Cornell Family Genealogy

Cornell Family

                     Generation One

1.  Thomas Cornell; b. circa 1595 at Essex, England; m. Rebecca
Briggs; d. circa 1655 at Portsmouth, RI.
     He and Rebecca Briggs immigrated circa 1638 to Boston, MA. He
resided in 1638 at Boston, MA. He resided in 1640 at Portsmouth, RI.
He resided in 1642 at New Amsterdam. He resided in 1644 at Portsmouth,
RI. He resided in 1646 at Cornell's Neck, NY.
     Rebecca Briggs was born in 1600. She died on 8 Feb 1673 at
Portsmouth, RI; in a fire in her house.
     Known children of Thomas1 Cornell and Rebecca Briggs were as
     2.          i. Sarah Cornell, m. Thomas Willett; m. Charles
                    Bridges; m. John Lawrence Jr.
                ii. Thomas Cornell; m. Sarah Earle; d. 23 May 1673;
                    executed for the alleged murder of his mother.
               iii. Rebecca Cornell; b. circa 1622; m. George Woolsey
                    9 Dec 1647; bur. 5 Feb 1713.
                iv. Ann Cornell; m. Thomas Kent.
                 v. Richard Cornell; m. Elizabeth; d. 1694.
                vi. John Cornell; b. 1637; m. Mary Russell; d. 1704.
                    He resided at Cow Neck, Long Island, NY.
               vii. Joshua Cornell.
              viii. Elizabeth Cornell; m. Christopher Almy, son of
                    William Almy and Andry, 9 Jul 1661; d. 1708.
                ix. Samuel Cornell; d. circa 1715.

                     Generation Two

2.  Sarah Cornell (Thomas1); m. Thomas Willett 1 Sep 1643 at New
Amsterdam; m. Charles Bridges 3 Nov 1647 at Dutch Reformed Church, New
Amsterdam; m. John Lawrence Jr., son of John Lawrence and Susannah, 20
Nov 1682; license; d. between 1692 and 1698.
     She resided at Essex, England. She resided at Cornell's Neck, NY.
     Thomas Willett was born circa 1620/21 at Bristol, England. He was
a soldier. He may be the son of William Willett of Bristol, England.
If that is true then Thomas had brothers William b. 1625, John &
Walter. He immigrated in 1643 to New Amsterdam. He died circa 1645.
     Charles Bridges was also known as Carel Ver Brugge. He resided at
England. He immigrated in 1647 to New Amsterdam. He was English
Secretary at New Amsterdam. He resided at New Amsterdam. He died on 5
Aug 1682 at Flushing, Long Island, NY.
     John Lawrence Jr. was born circa 1644. He died circa 1697.

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