Pabodie Family Genealogy

Pabodie Family

                      Generation One

1.  John Pabodie; b. 1590 at Nosely Parish, Leicestershire, England;
m. Isabel Harper, 1608; d. 1666.
     He and Isabel Harper immigrated on 2 Apr 1635 to Plymouth, MA; on
ship 'Planter.' He resided in 1645 at Bridgewater, MA.

     Known children of John Pabodie and Isabel Harper were as follows:
                 i. Thomas Pabodie; b. circa 1610 at St. Albans,
                    England; m. Judith Dodge, daughter of Jeremiah
                    Dodge and Bethia Giddings.
                    He resided at England.
                ii. Lt. Francis Pabodie; b. circa 1614 at England; m.
                    Lydia 1638; 1st wife; m. Mary 1654; 2nd wife; d. 2
                    Feb 1677/78 at Topfield, MA.
     2.        iii. William Pabodie, b. circa 1616 at England; m.
                    Elizabeth Alden.
                iv. Annis Pabodie; b. 1618 at England; m. John Rouse
                    Jan 1638; d. 1688 at Marshfield, MA.

                      Generation Two

2.  William Pabodie (John1); b. circa 1616 at England; m. Elizabeth
Alden, daughter of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins, Dec 1644; d. 13
Dec 1707 at Little Compton, RI.

     Elizabeth Alden was born circa 1623 at Plymouth, MA. She died on
3 May 1717 at Little Compton, RI.
     Known children of William Pabodie and Elizabeth Alden all b. at
Duxbury, MA, were as follows:
                 i. John Pabodie; b. 4 Oct 1645; d. 17 Nov 1669 at age
                ii. Elizabeth Pabodie; b. 24 Apr 1647; m. John Rogers
                    Jr., son of John Rogers and Ann Churchman, 16 Nov
                    1666 at Duxbury, MA; d. 1707.
               iii. Mary Pabodie; b. 7 Aug 1648; m. Edward Southworth,
                    son of Constant Southworth and Elizabeth Collier,
                    16 Nov 1669.
                iv. Martha Pabodie; b. 2 Jan 1649; m. Samuel Seabury 4
                    Apr 1677 at Duxbury, MA; 1st husband; m. Lt.
                    William Fobes, son of John Fobes and Constant
                    Mitchell; 2nd husband; d. 25 Jan 1712 at Little
                    Compton, RI, at age 63.
                 v. Mercy Pabodie; b. 25 Feb 1650; m. John Simmons,
                    son of Moses Simmons and Sarah, 16 Nov 1669 at
                    Duxbury, MA.
                vi. Priscilla Pabodie; b. 15 Jan 1653; m. Rev. Ichabod
                    Wiswall, son of Thomas Wiswall and Elizabeth, 24
                    Dec 1677 at Duxbury, MA; d. 3 Jun 1724 at
                    Kingstown, MA, at age 71.
               vii. Sarah Pabodie; b. 7 Aug 1656; m. John Coe 10 Nov
                    1682; d. Aug 1740 at Little Compton, RI.
              viii. Ruth Pabodie; b. 17 Jun 1658; m. Benjamin
                    Bartlett, son of Benjamin Bartlett and Sarah
                    Brewster, Dec 1675 at Duxbury, MA; d. at Duxbury,
                ix. Rebecca Pabodie; b. 15 Oct 1660; m. William
                    Southworth, son of Constant Southworth and
                    Elizabeth Collier, circa 1680; d. 3 Dec 1702 at
                    Little Compton, RI, at age 42.
                 x. Hannah Pabodie; b. 15 Oct 1662; m. Samuel Bartlett
                    3 Oct 1683.
                xi. William Pabodie; b. 24 Nov 1664.
     3.        xii. Lydia Pabodie, b. 3 Apr 1667; m. Daniel Grinnell.

                     Generation Three

3.  Lydia Pabodie (William2, John1); b. 3 Apr 1667 at Duxbury, MA; m.
Daniel Grinnell, son of Daniel Grinnell and Mary Wordell, circa 1683;
d. 13 Jul 1748 at Saybrook, CT, at age 81.

     Daniel Grinnell was born circa 1668 at Portsmouth, RI. He left a
will in Nov 1726 at Guilford, CT. He died on 7 Jan 1740/41 at
Saybrook, CT.

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