Plater Family Genealogy

Plater Family

                      Generation One

1.  George Plater; b. circa 1664; m. Anne Burford, daughter of Thomas
Burford and Ann, circa 1694; d. 1707.
     He was Attorney General of MD. He resided at St. Mary's Co., MD.

     Anne Burford married Robert Doyne. She married John Rousby in
Oct 1708. She died in 1718.
     Known children of George Plater and Anne Burford were as follows:
     2.          i. Col. George Plater, b. 1695; m. Rebecca Tasker
                    Addison; m. Elizabeth.
                ii. Anne Plater.

                      Generation Two

2.  Col. George Plater (George1); b. 1695; m. Rebecca Tasker Addison,
daughter of Col. Thomas Addison and Elizabeth Tasker, 10 Jun 1729; 2nd
husband, 1st wife; m. Elizabeth 25 Jun 1749; 2nd wife, 2nd husband; d.
17 May 1755 at 'Satterly', St Mary's Co., MD.
     He and Rebecca Tasker Addison resided at St. Mary's Co., MD.

     Rebecca Tasker Addison was born on 3 Jun 1703. She married Hon.
James Bowles, son of Tobias Bowles, by 9 Apr 1722; 1st husband, 2nd
wife. She died between 1742 and 1749.
     Known children of Col. George Plater and Rebecca Tasker Addison
were as follows:
     3.          i. Rebecca Plater, b. 8 Aug 1731; m. John Tayloe II.
                ii. Anne Plater; b. 31 Oct 1732.
               iii. Gov. George Plater; b. "11-8-1735" at Annapolis,
                    MD; m. Hannah Lee, daughter of Hon. Richard Lee
                    and Grace Ashton, 5 Dec 1762 at Charles Co., MD;
                    1st wife; m. Elizabeth Rousby, daughter of John
                    Rousby, 19 Jul 1764; 2nd wife; d. 10 Feb 1792 at
                    Annapolis, MD.
                    He was Governor of Maryland. He resided at St.
                    Mary's Co., MD.
                iv. Thomas Addison Plater; b. 27 Oct 1738.
                 v. Elizabeth Plater; b. 7 Aug 1742.

     Elizabeth married Capt. John Carpenter; 1st husband. She died on
30 Oct 1750.

                     Generation Three

3.  Rebecca Plater (George2, George1); b. 8 Aug 1731; m. John Tayloe
II, son of Hon. John Tayloe and Elizabeth Gwynn, 11 Jul 1748; d. 8 Aug
1787 at age 56.
     She and John Tayloe II resided at 'Mt Airy', Richmond Co., VA.

     John Tayloe II was born on 28 May 1721 at Virginia. He resided at
Spottsylvania Co., VA. He died in Apr 1779 at age 57.

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