Murdock Family Genealogy

Murdock Family

                      Generation One

1.  Maj. Jeremiah Murdock; m. Jane; 2nd husband.
     He resided at Richmond, VA.

     Known children of Maj. Jeremiah Murdock include:
     2.          i. Margaret Murdock, m. William Fauntleroy.
                ii. John Murdock.
               iii. Joseph Murdock; m. Mary Tankersley; d. between 11
                    Oct 1769 and 1 Mar 1770.
                    He left a will on 11 Oct 1769 at King George Co.,
                    VA; proved 1 Mar 1770.

     Jane/Jean married ___ Chapman; 1st husband. She left a will on 23
Jan 1770 at King George Co., VA; proved 1770.

                      Generation Two

2.  Margaret Murdock (Jeremiah1); m. William Fauntleroy, son of Col.
William Fauntleroy and Apphia Bushrod; 2nd wife.

     William Fauntleroy was born in 1713 at 'Naylor's Hole', Richmond
Co., VA. He resided at 'Naylor's Hole', Richmond Co., VA. He married
Elizabeth; 1st wife. He died in 1793.

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