Faucit/Fawcett Family Genealogy

Faucit/Fawcett Family

                      Generation One

1.  Walter Faucit; m. Grace Atkinson 23 May 1675 at Knaresborough
Friends Meeting, England; 1st wife; m. Rebecca Fearne, daughter of
Robert Fearne and Elizabeth Egginton, 4mo 14 1694 at Darby Monthly
Meeting, Darby, Chester Co., PA; 2nd wife, 1st husband; d. 29 Mar
     He was also known as Walter Fawcett. He resided at
Haverah Park, Yorkshire, England. He and Grace Atkinson immigrated
circa 1684 to Chester, Chester Co., PA. He and Rebecca Fearne resided
at Chester, PA. He was a cordwainer. He was a representative in the
General Assembly in 1695 at Pennsylvania. He left a will 7mo 2 1703 at
Philadelphia Co., PA; proved 8 Jul 1704.

     Grace Atkinson died on 30 Sep 1686.
     Known children of Walter Faucit and Grace Atkinson were as
                 i. Esther Faucit; b. 1mo 26 1676.
                ii. John Faucit; b. 10mo 28 1678.
               iii. Joseph Faucit; b. 6mo 1681.
                iv. Nathan Faucit; m. Jane Breintnall 11mo 11 1705; d.
                    before 1708.

     Rebecca Fearne was born in 1672. She immigrated in 1682 to
Pennsylvania. She married John Wood, son of George Wood, 12mo 5 1707;
2nd husband, 2nd wife. She died on 15 Nov 1756.
     Known children of Walter Faucit and Rebecca Fearne all b. at
Chester, PA, were as follows:
                 i. Rebecca Faucit; b. 1mo 24 1696.
                ii. Mary Faucit; b. 9mo 25 1697; m. Thomas Worth.
               iii. Sarah Faucit; b. 7mo 30 1699; d. 8mo 04 1701.
     2.         iv. Sarah Faucit, b. 10 May 1702; m. Isaac Lea.
                 v. Elizabeth Faucit; b. 3mo 05 1704.

                      Generation Two

2.  Sarah Faucit (Walter1); b. 10 May 1702 at Chester, PA; m. Isaac
Lea, son of John Lea and Hannah Hopton, 29 Dec 1721 at Christ Church,
Philadelphia, PA; d. 1800 at Wilmington, DE.

     Isaac Lea was born on 15 Jan 1698/99 at Gloucester, England. He
immigrated to Chester, PA; as an infant. He resided at Chester, PA. He
resided at Darby, Chester Co., PA. He resided at Wilmington, DE. He
died after 1765.

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