Church Family Genealogy

Church Family

                          Generation One

1.  Richard Church; b. 1608 at England; m. Elizabeth Warren, daughter
of Richard Warren and Elizabeth, before 7 Mar 1636/37; d. 26 Dec 1668
at Dedham, MA; d. 27 Dec 1668.
     He was a carpenter. He immigrated in 1630 to Weymouth, MA. He
resided in 1631 at Plymouth, MA. He resided in 1649 at Eastham, MA. He
resided before 1653 at Charlestown, MA. He resided in 1654 at Hingham,

     Elizabeth Warren was born circa 1616 at England. She immigrated
in Jul 1623 to Plymouth, MA; ship 'Ann.' She died on 9 Mar 1669/70 at
Hingham, MA.
     Known children of Richard Church and Elizabeth Warren were as
                 i. Elizabeth Church; d. young.
     2.         ii. Joseph Church, b. circa 1638 at Plymouth, MA; m.
                    Mary Tucker.
     3.        iii. Col. Benjamin Church, b. circa 1640 at Plymouth or
                    Duxbury, MA; m. Alice Southworth.
                iv. Elizabeth Church; b. circa 1636; m. Caleb Hobart
                    20 Jan 1657 at Hingham, MA; d. 3 Feb 1658/59.
                 v. Nathaniel Church; b. circa 1642 at prob. Hingham,
                    MA; m. Sarah Barstow, daughter of William Barstow
                    and Ann, 1665 0r 1666; d. 1688/89.
                    He resided in 1666 at Scituate, MA.
                vi. Caleb Church; b. 1642 at Plymouth, MA; m. Joanna
                    Sprague, daughter of William Sprague and Millicent
                    Eames, 16 Dec 1667 at Hingham, MA; 1st wife; m.
                    Deborah by 2 Jun 1680; 2nd wife; m. Rebecca 6 Nov
                    1691 at Watertown, MA; 3rd wife; d. 1722.
                    He resided at Hingham, MA. He resided circa 1668
                    at Dedham, MA. He resided circa 1677 at Watertown,
               vii. Charles Church; b. circa 1644; d. 30 Oct 1659;
                    killed by the overturning of his cart.
              viii. Richard Church; d. at Plymouth, MA; young.
                ix. Abigail Church; b. 22 Jun 1648 at Plymouth, MA; m.
                    Samuel Thaxter, son of Thomas Thaxter and
                    Elizabeth, 19 Dec 1666 at Hingham, MA; d. 25 Dec
                    1677 at age 29.
                 x. Hannah Church; baptized 8 Aug 1647; m. Josiah
                xi. Mary Church; d. 30 Apr 1662 at Duxbury, MA.
               xii. Sarah Church; b. circa 1652; m. James Burroughs 8
                    Dec 1674 at Hingham, MA.
              xiii. Lydia Church.
               xiv. Priscilla Church; b. 1645; m. Samuel Talbee; 1st
                    husband; m. John Irish May 1708; 2nd husband.
                xv. Deborah Church; b. 1mo 27 1657; baptized 22 Mar
                    1656/57 at Hingham, MA; d. 17 Jan 1690.

                          Generation Two

2.  Joseph Church (Richard1); b. circa 1638 at Plymouth, MA; m. Mary
Tucker, daughter of John Tucker and Ann, 30 Dec 1660 at Hingham, MA;
d. 5 Mar 1711 at Little Compton, RI.
     He and Mary Tucker resided at Little Compton, RI. He was a
carpenter. He left a will on 15 Feb 1711.

     Mary Tucker was baptized on 8 Oct 1640 at Hingham, MA. She died
on 21 Mar 1710 at Little Compton, RI, at age 69.
     Known children of Joseph Church and Mary Tucker include:
                 i. Deborah Church; b. 13 Mar 1676/77 at Hingham, MA;
                    m. Samuel Gray; 1st husband; m. Daniel Throope,
                    son of William Throope and Mary Chapman, 21 Jan
                    1712/13 at Little Compton, RI; 3rd wife, 2nd
                    husband; d. 8 Jun 1752 at Lebanon, CT, at age 75.

3.  Col. Benjamin Church (Richard1); b. circa 1640 at Plymouth or
Duxbury, MA; m. Alice Southworth, daughter of Constant Southworth and
Elizabeth Collier, 26 Dec 1671 at Tiverton, RI; d. 17 Jan 1718 near
Little Compton, RI.
     He and Alice Southworth resided at Duxbury, MA. He and
Alice Southworth resided at Bristol, RI. He resided in 1705 at Little
Compton, RI.

     Alice Southworth was born in 1646. She died on 5 Mar 1718/19 at
Little Compton, RI.
     Known children of Col. Benjamin Church and Alice Southworth were
as follows:
                 i. Thomas Church; b. 1673/74 at Duxbury, MA; m. Sarah
                    Hayman, daughter of Nathaniel Hayman and Elizabeth
                    Allen, 21 Feb 1698; 1st wife; m. Edith Woodman,
                    daughter of John Woodman and Hannah Timberlake, 16
                    Apr 1712; 2nd wife; m. Sarah Horsewell 10 Oct 1719
                    at Hingham, MA; 3rd wife; d. 12 Mar 1746 at Little
                    Compton, RI.
                    He was a carpenter. He left a will at Taunton, MA;
                    recorded 16 Apr 1746.
                ii. Constant Church; b. 12 May 1676 at Portsmouth, RI;
                    m. Patience Cook, daughter of John Cook and Mary;
                    1st husband; d. 9 Mar 1726/27 at age 50.
               iii. Benjamin Church; b. 1678; d; unmarried.
     4.         iv. Capt. Edward Church, b. 1680; m. Martha Burton.
                 v. Col. Charles Church; b. 9 May 1682; m. Hannah
                    Paine 20 May 1703 at Bristol, RI; d. Jan 1747 at
                    age 64.
                vi. Elizabeth Church; b. 25 Mar 1684; m. Capt. Joseph
                    Rosbotham 1700; 1st husband; m. John Sampson 11
                    Sep 1717; 2nd husband; m. Capt. Samuel Woodbury
                    18 Jun 1739; 3rd husband; d. 1739.
               vii. Nathaniel Church; b. 1 Jul 1686 at Bristol, RI; d.
                    29 Feb 1687.
              viii. Martha Church; b. 1688.

                          Generation Three

4.  Capt. Edward Church (Benjamin2, Richard1); b. 1680; m. Martha
Burton, daughter of Stephen Burton and Abigail Brenton; d. 1706.
     He was a mariner. He was a Capt in the 5th expedition against
French & Indians. He resided at Bristol, RI.

     Martha Burton was born in 1677/78. She resided at Bristol, RI.
She died on 14 Apr 1750.
     Known children of Capt. Edward Church and Martha Burton were as
                 i. Abigail Church; b. 4 Mar 1703; m. George Wanton 23
                    May 1727 at Trinity Church, Newport, RI.
     5.         ii. Dea. Benjamin Church, b. 8 Oct 1704; m. Elizabeth
                    Viall; m. Hannah Dyer.

                          Generation Four

5.  Dea. Benjamin Church (Edward3, Benjamin2, Richard1); b. 8 Oct
1704; m. Elizabeth Viall, daughter of Samuel Viall and Susanna Flint,
either 26 Oct 1726 or 26 Oct 1727; int., 1st wife; m. Hannah Dyer,
daughter of Col. Giles Dyer and Mary Banister, 6 Mar 1731 at Boston,
MA; 2nd wife; d. 10 Oct 1781 at age 77.
     He was graduated in 1727 at Harvard College, Cambridge, MA. He
resided at Bristol, RI. He resided at Newport, RI. He left a will on
18 Nov 1780; proved 17 Oct 1781.

     Elizabeth Viall was born on 16 Feb 1707. She resided at Bristol,
RI. She died on 9 Apr 1730 at Bristol, RI, at age 23. She was buried
at East Burial Ground, Bristol, RI.
     Known children of Dea. Benjamin Church and Elizabeth Viall both
b. at Bristol, RI, were as follows:
                 i. Martha5 Church; b. 25 Oct 1728.
                    She resided at Medford, MA.
                ii. Samuel Church; b. 1730; m. Ann Davis; d. 5 Feb
                    1794 at Rhode Island.

     Hannah Dyer died either Mar or Apr 1794.
     Known children of Dea. Benjamin Church and Hannah Dyer were as
     6.          i. Hannah Church, b. circa 1733 at Boston, MA; m.
                    Edward Weld.
                ii. Dr. Benjamin Church; b. 24 Aug 1734 at Boston, MA;
                    m. Hannah Hill circa 1754; d. Jun 1776 at age 41.
                    He was a physician.
               iii. Edward Church; b. 12 Sep 1740 at Fayal, Azores; m.
                    Elizabeth Furness 1 Nov 1763; 1st wife; m. Hannah
                    Skinner; 2nd wife.
                iv. Dr. Giles Church; d. before 1788 at Georgia.
                    He was a physician.
                 v. Mary Church; b. 18 Jun 1743; m. Samuel Cookson 25
                    Dec 1769.
                vi. Alice Church; m. John Fleming.
               vii. Abigail Church; m. Turner Phillips 5 Apr 1740 at
                    Boston, MA.

                          Generation Five

6.  Hannah Church (Benjamin4, Edward3, Benjamin2, Richard1); b. circa
1733 at Boston, MA; m. Edward Weld, son of Edmund Weld and Clemence
Dorr, 7 Apr 1757 at Boston, MA; d. 14 Sep 1804 at Boston, MA.

     Edward Weld was born on 5 Feb 1734/35 at Roxbury, MA. He resided
at Boston, MA. He died on 19 Feb 1809 at Boston, MA, at age 74.

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