Alden Family Genealogy

Alden Family

                      Generation One

1.  John Alden; b. circa 1599; m. Priscilla Mullins, daughter of
William Mullins and Alice, circa 1623 at Plymouth, MA; d. 12 Sep 1687
at Duxbury, MA.
     He was a cooper. He immigrated in 1620 to Plymouth, MA; on ship
'Mayflower.' He resided in 1632 at Duxbury, MA.

     Priscilla Mullins was born say 1603. She died after 1651.
     Known children of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins were as
     2.          i. Elizabeth Alden, b. circa 1624; m. William
                ii. John Alden; b. circa 1626; m. Elizabeth Phillips,
                    daughter of William Phillips, 1 Apr 1659 or 1 Apr
                    1660 at Boston, MA; d. 14 Mar 1701/2.
                    He resided at Duxbury, MA. He resided at Boston,
               iii. Joseph Alden; b. circa 1627; m. Mary Simmons,
                    daughter of Moses Simonson and Sarah, by circa
                    He resided at Duxbury, MA. He resided at
                    Bridgewater, MA.
                iv. Priscilla Alden; b. circa 1630.
                    She was living in 1688; unmarried.
                 v. Jonathan Alden; b. circa 1632; m. Abigail Hallett,
                    daughter of Andrew Hallet, 10 Dec 1672 at Duxbury,
                    MA; d. 14 Feb 1696/97 at Duxbury, MA; bur. 17 Feb
                    He resided at Duxbury, MA.
                vi. Sarah Alden; b. circa 1634; m. Alexander Standish
                    circa 1660.
               vii. Ruth Alden; b. circa 1636; m. John Bass, son of
                    Samuel Bass and Anne Savell, 3 Feb 1657/58 at
                    Braintree, MA.
              viii. Mary Alden; b. circa 1638.
                    She was living in 1688; unmarried.
                ix. Rebecca Alden; b. circa 1640; m. Thomas Delano
                 x. David Alden; b. circa 1642; m. Mary Southworth,
                    daughter of Constant Southworth and Elizabeth
                    Collier, by 1674.
                    He resided at Duxbury, MA.

                      Generation Two

2.  Elizabeth Alden (John1); b. circa 1624 at Plymouth, MA; m. William
Pabodie, son of John Pabodie and Isabel Harper, Dec 1644; d. 3 May
1717 at Little Compton, RI.

     William Pabodie was born circa 1616 at England. He died on 13 Dec
1707 at Little Compton, RI.

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