Perkins Family Genealogy

Perkins Family

                     Generation One

1.  Edmund Perkins; m. Susanna Hudson, daughter of Francis Hudson and
Mary, at Boston, MA; d. 1693 at Boston, MA.
     He immigrated circa 1650 to Boston, MA.

     Susanna Hudson was born on 15 Dec 1645. She married John Howlett.
     Known children of Edmund Perkins and Susanna Hudson were:
     2.          i. Edmund Perkins; b. 1683; m. Esther Frothingham; m.
                    Mary Farris.

                     Generation Two

2.  Edmund Perkins (Edmund1); b. 1683; m. Mary Farris 1709; m. Esther
Frothingham; d. 1761.
     He resided at Boston, MA. He was a wood carver.

     Known children of Edmund Perkins and Mary Farris were:
     3.          i. William Perkins, b. 1716; m. Elizabeth Palfrey.

                     Generation Three

3.  William Perkins (Edmund2, Edmund1); b. 1716; m. Elizabeth Palfrey
1741; d. circa 1760 at Boston, MA.
     He resided at Boston, MA.

     Elizabeth Palfrey was born on 11 Nov 1719.
     Known children of William Perkins and Elizabeth Palfrey were:
     4.          i. Col. William Perkins, b. 1742 at Massachusetts; m.
                    Abigail Cox.

                     Generation Four

4.  Col. William Perkins (William3, Edmund2, Edmund1); b. 1742 at
Massachusetts; m. Abigail Cox, daughter of Thomas Cox and Abigail,
1763; d. 27 Oct 1802 at Massachusetts.
     He was a Major during Revolutionary War.

     Abigail Cox was born on 12 Jun 1743 at Boston, MA. She died on 12
Mar 1801 at age 57.
     Known children of Col. William Perkins and Abigail Cox were:
     5.          i. Abigail Perkins, b. 10 Jan 1773; m. Benjamin Weld.

                     Generation Five

5.  Abigail Perkins (William4, William3, Edmund2, Edmund1); b. 10 Jan
1773; m. Benjamin Weld, son of Edward Weld and Hannah Church, 9 Sep
1792 at Boston, MA; d. 20 Jul 1840 at age 67.
     She was also known as Nabby Perkins.

     Benjamin Weld was born on 22 Apr 1758 at Boston, MA. He was
Deputy Collector of Customs at Boston, MA. He died on 14 Mar 1839 at
Brunswick, ME, at age 80.

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