Perkins Family Genealogy

Perkins Family

                          Generation One

1.  Isaac Perkins; b. 26 Jan 1610/11; m. Susanna circa 1638; d. 13 Nov
1685 at Hampton, NH, at age 74.
     He was a founder of New Hampshire.
     Susanna died in 1699 at New Castle Co., DE.
     Known children of Isaac Perkins and Susanna were as follows:
     2.          i. Lydia Perkins, m. Eliakim Wardell.
                ii. Isaac Perkins; baptized 8 Dec 1639; d. 10 Sep 1661
                    at age 21.
               iii. Jacob Perkins; baptized 24 May 1640; m. Mary
                    Philbrook 30 Dec 1669.
                iv. Rebecca Perkins; m. John Hussey 1 Sep 1659.
                 v. Daniel Perkins; d. 1 Aug 1662.
                vi. Caleb Perkins; m. Bethia Philbrick 24 Apr 1672.
               vii. Benjamin Perkins; b. 12 Feb 1649/50; d. 23 Nov
                    1670 at age 20.
              viii. Susanna Perkins; b. Aug 1652; m. Isaac Buswell 12
                    May 1673; m. William Fuller 29 Jun 1680.
                ix. Hannah Perkins; b. 24 Feb 1655/56; m. James
                    Philbrick Jr. 1 Dec 1674.
                 x. Mary Perkins; b. 23 Jul 1658; m. Lt. Isaac Chase.
                xi. Ebenezer Perkins; b. 9 Dec 1659; m. Mercy.
               xii. Joseph Perkins; b. 9 Apr 1661; m. Martha.

                          Generation Two

2.  Lydia Perkins (Isaac1); m. Eliakim Wardell, son of Thomas Wardell
and Elizabeth, 17 Oct 1659.
     County Court Records for May 1663 say that 'she went naked into
the meeting house at Newbury, for which she was whipped.'
     Eliakim Wardell was born in Nov 1634 at Boston, MA. He was deputy
to the New Jersey Assembly in 1667 at Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ. He
died after 1710 at Burlington Co., NJ.

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