Turbutt Family Genealogy

Turbutt Family

                          Generation One

1.  ___ Turbut.
     Known children of ___ Turbut include:
     2.          i. Michael  Turbutt, m. Sarah Foster.
                ii. Elizabeth Turbutt; m. Col. William Coursey.

                          Generation Two

2.  Michael Turbutt (___1Turbut); m. Sarah Foster, daughter of Seth
     He resided at Talbot Co., MD. He left a will on 2 Jan 1695;
proved 16 Jan 1696.
     Known children of Michael Turbutt include:
     3.          i. Hon. Foster Turbutt; b. 13 Nov 1679; m. Bridgett.
                ii. Richard Turbutt; b. 13 Dec 1681.
               iii. William Turbutt; b. 13 Feb 1683; m. Elizabeth.
                    He resided at Queen Anne's Co., MD. He left a will
                    on 16 Oct 1739; proved 8 Nov 1739.
                iv. Sarah Turbutt; m. Arthur Emory.
                 v. Samuel Turbutt; m. Rachel 30 Mar 1714; 2nd
                    He resided at Talbot Co., MD. He left a will on 3
                    Feb 1722; proved 11 Feb 1722.
                vi. Nathaniel Turbutt.

                          Generation Three

3.  Hon. Foster Turbutt (Michael2, ___1Turbut); b. 13 Nov 1679; m.
Bridgett; d. 18 Mar 1720 at age 40.
     He resided at Talbot Co., MD. He left a will on 20 Feb 1720;
proved 5 Apr 1721.
     Bridgett died on 10 Oct 1719.
     Known children of Hon. Foster Turbutt and Bridgett were as
                 i. Henry Turbutt; b. 15 Jan 1703.
                ii. Sarah Turbutt; b. 2 Dec 1706; m. Nicholas
     4.        iii. Elizabeth Turbutt, b. 17 Mar 1708; m. Tench
                iv. Mary Anne Turbutt; b. 13 Jul 1711; m. John Robins
                    9 Feb 1730; m. Robert Goldsborough.
                 v. Mary Turbutt; b. 9 Sep 1713; m. Edward Tilghman.
     5.         vi. Ann Turbutt, b. 29 Apr 1715; m. John Goldsborough.
               vii. Rachell Turbutt; b. 26 Sep 1718; m. Thomas Bullen
                    8 May 1735.

                          Generation Four

4.  Elizabeth Turbutt (Foster3, Michael2, ___1Turbut); b. 17 Mar 1708;
m. Tench Francis, son of Rev. John Francis and ___ Tench, 29 Dec 1724.
     Tench Francis was born in 1705 at England. He immigrated in 1720
to Fausley, Talbot Co., MD. He was a clerk and burgess at Talbot Co.,
MD. He resided at Philadelphia, PA. He was Attorney General of
Pennsylvania. He resided at Talbot Co., Maryland. He left a will on 4
Aug 1758 at Philadelphia Co., PA; proved 18 Aug 1758. He died in Aug

5.  Ann Turbutt (Foster3, Michael2, ___1Turbut); b. 29 Apr 1715; m.
John Goldsborough, son of Robert Goldsborough and Elizabeth
Greenberry, 31 Oct 1733.
     John Goldsborough was born on 12 Oct 1711 at Maryland. He died on
18 Jun 1778 at Maryland at age 66.

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