Adams Family Genealogy

Adams Family

                          Generation One

1.  John Adams; m. Joane before 1656; 1st wife; m. Elizabeth before
1664; 2nd wife.
     He and Joane and Elizabeth resided at Flushing, Long Island, NY.

     Joane was also known as Jane.
     Known children of John Adams and Joane were as follows:
                 i. Mary Adams; b. 5mo 3 1656 at Flushing, NY.
                ii. Martha Adams; b. 1mo 4 1658.
               iii. Rebeckah Adams; b. 12mo 13 1661.

     Known children of John Adams and Elizabeth were as follows:
                 i. John Adams; b. 6mo 17 1664.
                ii. Elizabeth Adams; b. 1mo 9 1665.
     2.        iii. Sara Adams, b. 2mo 24 1668; m. John Cowperthwaite.
                iv. James Adams; b. 8mo 4 1671.
                 v. Susannah Adams; b. 9mo 6 1674.
                vi. Hannah Adams; b. 12mo 15 1675.
               vii. Debora Adams; b. 3mo 7 1678.
              viii. John Adams; b. 7mo 10 1680.
                ix. Abagill Adams; b. 11mo 2 1682.
                 x. Thomas Adams; b. 11mo 12 1684.
                xi. Massey Adams; b. 10mo 13 1686.
               xii. Phebe Adams; b. 12mo 9 1690.

                          Generation Two

2.  Sara Adams (John1); b. 2mo 24 1668; m. John Cowperthwaite, son of
Hugh Cowperthwaite and Elizabeth, Jan 1690/91 at Flushing, Long
Island, NY.

     John Cowperthwaite was a shoemaker. He was a farmer. He resided
at Nottinghamshire, England. He resided at Flushing, Long Island, NY.
He resided circa 1700 at Chester Twp., Burlington Co., NJ. He died in
Dec 1732.

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