Norton Family Genealogy

Norton Family

                          Generation One

1.  John Norton; m. Anne Hatley, daughter of George Hatley and ___
Scott; 2nd husband.
     He resided at London, England. He and Anne Hatley resided at
Putney, England. He was a merchant.

     Anne Hatley married John Flowerdew; 1st husband.
     Known children of John Norton and Anne Hatley were:
     2.          i. John Norton, b. 1719; m. Courtenay Walker.

                          Generation Two

2.  John Norton (John1); b. 1719; m. Courtenay Walker, daughter of
Jacob Walker and Courtenay Tucker, 10 Dec 1743; d. 1777 at London,
     He immigrated circa 1740 to Yorktown, York Co., VA. He was a
merchant at Yorktown, VA. He was a justice of York Co., VA. He was a
member of the House of Burgesses between 1752 and 1754. He immigrated
in 1764 to London, England.

     Courtenay Walker died in 1780 at Barbadoes.
     Known children of John Norton and Courtenay Walker were as
     3.          i. John Hatley Norton, b. 4 Sep 1745 at Yorktown, VA;
                    m. Sarah Nicholas; m. Catherine Bush.
                ii. George Flowerdewe Norton; b. 20 May 1751 at
                    Yorktown, VA; m. Sarah Thruston, daughter of
                    Charles Minn Thruston, 17 Dec 1782.
               iii. Henry Norton; b. 18 Feb 1754 at Yorktown, VA; d.
                    circa 1780.
                iv. Frances Norton; b. 5 Dec 1759 at Yorktown, VA; m.
                    John Baylor, son of Col. John Baylor and Frances
                    Walker, 18 Nov 1778 at Parish Church St. Olave
                    Hart Street, London, England.
                 v. Daniel Norton; b. 25 Jan 1765 at London, England;
                    m. Caroline Tucker, daughter of Robert Tucker.

                          Generation Three

3.  John Hatley Norton (John2, John1); b. 4 Sep 1745 at Yorktown, VA;
m. Sarah Nicholas, daughter of Robert Carter Nicholas and Ann Cary, 30
Jan 1772 at James City, VA; 1st wife; m. Catherine Bush, daughter of
Philip Bush and Catherine Clough; 2nd wife, 1st husband; d. 1797 at
Winchester, VA.
     He resided at York Co., VA. He was Justice at York Co., VA. He
was a merchant. He resided at Winchester, VA.

     Sarah Nicholas was born in 1752 at Frederick Co., VA.
     Known children of John Hatley Norton and Sarah Nicholas were as
     4.          i. Courtenay Norton, m. Warner Lewis III; m. Landon
                ii. Anne Norton; m. General Armistead.
               iii. Rev. George Hatley Norton; b. 1787 at Winchester,
                    VA; m. Maria Gault.
                    He and Maria Gault resided at western New York.

     Catherine Bush married John Ambler, son of Edward Ambler and Mary
Cary; 3rd wife, 2nd husband.
     Known children of John Hatley Norton and Catherine Bush were:
                 i. Dr. Daniel Norborne Norton; b. 1794.
                    He resided at 'Magnolia Farm', near Richmond, VA.
                    He was a physician, mineralogist, and

                          Generation Four

4.  Courtenay Norton (John3, John2, John1); m. Warner Lewis III, son
of Capt. Warner Lewis Jr. and Mary Chiswell; 1st husband; m. Landon
Carter, son of John Carter and Janet Hamilton; 2nd husband.

     Warner Lewis III resided at 'Warner Hall', Gloucester Co., VA.

     Landon Carter resided at Prince William Co., VA. He resided at
'Woodlands', Loudoun Co., VA.

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