Levis Family Genealogy

Levis Family

                     Generation One

1.  Christopher Levis; b. 20 Sep 1621 at Beeston, Nottinghamshire,
England; m. Mary Nede circa 1648; d. circa 1677.
     Mary Nede resided at Arnold, Nottinghamshire, England.
     Known children of Christopher Levis and Mary Nede were as
     2.          i. Samuel Levis, b. 30 Jul 1649 at Harby,
                    Leicestershire, England; m. Elizabeth Clator.
                ii. Mary Levis.
               iii. Richard Levis.
                iv. Hannah Levis.
                 v. Sarah Levis; m. Thomas Bradshaw.

                     Generation Two

2.  Samuel Levis (Christopher1); b. 1649 at Harby, Leicestershire,
England; m. Elizabeth Clator, daughter of William Claytor, 3 Mar 1680
at Harby, Leicestershire, England; d. by Apr 1734.
     He and Elizabeth Clator immigrated in Nov 1684 to Pennsylvania.
He left a will on 4 Oct 1728; proved 13 Apr 1734.
     Elizabeth Clator was born at Harby, Leicestershire, England. She
resided at Chester Co., PA. She was also known as Elizabeth Claytor.
     Known children of Samuel Levis and Elizabeth Clator were as
     3.          i. Samuel Levis, b. 8 Feb 1681 at Harby,
                    Leicestershire, England; m. Hannah Stretch.
                ii. Alice Levis.
     4.        iii. Mary Levis, b. 9 Aug 1685; m. Joseph Pennock.
                iv. William Levis; m. Elizabeth.
                 v. Elizabeth Levis; b. 26 Oct 1690; m. William
                    Shipley 1728; d. 10 Oct 1777 at London Grove, PA,
                    at age 86.
                vi. Christopher Levis.
               vii. Sarah Levis; m. George Maris.

                    Generation Three

3.  Samuel Levis (Samuel2, Christopher1); b. 8 Feb 1681 at Harby,
Leicestershire, England; m. Hannah Stretch, daughter of John Stretch
and Ellen, 15 Oct 1709 at Philadelphia Meeting, Philadelphia, PA; d.
     He immigrated in 1684 to Pennsylvania.
     Hannah Stretch was born between 1675 and 1680 at Harpers Gate,
Staffordshire, England. She resided at Leck, Staffordshire, England.
She immigrated between 1701 and 1702 to Salem, NJ. She resided in 1703
at Philadelphia, PA.
     Children of Samuel3 Levis and Hannah Stretch include:
                 i. Samuel Levis; b. 1711; m. Mary Thomson, daughter
                    of Joshua Thomson and Margaret Williamson, 1747;
                    d. 1794.

4.  Mary Levis (Samuel2, Christopher1); b. 9 Aug 1685; m. Joseph
Pennock, son of Christopher Pennock and Mary Collett, 3 May 1705; d. 2
Jan 1741 at age 55.
     Joseph Pennock was born on 18 Jan 1677 at Killhouse, Clonmel,
Tipperary, Ireland. He died on 27 Mar 1771 at 'Primitive Hall',
Chester Co., PA, at age 94.

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