Fox Family Genealogy

Fox Family

                          Generation One

1.  Thomas Fox; m. Ellen; b. circa 1608; m. Elizabeth 25 Apr 1683; 2nd
husband; m. Rebecca 16 Dec 1685; 2nd husband; d. 25 Apr 1693.

     Ellen married Percival Green. She died on 27 May 1682.
     Known children of Thomas Fox and Ellen were:
     2.          i. Rev. Jabez Fox, m. Judith Rayner; b. 1647 at
                    Concord, MA.

     Elizabeth was born circa 1614. She married Charles Chadwick; 1st
husband. She died in 1685.

     Rebecca married ___ Wyeth; 1st husband.

                          Generation Two

2.  Rev. Jabez Fox (Thomas1); m. Judith Rayner, daughter of Rev. John
Rayner and Frances Clark; bur. at Woburn, MA; b. 1647 at Concord, MA;
d. 26 Feb 1702 at Boston, MA.
     He resided at Woburn, MA.

     Judith Rayner married Col. Jonathan Tyng, son of Col. Edward Tyng
and Mary Sears, either 1722 or 1723. She died on 5 Jun 1736.
     Known children of Rev. Jabez Fox and Judith Rayner all b. at
Woburn, MA, were as follows:
     3.          i. Rev. John Fox, b. 16 May 1678; m. Mary Tyng.
                ii. Thomas Fox; b. 6 Nov 1680.
               iii. Thomas Fox; b. 13 Nov 1681.
                iv. Jabez Fox; b. 2 Dec 1684; m. Hannah Burroughs,
                    daughter of Rev. George Burroughs, 8 Mar 1705.
                 v. Judith Fox; b. 19 Jun 1690; d. 1703.

                          Generation Three

3.  Rev. John Fox (Jabez2, Thomas1); b. 16 May 1678 at Woburn, MA; m.
Mary Tyng, daughter of Col. Edward Tyng and Elizabeth Clarke; d. 12
Dec 1756 at age 78.
     He resided at Woburn, MA. He was educated in 1698 at Harvard
College, Cambridge, MA.

     Mary Tyng died in Feb 1765.
     Known children of Rev. John Fox and Mary Tyng were as follows:
                 i. John Fox; b. 13 Feb 1704 at Woburn, MA.
                    He moved to Ireland.
                ii. Jabez Fox; b. 25 Feb 1705 at Woburn, MA; m. Ann
                    Bradbury 1743 at York, ME; m. Ann Hodge Dec 1746;
                    2nd husband; d. 7 Apr 1755 at age 50.
                    He was graduated in 1727 at Harvard College,
                    Cambridge, MA.
     4.        iii. Mary Fox, b. 27 Oct 1706 at Woburn, MA; m. Rev.
                    Habijah Weld.
                iv. Edward Fox; b. 26 Oct 1708 at Woburn, MA; d. at
                    died at sea.
                 v. Thomas Fox; b. 7 Apr 1711 at Woburn, MA.
                    He resided at Boston, MA. He was a goldsmith.
                vi. Judith Fox; b. 10 Aug 1712 at Woburn, MA; m.
                    Nathan Stone 31 Oct 1734.
               vii. Col. Jonathan Fox; b. 26 Mar 1716 at
                    Massachusetts; m. Ruth Carter 1737; d. 17 Apr 1790
                    at Massachusetts at age 74.

                          Generation Four

4.  Mary Fox (John3, Jabez2, Thomas1); b. 27 Oct 1706 at Woburn, MA;
m. Rev. Habijah Weld, son of Rev. Thomas Weld and Mary Savage, 17 Oct
1728 at Woburn, MA; d. 7 Jan 1799 at age 92.
     She resided at Woburn, MA.

     Rev. Habijah Weld was born on 2 Sep 1702 at Dunstable, MA. He was
graduated in 1723 at Harvard College, Cambridge, MA. He resided at
Attleborough, MA. He was a minister at First Church of Christ,
Attleborough, MA. He resided at Martha's Vinyard, MA. He died on 14
May 1782 at Attleborough, MA, at age 79.

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