Wardell Family Genealogy

Wardell Family

                          Generation One

1.  Thomas Wardell; m. Elizabeth; d. 10 Dec 1646 at Boston, MA.
     He immigrated in 1633 to Boston, MA. He was a founder of New
     Known children of Thomas Wardell and Elizabeth were as follows:
     2.          i. Eliakim Wardell, b. Nov 1634 at Boston, MA; m.
                    Lydia Perkins.
                ii. Martha Wardell; b. Aug 1637 at Boston, MA.
               iii. Benjamin Wardell; b. Feb 1639/40.
                iv. Samuel Wardell; b. 16 May 1643 at Boston, MA.

                          Generation Two

2.  Eliakim Wardell (Thomas1); b. Nov 1634 at Boston, MA; m. Lydia
Perkins, daughter of Isaac Perkins and Susanna, 17 Oct 1659; d. after
1710 at Burlington Co., NJ.
     He was deputy to the New Jersey Assembly in 1667 at Shrewsbury,
Monmouth Co., NJ.
     Known children of Eliakim Wardell and Lydia Perkins were:
     3.          i. Joseph Wardell; b. 29 Dec 1660 at Hampton, NH;
                    m. Sarah.

                          Generation Three

3.  Joseph Wardell (Eliakim2, Thomas1); b. 29 Dec 1660 at Hampton, NH;
m. Sarah; d. 1735 at Shrewsbury, NJ.
     Sarah died after 1733.
     Known children of Joseph Wardell and Sarah were:
     4.          i. Joanna Wardell, m. John Eatton.

                          Generation Four

4.  Joanna Wardell (Joseph3, Eliakim2, Thomas1); m. John Eatton, son
of Thomas Eatton and Jerusha Mayhew; d. 1769.
     John Eatton was born 1mo 26 1689 at Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ.
He was a member of the New Jersey Assembly between 1727 and 1749 at
Monmouth Co., NJ. He died 2mo 1 1750 at Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ.
He was buried at Friends Cemetery, Shrewsbury, NJ.

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