Mayhew Family Genealogy

Mayhew Family

                          Generation One

1.  Matthew Mayhew; m. Alice Barter 2 Oct 1587 at Tisbury, Wiltshire,
England; d. 1614 at Tisbury, Wiltshire, England.
     Known children of Matthew Mayhew and Alice Barter all b. at
Tisbury, Wiltshire, England, were as follows:
                 i. Elizabeth Mayhew; baptized 1 May 1589; m. John
                    Gilbert 18 Mar 1612.
                ii. John Mayhew; baptized 17 Jan 1591.
     2.        iii. Thomas Mayhew; b. 1 Apr 1593; m. Jane Gallion.
                iv. Joan Mayhew; baptized 8 Feb 1595/96.
                 v. Alice Mayhew; baptized 16 Dec 1598; m. Thomas
                    Palmer 17 Jun 1622.
                vi. Katherine Mayhew; baptized 15 Mar 1599/0.
               vii. Edward Mayhew; baptized 24 Apr 1602.

                          Generation Two

2.  Thomas Mayhew (Matthew1); baptized 1 Apr 1593 at Tisbury,
Wiltshire, England; m. Jane Gallion circa 1634; 2nd wife; d. 25 Mar
1682 at age 88.
     He immigrated in 1631 to Massachusetts from Southampton,
England.He was Governor of Martha Vinyard.
     Known children of Thomas Mayhew and his 1st wife were:
     3.          i. Thomas Mayhew, b. circa 1620/21 at Southampton,
     Jane Gallion married Thomas Paine.
     Known children of Thomas Mayhew and Jane Gallion were as follows:
                 i. Hannah Mayhew; b. 15 Jun 1635 at Watertown, MA; m.
                    Thomas Daggett circa 1657; d. 1722 at Edgartown,
                ii. Bethiah Mayhew; b. 6 Dec 1636 at Watertown, MA; m.
                    Thomas Harlock; m. Richard Way 1675; d. by 1689.
               iii. Mary Mayhew; b. 14 Jan 1640 at Watertown, MA; d.
                    by 1675.
                iv. Martha Mayhew; b. circa 1642; m. Thomas Tupper Jr.
                    27 Dec 1661; d. 15 Nov 1717.

                          Generation Three

3.  Thomas Mayhew (Thomas2, Matthew1); b. circa 1620/21 at
Southampton, England; d. Nov 1657; at sea.
     He immigrated in 1631 to Massachusetts. He was a missionary to
the Indians of New England. He resided at Martha's Vineyard, MA.
     Known children of Thomas Mayhew were as follows:
                 i. Ariah Mayhew; d. young.
                ii. Mary Mayhew; d. young.
               iii. Mathew Mayhew; b. 1648 at Martha's Vineyard, MA;
                    m. Mary Skiff, daughter of James Skiff, 1 May
                    1674; d. 17 May 1710 at Edgartown, MA.
                iv. Thomas Mayhew; b. 1650 at Martha's Vineyard, MA;
                    m. Sarah Skiff; d. 21 Jul 1715 at Chilmark, MA.
                 v. John Mayhew; b. 1652 at Martha's Vineyard, MA; d.
                    3 Feb 1689 at Chilmark, MA.
     4.         vi. Jerusha Mayhew, b. 1654 at Martha's Vineyard, MA;
                    m. Joseph Wing; m. Thomas Eatton.
               vii. Jedidiah Mayhew; b. circa 1656; m. Benjamin Smith;
                    d. 6 Jan 1736 at Chilmark, MA.

                          Generation Four

4.  Jerusha Mayhew (Thomas3, Thomas2, Matthew1); b. 1654 at Martha's
Vineyard, MA; m. Joseph Wing, son of Matthew Wing, 12 Apr 1676; 1st
husband; m. Thomas Eatton 12 Dec 1684; 2nd husband; d. after 1716.
     Joseph Wing was born on 12 Sep 1650 at prob. Sandwich, MA. He
died on 28 May 1679 at Yarmouth, MA, at age 28; killed by lightning.
     Thomas Eatton was born at Kent, England. He was a member NJ
Assembly. His mother was Mary Carrieway of Goodhurst, Co. Kent,
England. He died 26 9 mo. 1688 at Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ.

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