Waldron Family Genealogy

Waldron Family

                      Generation One

1.  ___ Waldron.

     Known children of ___ Waldron include:
     2.          i. George Waldron, m. Rachel Baker.
                ii. Dr. Isaac Waldron resided at Boston, MA.
               iii. Samuel Waldron resided at Dighton, MA. He left a
                    will on 8 Aug 1727.

                      Generation Two

2.  George Waldron (___1); m. Rachel Baker prob. by 1675; d. 12 Dec
1739 at Bristol, RI.
     He and Rachel Baker resided at Bristol, RI.

     Rachel Baker died on 25 Nov 1706 at Bristol, RI.
     Known children of George Waldron and Rachel Baker were as
                 i. John Waldron; b. 25 Aug 1676 at Boston, MA; d. 17
                    Dec 1756 at age 80.
                ii. Benjamin Waldron; b. 22 May 1679 at Boston, MA.
               iii. Isaac Waldron; b. 7 Mar 1683/84 at Bristol, RI; m.
                    Hannah; d. 28 Jun 1740 at age 56; proved 15 Jul
                    He resided at Bristol, RI. He left a will on 26
                    Jun 1740.
                iv. Thomas Waldron; b. 29 Apr 1686 at Bristol, RI.
                 v. Jacob Waldron; b. 23 Apr 1689 at Bristol, RI.
                vi. Samuel Waldron; b. 26 Jul 1691 at Bristol, RI; d.
                    25 Oct 1691.
               vii. Hannah Waldron; b. 2 Sep 1692 at Bristol, RI.
              viii. Joseph Waldron; b. circa 1693/94 at Bristol, RI;
                    m. Martha Newton, daughter of Thomas Newton, by
                    1718; 2nd husband; d. 14 Aug 1760 at Bristol, RI.
     3.         ix. Cornelius Waldron, b. 4 Sep 1697 at Bristol, RI;
                    m. Ann Throope.
                 x. Martha Waldron; b. 30 Dec 1701 at Bristol, RI; m.
                    Thomas Nibbs by 1725; 1st husband; m. John A.
                    Oldridge 23 Dec 1744 at St. Michael's Church,
                    Bristol, RI; 2nd husband; d. 4 Apr 1775 at age

                     Generation Three

3.  Cornelius Waldron (George2, ___1); b. 4 Sep 1697 at Bristol, RI;
m. Ann Throope, daughter of John Throope and Rebecca Smith, Nov 1718;
int; d. 22 Sep 1778 at Rehoboth, MA, at age 81.
     He and Ann Throope resided at Bristol, RI. He was a blacksmith.
He left a will on 4 Oct 1774; proved 6 Oct 1778.

     Ann Throope was born on 27 Dec 1699 at Bristol, RI. She died on
7 Aug 1790 at Bristol, RI, at age 90.
     Known children of Cornelius Waldron and Ann Throope all b. at
Bristol, RI, were as follows:
     4.          i. Anne Waldron, b. 25 Sep 1720; m. Thomas Rawson.
                ii. Priscilla Waldron; b. 1724; m. Robert Carr 3 May
                    1740; int; d. 15 Sep 1741.
               iii. Rachel Waldron; b. 27 Dec 1726; m. Thomas Martin
                    17 Jul 1748 at St. Michael's Church, Bristol, RI;
                    2nd wife; d. 13 Mar 1769 at age 42.
                iv. Anstis Waldron; b. 5 Jan 1728; m. Edward Talbee,
                    son of Stephen Talbee and Alice Rosbotham, 17 Oct
                    1751 at Congregational Church, Bristol, RI; 1st
                    wife; d. 26 Sep 1796 at age 68.
                 v. Leah Waldron; b. 17 May 1729; m. Samuel Liscomb,
                    son of John Liscomb Jr. and Rebecca Thurston, 7
                    Jan 1749/50 at St. Michael's Church, Bristol, RI;
                    d. 7 Jun 1815 at age 86.
                vi. Nathaniel Waldron; b. prob. 25 Mar 1731; m. Hannah
                    Throope, daughter of Thomas Throope Jr. and Mary
                    Billings, 19 Oct 1755 at Bristol, RI; d. 22 Jan
                    He and Hannah Throope resided at Bristol, RI. He
                    and Hannah Throope had 11 children.
               vii. Sarah Waldron; b. 10 Feb 1734; m. Isaac Wardwell 9
                    Sep 1756 at Bristol, RI; d. 5 Jul 1812 at age 78.
              viii. Willoughby Waldron; b. 13 Nov 1736; d. 6 Nov 1818
                    at Bristol, RI, at age 81; unmarried.
                ix. John Waldron; b. 20 Dec 1738; m. Eliza Martin,
                    daughter of Cornelius Martin and Anne, 22 Feb
                    1759; d. 18 Aug 1790 at age 51.
                    He resided at Bristol, RI.
                 x. Isaac Waldron; b. 1 Jun 1742; m. Abigail West 14
                    Feb 1765 at Bristol, RI; d. 21 Jun 1824 at age 82.
                    He resided at Bristol, RI.

                     Generation Four

4.  Anne Waldron (Cornelius3, George2, ___1); b. 25 Sep 1720 at
Bristol, RI; m. Thomas Rawson, son of Wilson Rawson and Margaret
Arthur, 14 Apr 1737 at Bristol, RI; 1st wife; d. 29 Jul 1783 at
Mendon, MA, at age 62; bur. at Old Cemetary, Mendon, MA.

     Thomas Rawson was born on 27 Sep 1714 at Mendon, MA. He was
placed in the guardianship of his Aunt Susanna's huband Benjamin
Reynolds 16 Feb 1730/31 in Bristol, RI. He resided at Mendon, MA. He
married Hannah Sheffield on 29 Mar 1785; int., 2nd husband, 2nd wife.
He died on 10 Jul 1802 at Mendon, MA, at age 87.

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