAM, Charlotteville. Wit: Thomas Chatterton, James Youmans

Mar. 2 Sidney OSBORN, Townsend, to Lizana SHAW, Townsend. Wit: James Osborn, Levi Shaw.

Date?  Ahiree? LANCE (LORCE?), Woodhouse, to Emmiline DAVIS, Woodhouse. Wit: illegible John Walker, John Davis.

Mar. 18 Bradford WOOD, Windham, to (female not recorded), Burford. Wit: Samuel Wood, Henry Rammage.

Pg 20, 1841

May 11 Richard MCBRIDE, Woodhouse to Abigail WILLIAMS, Woodhouse. Wit: William McBride, James Waddle.

June 24 Titus FINCH Jr., Charlotteville to Elizabeth GLOVER, Charlotteville. Wit: Edward Dickinson, Charles Glover.

July 26 William PILKY, Woodhouse to Lorinda GILBERT, Woodhouse. Wit: Peter Pilky, Ebenezer Gilbert.

Aug. 1 Robert James COOK, Walpole to Charlotte RICHARDS, Walpole. Wit: Joseph Thompson, Robert Hodge.

Aug. 13 William STEINHOFF, Woodhouse to Elizabeth GLOVER, Woodhouse. Wit: Hiram Steinhoff, Jane Shaw.

Sept. 19 Henry BLAKE, Woodhouse to Rosanna GILBERT, Woodhouse. Wit: William Pilkey, Ebenezer Gilbert.

Sept. 25 Darius OATMAN Jr., Norwich to Sarah MCCOLLOM, Norwich. Wit: Darius Oatman Sr., David McCollom.

Oct. 26 Joseph CROMWELL, Charlotteville, to Martha Ann CRATER, Charlotteville. Wit: Archibald Lammond, Thomas Wallace.

Nov. 9 Isaac DECOW, Charlotteville to Charlotte CULVER, Charlotteville. Wit: John Wyckoff, Joseph Culver.

Nov. 28 George Washington GRAY, Norwich to Nancy QUARTERMASS, Norwich. Wit: Walter & Sylvester Harris.

Pg 20, 1842

Jan. ?? Jessie HENER, Wainfleet to Elizabeth BARRACKS, Wainfleet. Wit: John Gray Viel Sr., Jonathon Davis.

Feb. 18 David BAUMWART, Charlotteville to Mary FRANCES, Charlotteville. Wit: Robert & Phebe Ann Havens.

Not William KANOFF, Charlotteville to Hester FAIRCHILD, Charlotteville. Wit:

Recorded Duncan & Thomas Walsh.

Pg 32 1842

May 9 James Edward TURNER, Dereham to Mary Ann C. TILSON, Dereham. Wit: Benjamin Van Norman, Henry Hogan.

June 25 William BARBER, Norwich to Maria Ann BILLINGER, Norwich. Wit: Robert Wild, Clancy Graham.

June 28 Thomas DAWSON, Walsingham to Cath. NEWKIRK, Walsingham. Wit: Allen Fish, Peter Newkirk.

Sept. 28 William SIMMONS, Townsend to Elizabeth HOLMES, Townsend. Wit: William S. Green, Jacob Groover.

Oct. 11 Caleb Freeman HAZEN, Woodhouse to Ann Maria TENBROCK, Woodhouse. William H. Ryerse, John W. Gilbert.

Oct. 17 Hiram STEINHOFF, Woodhouse to Jane BLAKE, Woodhouse. Wit: Mary E. Kitchen, George Blake.

Nov. 6 Isaac OSTANDER, Middleton to Elizabeth WALSH, Middleton. Wit: Joshua Mudge, Hugh Mabee.

Nov. 16 Alex. BILLETTE, Charlotteville to Rebecca MCDONALD, Charlotteville. Wit: Reuben Oaks, James Dease.

Dec. 26 D. C. WOODWARD, Norwich to Martha L. QUARTIMAS, Norwich. Wit: Milo Woodward, George W. Gray.

Pg 32, 1843

Jan. 14 William ANDERSON, Charlotteville to Julia BROWN, Charlotteville. Wit: Robert Winters, Stephen Brown.

Jan. 26 Charles OATMAN, Norwich to Darlisha H. BUNCE, Norwich. Wit: Roswell B. Oatman, George W. W. Tanner.

Aug. 26 William GETTINS, Norwich to Miranda OSTRANDER, Norwich. Wit: John Gettins, Nathaniel Hicks.

Oct. 30 John WYCOFF, Woodhouse to Sarah STERLING, Townsend. Wit: John A. Carpenter, Alvin Wooley.

Nov. 15 Adam BEAM, Walsingham to Harriet DEWITT, Walsingham. Wit: Thomas Lampart, John Bowers.

Dec. 27 Charles HANSON, Houghton to Nancy ELLIS, Walsingham. Wit: Ephraim Tisdale, Peter Price.

Pg 32, 1844

Jan. 17 Alex. TEEPLE, Charlotteville to Mary Ann WINTERS, Charlotteville. Wit: Henry Lamport, Robert Winters.

Jan. 18 William MONROE, Woodhouse to Ann MCKAY, Woodhouse. Wit: Francis Ryerse, Jane Shaw.

Pg 33, 1844

Jan. 24 John GILBERT, Norwich to Parthena SWARTWOUT (Swartout?), Norwich. Wit: George Lossing, Jerh. Siple.

Feb. 1 James WADDELL, Woodhouse to Susan GROFF, Woodhouse. Wit: Caroles D. Reynold, Aaron Austin.

Feb. 20 William BILLINGTON, Walsingham to Elizabeth LOUKS, Walsingham. Wit: George M. Hutchinson, Peter Vanderberg.

Mar. 4 Henry HELIKAR, Norwich to Laura REYNOLDS, Norwich. Wit: George L. Vosburg, David Herrick.

Mar. 7 Thomas CHATTERTON, Charlotteville, to Josephine FOREY, Charlotteville. Wit: Abraham & Sally Ann Miller.

April 10 Samuel SMITH, Woodhouse to Mary SKINNER, Woodhouse. Wit: Andrew & William Smith.

pg 46, 1844

April 21 Joseph SHATTUCK, Norwich to Margaret MCINNES, Norwich. Wit: Hiram Shattuck, Edmund Burss.

May 1 Abraham BRANDO, Walsingham to Elizabeth PRICE, Charlotteville. Wit: Samuel Johnson, Horatio Franklin.

May 4 Oliver MAYBEE Sr., Charlotteville to Rachel SHAEN (Shain?) Charlotteville. Wit: Peter Maybee, Joseph Kitchen.

May 23 Robert WADDLE, Woodhouse to Fanny MCBRIDE, Woodhouse. Wit: William Smith, Thomas McBride.

Oct. 4 William HALKER, Charlotteville to Sarah STONE, Charlotteville. Wit: William Dease, Thomas Hartfield

Pg 46, 1845

Jan. 14 Alexander BUCKLEY, Charlotteville to Eliza BILLINGTON, Charlotteville. Wit: James Jones, Michael Landon.

Jan. 26 David TURRY (FURRY?), Molton, to Susannah Catherine COOK, Sherbrook. Wit: Edwin Eyres, Amos Mann.

June 9 John SNIVELY, Townsend to Mary Jane COLLVER, Townsend. Ogden Snively, John Collver.

June 16 Thomas David OWEN, Charlotteville to Margaret WIRE, Woodhouse. Wit: Francis Ryerse, Mary Ann Steele.

June 22 Peter CULAMORE, Woodhouse, to Martha MORRIS, Woodhouse. Wit: Alfred Culamore, Edward Ryerse.

Aug. 6 Rodney William CAMERON, Hamilton to Mary Ann CUMMINGS, Woodhouse. Wit: Maria Ryerse, Jane Hewitt.

Aug. 16 Silas Joseph SANIES?, Charlotteville to Mary Jane SLAGHT, Charlotteville. Wit: William & John Hewitt.

Sept. 21 William HORTON, Charlotteville to Hannah COLDWELL, Charlotteville. Wit: Nancy Ryerse, Rachel Hough.

Oct. 6 Joseph SIMONS, Charlotteville to California SECORD, Charlotteville. Wit: James Ryerse, Jonathon Secord.

Oct. 6 Frederick MABEE, Charlotteville to Nancy TOLLER, Charlotteville. Wit: James Ryerse, Jonathon Simons.

Oct. 9 Caleb Hazen SMITH, Woodhouse to Sarah LEMON, Woodhouse. Wit: Augustus Smith, Edmond Gilber.

pg 65 1845

Nov. 6 George LUCAS, Charlotteville to Margaret WOOD, Charlotteville. Wit: Phoebe Brando, Thomas Wood.

Dec. 7 John MCPHERSON, Charlotteville to Susan Eliza BROWN, Charlotteville. Wit: Decator Dolivan, Frederick Dresser.

Dec. 10 Alexander WALLACE, Townsend to Sally Ann COLLVER, Townsend. Wit: Robert Young, John Snively.

Dec. 23 John WOOD, Charlotteville to Eliza CROMWELL, Charlotteville. Wit: Jonathon GRIMDRY, Josiah Cromwell.

Pg 66 1846

Jan. 21 Richard MIRTLAND, Townsend to Esther KITCHEN, Townsend. Wit: Samuel Collver, John Snively.

Jan. 24 James HILLIS, Charlotteville to Isabella DEASE, Charlotteville. Wit: John Bull, Maria Ryerse.

Jan. 25 Joseph BROWN, Charlotteville to Mary Ann MCDONALD, Charlotteville. Wit: Lester Brown, Reuben Oaks.

Feb. 2 James PROVOST, Woodhouse to Martha POTTER, Woodhouse. Wit: Clement Stimm, William Harris.

April 9 Thomas ENGLAND, Woodhouse to Esther WHITE, Woodhouse. Wit: Robert Riddle, John Temple.

April 22 George HUSTON, Woodhouse to Pricilla MABEE, Woodhouse. Wit: George Decow, Daniel McQueen.

April 28 James HAZELL, Woodhouse to Jane MORRIS, Woodhouse. Wit: George Kniffen, George P. Bonser.

May 28 William SMITH, Windham to Clarissa BEARHAM, Woodhouse. Wit: Archibald McCrimin, Robert Campbell.

Aug. 5 Isaac RYERSE, Woodhouse to Mary CHAMBERLAIN, Woodhouse. Wit: Samuel Ryerse, Samuel Chamberlain.

Oct. 21 Ephraim POTTER, Charlotteville to Freelove L. JEWEL, Charlotteville. Wit: Oliver Mabee, William Oaks.

Nov. 4 Stan EPPS, Ancaster to Angeline SHAW, Townsend. Wit: John Carpenter, Benjamin Shaw

Pg 69 1846

Dec. 2 James FINCH, Charlotteville to Sally Ann OLNEY, Charlotteville. Wit: Philander Bagley, Duncan Walsh.

Pg 69, 1847

Jan. 25 Augustus THOMAS, Charlotteville to Esther Ann FAYETTE, Charlotteville. Wit: Francis Ryerse, Philander Bagley.

Mar. 10 George MABEE, Charlotteville to Dilla GIBERSON?, Charlotteville. Wit: John Troyer, James Thompson

Mar. 28 Robert Bradshaw SMITH, Norwich to Claricy HAIN, Norwich. Wit: Benjamin Haley, Barnabus Austin.

April 4 John THOMPSON, Charlotteville to Mary Jane COLWELL, Charlotteville. Wit: James Ryerse, Philander Bagley.

April 22 Edmon GILBERT, Woodhouse to Harriet Mary SMITH, Woodhouse. Wit: William Mann, Philander Bagley.


May 12 Anthony GLOVER, Charlotteville to Alivra KERN, Charlotteville. Wit: Charles Beaupre, Thomas Clarke.

Pg 70 1847

June 11 Peter FINCH, Charlotteville to Mary MCCALL, Charlotteville. Wit: Daniel Farnham, Preserved McCall.

July 22 George Rese OAKES, Charlotteville, to Mary Jane BATES, Walpole. Wit: Christopher Youmans, Uriah Corlis.

Nov. 28 Robert JOHNSON, Woodhouse to Adelia KIMBLE, Woodhouse. Wit: Henry Brown, John Kimble.

Dec. 15 Edwin Franklin SCHOOLEY, Norwich to Jerusha QUARTERMAS, Norwich. Wit: Dewit Woodward, Sylvester Harris

pg 79 1848

Jan. 2 Phillip FRAY, Charlotteville to Margaret JACKSON, Charlotteville. Wit: George Bowen, Maria Ryerse.

Jan. 10 Edmond SMITH, Charlotteville to Margaret CHATTERTON, Charlotteville. Wit: John Helmer, Solomon Chatterton.

Jan. 27 John MARTLAND, Townsend to Mary Ann BEACHAM, Woodhouse. Wit: James Graham, Solomon Walker.

Feb. 3 Thirmes TEEPLE, Charlotteville to Caroline BROWN, Charlotteville. Wit: Alexander Teeple, Abraham Smith.

April 19 Solomon CHATTERTON, Charlotteville to Hannah MORRIS, Charlotteville. Wit: Thomas Simpson, Charles Galino.

May 24 Edward FOSTER, Walsingham to Amanda MILLARD, Walsingham . Wit: J. Lemon, John Becker.

June 12 John POTTER, Charlotteville to Catherine CHATTERTON, Charlotteville. Wit: Maria Ryerse, Solomon Chatterton.

June 13 John BROWN, Charlotteville to Elizabeth PRETTY, Charlotteville. Wit: John McCall, John Thorlby.

July 19 Alexander THOMPSON, Walsingham to Harriet AUGER, Walsingham . Wit: Philander Bagley, Francis Ryerse.

Oct. 21 James LUCAS, Charlotteville to Margaret COPE, Charlotteville. Wit: John & Frances Kough.

Nov. 29 William KNOLE, Malahide to Mary MCFUNE (McFaul?), Malahide. Wit: William Teeple, John Smith

Pg 89 1849

Jan. 7 Edward DANTON, Woodhouse to Margaret MCCUEL, Woodhouse. Wit: Philandon Bagley, Edwin Gilbert.

Feb. 1 John ANDERSON, Charlotteville to Ellen BAYMOND, Charlotteville. Wit: Henry Lamport, David Clark.

Feb. 6 Judson STILLWELL, Walsingham to Mary Ann BROWN, Walsingham. Wit: Robert Stillwell, Josiah Brown.

Mar 6 John AUSTIN, Woodhouse to Maria RYERSE, Woodhouse. Wit: Robert Shearer, Edwin Gilbert.

April 11 James HAYES, Charlotteville to Margaret WELLS, Charlotteville. Wit: David Shearer, Abram Duncan.

June 30 Neil T. MCDONNELL, Woodhouse to Ann DOGOLIN, Woodhouse. Wit: Henry Saltgiver, Francis Ryerse.

Nov. 7 Lewis HEATH, Townsend to Sarah CHAMBERLAIN, Woodhouse. Wit: Calvin Scayer, Isaac Ryerse.

Nov. 12 Levi KERN, Charlotteville to Roxy COOK, Charlotteville. Wit: Edward Kern, Charles Beaupre.

Dec. 30 Acquilla MILLARD, Townsend to Elizabeth Ann FETTY, Townsend. Wit: Peter & Mary Millard.

Dec. 31 George HELMER, Charlotteville to Susan TOLEN, Charlotteville. Wit: William Helmer, William Wells

pg 100, 1850 Note: Not all residences recorded.

Jan. 7 Wilson WELLS, Charlotteville to Betsey HELMER, Charlotteville. Wit: Francis Ryerse, William Helmer.

Jan. 7 Peter P. CLEMENS, Charlotteville to Mary Jane SIMONS, Charlotteville. Wit: Harmon Ryckman, Abraham Simons.

Jan. 7 Stephen SIMONS, Charlotteville to Elizabeth LYNN, Walsingham. Wit: Harman Ryckman, Abraham Simons.

Jan. 10 John HORN, Woodhouse to Margaret LOWRIE, Woodhouse. Wit: John & Peter Lowrie.

Jan. 13 John Martin SHAW, Townsend to Mary Jane TREADWELL, Townsend. Wit: Robert Young, Samuel Levitt.

Jan. 31 Philander G. BAGLEY, Woodhouse to Clarissa MANDAVILLE, Woodhouse. Wit: John Austin, Francis Ryerse.

Jan. 31 Augustus SMITH, Woodhouse to Irena CANICE (CARRILL?), Woodhouse. Wit: Edwin Gilbert, Levi Eames.

Pg 101, 1850

Mar 7 William FURLONG, Woodhouse to Jennie Ellen KNIFFEN, Woodhouse. Wit: Levi Boughner, John Newberry.

Mar 25 John BUTLER, Woodhouse to Elizabeth CULVER, Woodhouse. Wit: William Rushing, Isaac Decow.

May 8 John DUNCAN to Sarah SIMON. Wit: James Duncan, Jane Shaw.

June 25 Alanson WOOD to Azoletta FAIRCHILD. Wit: William Kanoff, Simeon Lee.

July 14 Alexander MCINTOSH to Sarah Ann LAMKINS. Wit: Levi Lamkins, Duncan McIntosh.

Aug 7 Francis MANN to Phebe MATTHEWS. Wit: Joseph Mann, George Dickson.

Nov. 13 John J. LONG to Mary Margaret STILLWELL. Wit: James Alwood (Atwood?), John McLane.

Nov. 12 Robert Murray STILLWELL to Elizabeth DENNER (DERMER?). Wit: James Alwood, John McLane.

Nov. 4 Hiram SCHUYLER, to Nancy Jane KITCHEN. Wit: Samuel & William Culver.

Nov. 26 Chancy YERINGTON to Phebe Jane BALDWIN. Wit: Henry & George Baldwin.

Dec. 25 James CROCKET, to Elizabeth MAYBEE. Wit: Mathias Jackson, Landrine Maybee.

Dec. 25 John F. KIMBLE to Celia Ann MCDONALD. Wit: Joseph & William Oakes.

Pg 110, 1851

Jan. 7 Arthur Wellsley RYERSON, Woodhouse to Julia Ann MARKS, Woodhouse. Wit: Edward Ryerse, Ephraim Tisdale.

Jan. 8 William MCDONNELL, Charlotteville to Emma Amelia JEWELL, Charlotteville. Wit: William Mois, Abraham Jewell.

Jan. 29 David BAUMWART?, Charlotteville to Mary BROWN, Charlotteville. Wit: Henry Baumwart, Samuel Potts.

Feb. 18 William MAYNARD, Charlotteville to Lydia Angeline WOOD, Charlotteville. Wit: John Brown, Joseph Pinkham.

Oct. 7 Andrew HELMER, Charlotteville to Rodah TOLEN?, Charlotteville. Wit: John Helmer, Samuel Greenly.

Oct. 12 John THOMPSON, Charlotteville to Sarah Maria JOHNSON, Charlotteville. Wit: Lewis Ryerse, Susan Chamberlain.

Oct. 21 Samuel COMBS, Charlotteville to Harriet JONES, Charlotteville. Wit: Abraham Smith, George Jones

Nov. 6 Thomas CLUNAS, Malahide to Mary Jane GILBERT, Woodhouse. Wit: Charles & Rowland Gilbert.

Dec. 21 Jacob CHAPMAN, Woodhouse to Matilda BOUGHNER, Woodhouse. Wit: William Chapman, Sheler Boughner

George Bell, Presbyterian Church

pg 85, 1849

Jan. 17 Aquila BLAYNEY, farmer, Charlotteville to Mary COWAN, Charlotteville.

Aug. 17 John LOWE, civil engineer, Toronto to Eliza TAYLOR, Vittoria.

Pg 86, 1849

Nov. 14 Richard William RAPELJE, gentleman, Charlotteville to Henrietta Rudhard Clark MCINNES.

Dec. 20 William MORGAN, saddler, Simcoe to Harriet LLOYD, Simcoe.

Pg 98, 1850

April 2 Charles PARKER, Charlotteville to Eliza HILL, Woodhouse.

April 17 George Thomas WOOD, Windham to Amerilla CAMPBELL, Louth.

June 18 Thomas ROSLING, Woodhouse to Eliza Ann DENNING, Woodhouse.

June 22 Andrew Charles BRUCE, Dumfries to Abigail BARKER, Windham.

Oct. 28 Andrew ADAMS, Woodhouse to Margaret MADDEN, Woodhouse

Pg 109, 1851

Mar 8 Peter MCKAY, Woodhouse to Jane CLARKE, Woodhouse.

Mar 26 Alexander TURNBULL, Middleton to Agnes PURVIS, Woodhouse.

April 30 Richard LETTERMAN, Woodhouse to Agness WEATHERLY, Woodhouse.

May 15 Benjamin Samuel MORRILL, Boston Mass. to Sarah Barnes GIBBS, Woodhouse.

Nov. 15 Jesse KING, Charlotteville to Margaret JAMES, Charlotteville


Rev. Heman Fitch, Baptist Church

pg 99, 1850

Jan 8 William H. MYRES, Walsingham to Elizabeth BROWN, Walsingham. Wit: Abraham Countryman, Jane Dedrick.

Mar 30 William JAGO Walsingham to Hannah FLETCHER, Walsingham. Wit: Abigail & Moses Fletcher.

Mar 21 Frederick LAFORTUNE, Walsingham to Hannah BACKHOUSE, Walsingham. Wit: John Stearns, Thomas Backhouse.

April 28 John MARLATTE, Walsingham to Hannah UNDERHILL, Walsingham. Wit: Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Underhill.

June 9 Isaiah BEEKEN, Walsingham to Betsey Ann FOSTER, Walsingham. Wit: Jacob Procuniere, Isaac Foster.

June 25 Thomas TRICKET, Walsingham to Mary BROWN, Walsingham. Wit: John Tricket, Josiah Brown.

July 7 Conrad BRANDO, Walsingham to Sarah Mariah UNDERHILL, Walsingham. Wit: William Rodway, William Underhill.

Aug 1 John BARKER, Walsingham to Elizabeth LUTS, Walsingham. Wit: Rich. Richardson, Miss Eliza Richardson.

Aug 14 Peter CRUISE, Walsingham to Mary Ann HOLSTEAD, Walsingham. Wit: Ephraim & Malinda Layman.

Oct. 15 John DAVIS, Walsingham to Mary B. SMITH, Walsingham. Wit: Thomas Backhouse, Benjamin Killmaster.

Oct. 23 William RODGERS, Yarmouth to Miriam L. CAUGHILL, Houghton. Wit: Fred. Sovereign, David Coughill.

Oct 27 Philip BOWK?, Walsingham to Caroline BROWN, Walsingham. Wit: John Harris, Amanda Fitch.

Oct. 27 Philip LIGHT, Walsingham to Mary Ann CHAMBERS, Walsingham. Wit: Jona Swarts, James Rodwell.

Oct. 27 John SMITH, Walsingham to Mary Ann BATCHER (Butcher?), Walsingham. Wit: Daniel Smith, W. Dergy.

Nov. 5 Daniel SHOEMAKER, Walsingham to Eliza MORRISON, Walsingham. Wit: Oliver Franklin, James Morrison.

Dec. 25 Abraham COUNTRYMAN, Walsingham to Jane DEDRICK, Walsingham. Wit: L. Hollingwood, William Dedrick


Rev. Henry Cunningham, Baptist Church

Pg 14, 1840

Sept. 26 Richard KITCHEN, Townsend, to Elizabeth CLOUSE, Townsend. Wit: Richard Robinson, Samuel Culver.

Dec. 10 Abial FOISCHILE (Fairchild?), Townsend, to Louisa (Lorisa?) SMITH, Townsend. Wit: Abram Nellis, Benjamin Haviland.

Pg 18, 1841

Jan. 17 Samuel HOOVER, Rainham, to Harriot HOLMS, Rainham. Wit: Silas Jagor, Asher Holms (Holmes?).

Jan. 13 Philip MCCOOL, Townsend, to Fanny TOWNSEND, Townsend. Wit; Mich. & John Townsend.

Jan. 13 Asher HOLMS, Rainham to Mary WEBBER, Rainham. Wit: Samuel Holms, Peter Cunningham.

Feb. 11 John GREEN, Townsend to Ephuma MASSECAR, Townsend. Wit: Mary Cunningham, Levi Massecar.

Mar. 7 Lawrence LEFLER, Townsend to Angeline SAINE, Townsend. Wit: Henry B???, William Vanloon

Mar. 14 B. CUMMINGHAM, Oakland, to Mary Ann SMITH, Oakland. Wit: George Cunningham, D. Smith.

April 6 Rev. S. MCCONNAL, Townsend to Margaret GODFRY, Townsend. Wit: Martin Robins, Abraham Barber.

April 20 Archibald MCCOOL, Townsend to Jane CHRISLER, Townsend. Wit: Avaldo Omstead, Henry Barber.

June 1 Ira BARBER, Townsend, to Mary Ann WOODLY, Townsend. Wit: Henry & Abram Barber.

Oct. 20 Orson HAGHT, Townsend to Rebecca HONSEN, Townsend. Wit: John & Aaron Parney.

Nov. 2 Walter BOWEN, Townsend to Sarah Ann BIRDSELL, Townsend. Wit: Michael & James Townsend.

Nov. 9 Richard MASSECAR, Townsend to Eliza MASSECAR, Townsend. Wit: Aaron McMichael, Eliza Barber.

 Nov. 22 Moses OMSTEAD, Townsend to Allas MCCORTNEY, Townsend. Wit: Alvada Omstead, Robert Purtill.

Dec. 14 John VAN LOONE Walpole to Charlotte WARREN, Walpole. Wit: Abram Walker, John Burk.

Pg 25, 1841 & 1842

Dec. 25 Aaron PARNEY, Townsend to Nancy MASSACRE, Townsend. Wit: Levi & Henry Massacre

Jan. 11 Elijah TREE, Townsend to Charity BARR, Townsend. Wit: Abram Barber, Solomon Barr.

Feb. 1 William CHAMBEY, Townsend to Sarah WALKER, Townsend. Wit: Caleb Massacre, Peter Cunningham

Date not recorded James H. SMITH, Townsend to Isabella CLINE, Townsend. Wit: Eli Sondy (Londy?), Peter Cline.

May 22 Porvellis/Pawellis WILLIAMS, Brantford to Elizabeth HILL, Brantford. Wit: Levi Turkey, Samuel Swain.

June 5 Martin SILVER, Brantford to Catherine SISCOME (Liscomb?), Brantford. Wit: John Burk, Peter Cunningham.

June 9 John WOODLEY, Walpole to Mary VANLOONE, Walpole. Wit: John & Isaac Vanloone.

May 22 John TAGGART, Townsend to Lucinna/Luciana HAZELTON, Townsend. Wit: Samuel Taggart, William Walker.

Pg 25, 1843: Jan. 5 Samuel MATHEWS, Townsend to Amanda SLAGHT, Townsend. Wit: Abrm. & John Slaght.


James Booth, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 71, 1847

Aug. 17 William COBURN, yeoman, Howard to Mary A. CARD, Middleton. Wit: Mary & Isaac Card.

Sept. 6 Adolphus WILLIAMS, farmer, Woodhouse to Cynthia A. ANDERSON, Woodhouse. Wit: Joseph Carpenter, Samuel Decow.

Sept. 22 Peter WOOLEY, yeoman, Woodhouse to Mary PETIT, Woodhouse. Wit: David Sterling, Philip Petit.

Sept. 26 Louis DEAN, yeoman, Oxford to Hannah HAGLE, Dereham. Wit: John Carpenter, David Sterling.

Oct. 2 Paul WOODWARD, yeoman, Walsingham to Matilda BROWN, Walsingham. Wit: Thomas Huntley, Elizabeth Booth.

Oct. 13 Levi Louis DOUGLASS, yeoman, Woodhouse to Esther WHEELER, Woodhouse. Wit: Levi Douglass, Jacob Lemon Jr.

Oct. 20 George L. DARLING, silversmith, Simcoe to Rebecca WALKER, Woodhouse. Wit: Jacob Lemon Jr, James Walker.

Nov. 3 Marshall B. SPENCE, yeoman, Woodhouse to Elizabeth OLDS, Woodhouse. Wit: Cortland & George Olds.

Nov. 17 Joseph OAKS, carriage maker, Woodhouse to Rachel MOORE, Woodhouse. Wit: P. Bagley, William Moore.

Nov. 26 Oritia M. STERNS, yeoman, Woodhouse to Mary STRATEN, Woodhouse. Wit: Hilber Sterns, Elizabeth Booth.

pg 82 1848

George MATTICE to Deborah STRONGER.

William CASSEDY to Janet PRATT.

William LUCAS to Elizabeth WATERHOUSE.

John BERZEE (Brezee?) to Caroline OWEN.


J. Marr,  Congregational Church

Pg 26, 1842

May 7 James BUTLER, Woodhouse to Mary Ann POST, Woodhouse. Wit: Walter Sutherland, Cornelius Van Slyck.

May 16 Samuel BIRTREL?, Woodhouse to Elizabeth WELCH, Woodhouse. Wit: George McGill?, Samuel H. Ryerson.

June 22 William MORICK, Woodhouse to Ann BAGLY, Woodhouse. Wit: R. Walker, L. Pegg.

June 30 Michael C. FLANAGAN, Toronto to Susan VARNS, Toronto. Wit: L. King, A. Balch?

July 14 John DECOW, Woodhouse to Catherine DAVIS, Woodhouse. Wit: J. W. Hewet?, R. Davis.

Aug. 23 Peter LAWIE (Laurie?), Woodhouse to Elizabeth FIFIELD, Woodhouse. Wit: J. & L. Lawie.

Dec. 5 George MCGILL, Woodhouse to Sarah MCMICHAEL, Woodhouse. Wit: J. McGill, illegible.

Dec. 24 Michael DEMAURIE, Woodhouse to Susan LINE, Woodhouse. Wit: A. & J. Sinclair.

Dec. 30 Edward BAZZAE (BAZZA? BUZZA?), Woodhouse to Margaret A. GILLIS, Woodhouse. Wit: J. Lochead, William Furlary?

Pg 26, 1843

Feb. 2 Jacob LEMON, Woodhouse to Margaret AUSTIN, Woodhouse. Wit: Moses & Philip Austin.

Feb. 8 John JAMESON, Woodhouse to Mary MICHAEL, Woodhouse. Wit: John Horn, William Shaw.

Mar. 8 Henry MCSWAIN, Woodhouse to Sarah COPE, Walsingham. Wit: Abraham Browde?, Frederick Cope.

Mar. 20 George CILAS, Woodhouse to Mary MATHEWS, Woodhouse. Wit: F. W. Hazon, F. Mathews.

Pg 38, 1843 & 1844

Sept. 28 Calvin Jewitt LADD, Delaware to Lydia LAWSON, Yarmouth. Peter Lawson.

Nov. 10 John MCBRIDE, Woodhouse to Mary Ann MEAD, Woodhouse. Wit: William McBride, Robert Marr.

Mar. 9 John BROOKS, Woodhouse to Sarah Matilda MANN, Woodhouse. Wit: Lewis & Nathan Mann.

Mar. 25 John LITTLE, Woodhouse to Mary REID, Woodhouse. Wit: Robert Clay, Jas. Illegible.

July 11 Asumah WOODWARD, Woodhouse to Mary Ann TUSARN?, Woodhouse. Cath. Man, S. Vanslyke.

July 25 Jonas CHAMBERLAIN, Woodhouse to Elizabeth DENNIS, Woodhouse. Wit: John & Mary Shaw.


Rev. J. Tufford, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 103, 1850

Feb. 27 Lewis Ambrose COLE, Brantford to Elizabeth SLAUGHT, Townsend. Wit: John & Jane Teaker.

Aug. 4 Moses TWADLING (SWADLING?), East Oxford to (wife’s name not recorded), East Oxford. Wit: John Kennedy, Philip Martin.

Dec. 4 John BURNS, Toronto to Jane Thompson PEAKER, Townsend. Wit: John Vanderlip, Mary Ann Peaker


James Goble, Baptist Church

Pg. 1, 1837

Oct. 15 Henry DELL, Woodhouse, to Nancy DUCHMIN, Woodhouse. Wit: William Craik, Ann Brown.

Pg 1, 1838

Jan. 14 David SOVEREEN, Woodhouse, to Sara Ann BOWLBY (BOWLSBY?), Woodhouse. Wit: Foster Langs, Christia C. Boss.

April 1 Nelson POTTS, Townsend, to Polly MASSECAR, Townsend. Wit: William Potts, George Wymer.

April 2 Lester FORBES, Townsend, to Ann SMITH, Townsend. Wit: Oliver Smith Sr., Oliver Smith Jr.

April 15 George W. GOBLE, Townsend, to Caroline N. EGGLESTON, Townsend. Wit: Joseph McCool, Sally A. Eggleston.

April 15 Nelson VASTBINDER, Windham, to Carlista COLVER, Windham. Wit: Uriah Pettit, Mary Youngs.

Aug. 12 John LEFLER, Townsend, to Sarah NICHOL, Townsend. Wit: Robert & Nelson Colver.

Pg 8, 1839

Jan. 9 William H. LANDON, Oxford, to Emery STEINHOFF, Woodhouse. Wit: William Burtch, Amanda M. Bostwick.

May 25 Anthony SOVEREEN, Windham, to Mary MATHEWS, Windham. Wit: Samuel & Timothy Mathews.

June 2 Lewis LANGS, Windham, to Hannah FORCE, Windham. Wit: John Vanderlip, Maria L. Holmes.

Sept. 15 George CLOUSE, Townsend, to Cath. J. LOVE, Townsend. Wit: Lewis Massacer, Levi P. Love.

Sept. 29 Benjamin FLEWELLING, Townsend, to Emmaline ROBIN, Townsend. Wit: Susan Flewelling, Joseph McCool.

Pg 14, 1839

Oct. 28 Joseph MCCOOL, Townsend, to Susan FLEWELLING, Emerson?. Wit: Emaline & Benjamin Flewelling.

Nov. 17 Bennet YOUNG, Townsend, to Zelica POWEL (Powell?), Townsend. Wit: Edwin Potts, Rebecca Powel.

Nov. 20 Thomas ROACH, Townsend, to Juliann HALL, Townsend. Wit: William Redkin, John Barton.

Pg 14, 1840

Feb. 5 Adam WYMER, Townsend, to Catherine CHAMBERS, Townsend. Wit: Caleb Messacer, Rebecca Merril.

Mar. 10 William BEAMER, Townsend, to Catherine WESTBROOK, Brantford. Wit: Abraham Hamond, Leany Westbrook.

Mar. 22 Ezekiel F. LANGS, Windham, to Mariah HOLMES, Windham. Wit: Duncan Campbell, Polly Cook.

Pg 17, 1840

Nov. 11 Ebenezer BASS, Townsend, to Susan MERITT, Townsend. Wit: Louis Meritt, Joseph Alderson Meritt.

Dec. 8 Peter SWEARS, Townsend to Eliza Jane HONEY, Townsend. Wit: Zalman A. Destrow, Darrel Lefler.

Dec. 24 William CHAMBERS, Brantford to Mary Ann HART, Brantford. Wit: James Chambers, Eliz. Hamel.

Pg 17, 1841

June 27 Benjamin SWEARS, Blenheim, to Mary HARP, Blenheim. Wit: Peter Swears, W. L. Goble.

Sept. 26 Alfred LANGS, Townsend, to Rebecca KITCHEN, Townsend. Wit: Samuel Watts, Lewis Handy.

Pg 23, 1841 & 1842

Dec. 21 Ralph WAKER (Walker?), Townsend to Sarah A. SLAGHT, Townsend. Wit: Lizana Lewis, Aaron Slaght.

Feb. 2 Hugh SLAGHT, Townsend to Eunice KELLEM, Townsend. Wit: Ursula Phelps, John Kellum.

Pg 24, 1842

Feb. 27 William P. WILSON, Simcoe to Elizabeth SACKRIDER, Norwich. Wit: John Wilson, Julia Ann McAvoy.

Mar. 1 Charles WILCOX, Townsend to Catherine SMITH, Townsend. Wit: Lydia Wilcox, Uriah Pettit.

Mar. 23 Lewis BOWLBY, Woodhouse to Mary Ann DOUGLASS, Woodhouse. Wit: Harriet Beamer, Robert Douglass.

April 14 William APPLEFORD, Woodhouse to Sarah COLLVAR, Townsend. Wit: Uriah Pettit, George Carpenter.

April 16 Lewis MASSACAR, Townsend to Harriet COLLVAR, Townsend. Wit: Amanda Massacar, Uriah Pettit.

July 18 William L. JONES, Louth to Elizabeth M. SMITH, Oakland. Wit: Lewey & Merinda McIntyre.

Aug. 21 James BENT, Townsend to Sydney LEWIS, Townsend. Wit: Samuel Kenlley, Lizana Lewis.

Aug. 30 Gabriel COLLVER, Townsend to Martha Jane COLLVAR, Townsend. Wit: James Collvar, Esther White. 

Pg 33, 1842 & 1843

Dec. 28 Moses MCSWAIN, Woodhouse to Cynthia BOSS, Woodhouse. Wit: Henry McSwain, Ursida Boss.

Feb. 26 Eisha FERGUSON, Windham to Jane BURLEY, Windham. Wit: Elijah Ferguson, Margaret Greaves.

May 25 William S. GREEN, Townsend to Mary GROOVER, Townsend. Wit: Job L. Hyde, Arivilla Messacar.

July 9 Uriah PETTIT, Townsend to Harriet PARK, Townsend. Wit: Josh. Merritt, Margaret Hare.

July 30 Jonn. AUSTIN, Jr., Woodhouse to Harriet BEAMER, Townsend. Wit: Angeline Culver, Levi Beamer.

Aug. 6 David AUSTIN, Woodhouse to Sarah SIMS, Woodhouse. Wit: Robert Walker, Rachel Cunningham.

Aug. 17 Elisha MATHER, Woodhouse to Minerva Ann DEVALL, Woodhouse. Wit: Jacob Goble Jr., John Goble.

June 18 Levit BEEL, Townsend to Mary Ann SMITH, Charlotteville. Wit: Leonard & Sarah Sovereen.

Pg 47, 1845

April 2 William CHUTE, Windham to Margaret GLOVER, Windham. Wit: Emeline Stuart, Jacob Glover.

April 2 Joseph GLOVER, Windham to Ellen STOCKFORD, Windham. Wit: John Misner, Hannah Beamer.

April 13 Moses MANSFIELD, Houghton to Christiana SOVEREEN, Townsend. Wit: David Beal, Hannah Smith.

April 30 Allen VENSLEY/VURSLEY, Townsend to Eliza CLOUSE, Townsend. Wit: Jane Bacon, Jacob Goble Jr.

April 30 Baxter COULSON, Townsend to Sarah M. CUMBER, Townsend. Wit: Barnie Bacon, Lorain Eggleston.

May 6 John MUMA/MUNRO, Windham to Hannah BEAMER, Townsend. Wit: Joseph & Ellen Glover.

Pg 48, 1845

May 20 Archibald THOMS, Woodhouse to Mary MERRELL, Woodhouse. Wit: J. Powell, Daniel McSwain.

Pg 55, 1846

Feb. 4 Lewis SOVEREIGN, laborer, Townsend to Unice MATTHEWS, Townsend. Wit: John Monroe, Charlotte Lefler.

pg 72, 1847

June 15 Aaron P. BUCKBEE, farmer, Grimsby to Martha Jane NELSON, Grimsby. Wit: James Buckbee, Moses A. Nelson.

Dec. 6 Aaron MCCOMBS, farmer, Cayuga to Julia Ann JOHNSON, Cayuga. Wit: Duncomb Campbell, Chester Johnson.

Dec. 22 Elijah BICKFORD, shoemaker, Townsend to Emily HARMON, Townsend. Wit: William Walker, Squire L. Corlis.

pg 86, 1849

Jan. 21 Nelson CRASS, farmer, Townsend to Margaret SINCLAIR, Townsend. Wit: Thomas Clark, Elizabeth Sinclair.

Mar 29 Christopher TROTTIER, farmer, Trafalger to Barbara BURNS, Townsend. Wit: David Almost, Aaron Walker.

Sept. 16 John P. GOBLE, farmer, Townsend to Emily SMITH, Townsend. Wit: Jane Stafford, Abel Smith.

Pg 103, 1850

Aug. 11 Joel WINTER, Townsend to Mary Malvina WOODBECK, Townsend. Wit: Eber Decow, James Doan.

Aug. 11 Thomas SIMSON, Townsend to Catherine LOVELACE, Townsend. Wit: James Doan, Thomas Jackson


Rev. Jacob Vanloon, Baptist Church

pg 53, 1845

Mar. 23 David OSBORN, Walsingham to Margaret HARRIS, Walsingham. Wit: Alfred Green, Charles Osterbrook.

Mar. 30 John CHESTERMAN, Walsingham to Nancy BAKER, Walsingham. Wit: Isaac & Henry Baker.

April 15 Bernice FRALIC (Fralick?), Walsingham to Rebecca FINCH, Walsingham. Wit: Philip ??, Chancy Finch.

May 10 Philip HITCHCOCK, Walsingham to Margaret BRANDO, Walsingham. Wit: Allen Fisher, Isaiah Fisher.

June 1 William BENSON, Walsingham to Catherine A. PROCUNIER, Walsingham. Wit: Eli Louks, Isaac Procunier.

Pg 53, 1846

Mar. 5 Peter PROCUNIER, Walsingham to Elizabeth BEAUMONT, Walsingham. Wit: J. Procunier, Alfred Green.

pg 62, 1846

Jan. 14 John William ROBERTSON, Dunn to Elizabeth MCDONALD, Dun. Wit: Robert Pitts, Alexander McDonald.

Mar. 30 Isaac CULP, Clinton to Anna CULP, Cayuga. Wit: Daniel & John Hansbury.

Aug. 11 Jacob CULP, Walpole to Eliza ROBERTSON, Townsend. Wit: William Lute, Oliver Slaght.

Pg 75, 1847

July 3 James BLOTT, Dunn to Elizabeth PHILLIMORE, Rainham. Wit: Jonas Overholt, William Phillimore.

Sept. 19 Peter STEEL, Walpole to Ellen CADOGEN, Walpole. Wit: Christian Knisely, John Hoover.

Oct. 2 Joseph LAVINE, Rainham to Mary A. DEAN, Walpole. Wit: George Lavine, George Dean.

Nov. 1 James FRANKLIN, Rainham to Jane COOPER, Walpole. Wit: John Franklin, Lewis Robitoy.

Pg 75, 1848

Jan. 9 Abraham DICKOUT, Cayuga to Frances DELARE, Cayuga. Wit: John Gifford, Boswell Delare.

Jan. 11 Daniel BLOCKER, Rainham to Lana RUT, Rainham. Wit: Arad Fezenden, Fred Widrick.

Mar. 27 William DASHWOOD, Cayuga to Leah BERZEE, Cayuga. Wit: Daniel Garber, John Berzee.

Mar. 28 Bomherd WIDRICK, Rainham to Ann DRINKWATER, Rainham. Wit: Tillman Try, James Jones.

April 6 Alexander MCDONALD, Walpole, to Ann BIERS, Walpole. Wit: David Wedgewood, David Biers.

April 8 William ANTHONY, Walpole to Ann GATES, Walpole. Wit: William Wood, Emma Gates.

April 13 George HARTWICK, Cayuga to Mary DOAN, Cayuga. Wit: Frederick Widrick, Valentine Doan.

May 3 Jesse DORSE, Rainham to Elizabeth NULL, Rainham. Wit: John Hyke, Christian Fite.

June 8 Joseph R. BROWN, Dunn to Sarah KELLOGG, Dunn. Wit: John Brown, Hudson Kellogg.

Pg 80 1848

Feb. 1 Alexander LYMBURNER, Canboro to Nancy MCLAUGHLIN, Canboro. Wit: Henry Melick, Henry McLaughlin.

Feb. 1 John Nelson DOAN, Canboro to Elizabeth MCLAUGHLIN, Canboro. Wit: Henry Melick, Henry McLaughlin.

Pg 80, 1849

Jan. 24 Peter LYMBURNER, Canboro to Harriet SUTHERLAND, Canboro. Wit: Alexander Lymbruner, Harley Hamilton Farr.

Jan. 25 Harley Hamilton FARR, Canboro to Elizabeth LYMBURNER, Canboro. Wit: Peter & Alexander Lymbruner

Pg 85 1848

Nov. 28 Lemon VASTBINDER to Mary ANGER. Wit: Maxwell Gifford, Mark Fenn.

Dec. 26 Jacob ORMY to Mary SOPER. Wit: Root Winslow, Henry Culp, J. Kindrick (Kendrick?).

Pg 85, 1849

Jan. 2 Isaac CULP to Elizabeth SMITH. Wit: Henry Culp, J. Kindrick.

Jan. 7 Detrick HOOVER to Catherine SHERK. Wit: L. Ellsworth, J. Timmerman.

March 17 Maxwell GIFFORD to Margaret HOOVER. Wit: J. Robison, Peter Anger.

March 17 Mark SAN to Susan HOUSER. Wit: J. Robison, Peter Anger.

April 8 Gerald FITZGERALD to Ann C. LUMIS. Wit: A. Fezenden, J. File.

May 29 John A. RIKETT/RIHETT to Eliza CULVER. Wit: M. Miller, J. Culver.

Nov. 8 Ransom CULVER to Louisa BARBER. Wit: D. Culver, J. Bostwick.

Nov. 28 Francis MARKLE to Rosanna VERMELYA (Vermelyea?). Wit: H. Beal, J. Vermelya

Pg. 91 1849

May 8 Mathies YEAGER, Cayuga to Margaret WALKER, Cayuga. Wit: William Dashwood, John Holmes.

June 11 John GARDNER, Rainham to Mary STEWART, Rainham. Wit: Benjamin & Michael Stewart.

June 17 Amos ALBRIGHT, Cayuga to Elizabeth NASH, Cayuga. Wit: James Hodgekins, Abraham Wardell.

Sept. 5 David SMITH, Canboro to Rachel MELICK, Canboro. Wit: Henry & Peter Melick.

Sept. 11 Landrous ELSWORTH, Rainham to Anna LIMERMAN (Simmerman?), Rainham. Wit: Dilman Fay, Jacob File.

Sept. 11 Israel DOAN, Walpole to Maria BOYER, Walpole. Wit: Arad Fesenden, Alexander McDonald.

Sept. 25 Henry NIGH, Cayuga to Sophia Jane RUSSELL, Cayuga. Wit: Philip & Andrew Wilson.

Date?,  William ROBERTS, Niagara to Dorothy FITZGERALD, Niagara. Wit: George Webster, George Carson.

Jacob Rainham

pg 49, 1845

Mar. 1 Christian SUNDBY, Gainsboro to Catherine BARROW, Rainham. Wit: Nicholas Snyder, Jacob Cline.

Mar. 16 John MORE, Cayuga to Magdalene STOUSER/HOUSER, Rainham. Wit: Lewis Delet, Russel Delard.

April 29 Douglas PRICE, Rainham to Jane MCLAUGHLEN, Rainham. Wit: George Price, Thomas Vanloon.

May 29 Peter MILLER, Rainham to Cimentha STEWART, Rainham. Wit: Michael Miller, John Mesley.

May 8 John VANLOON, Walpole to Elizabeth SHOOK, Walpole. Wit: James & William Vanloon.

July 29 Robert CRAWFORD, Ducan? to Matilda RICHARDS, Molton. Wit: William & Richard McDonald.

July 29 William MONTONIA?, Molton to Catherine VANDEKEY/VANDEBEY, Molton. Wit: William & Richard McDonald.

Nov. 11 Thomas VANLOON, Rainham to Elizabeth WARDELL, Rainham. Wit: Abraham & Solomon Wardell.

Nov. 17 Isaac YOUNGLOVE, Molton to Martha FOREMAN, Rainham. Wit: William Younglove, Henry Fite.

Nov. 17 Abraham MILLER, Molton to Sarah Ann YOUNGLOVE, Molton. Wit: Henry Fite & William Younglove.

Dec. 18 Job MATHEWS, Dun to Caroline B. BARNET, Dun. Wit: John Moutons, John Constable.