Stovell Family

Generation One

1. John1 Stovell was born in 1807 at England. He married Sarah.
He was a druggist. He was a surgeon/dentist. He may have come from Guilford, Surry, England and may be son of George Stovell
and Elizabeth Caroline Davis. He was naturalized 08 Oct 1844
Sarah was born either 1817 or 1818 at Pennsylvania. She may have been Sarah Brooks.
Known children of John1 Stovell and Sarah were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Sarah Brooks2 Stovell (John1) was born on 31 Oct 1852 at New York; probably Delhi, Delaware Co. She married Theodore Leland Harrison, son of Joseph Harrison Jr. and Sarah Poulterer, on 24 Sep 1874. She died on 17 Dec 1933 at age 81. She was buried on 19 Dec 1933 at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA.
She and Theodore Leland Harrison resided at 'Braebank', Rosemont, Delaware Co., PA.
Theodore Leland Harrison was born on 8 Sep 1849 near Alexandroffsky, Russia. He died on 5 Dec 1933 at age 84. He was buried on 8 Dec 1933 at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA. He was graduated in 1870 at The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

Additional Generations

3. Joseph3 Harrison (Sarah2 Stovell, John1) married Margaretta Sergeant Large.
6. Joseph4 Harrison Jr. (Joseph3, Sarah2 Stovell, John1) married Lucretia Stevens Heckscher.
16. Henrietta Armitt5 Harrison (Joseph4, Joseph3, Sarah2 Stovell, John1) married Julian McIlvaine Marshall.
36. John Randolph6 Marshall (Henrietta5 Harrison, Joseph4, Joseph3, Sarah2 Stovell, John1) married Deborah Lynn Reilly.

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3 - Joseph Harrison

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