Peirsey Family Genealogy

Peirsey Family

                      Generation One

1.  ___ Peirsey.

     Known children of ___ Peirsey include:
     2.          i. Abraham Peirsey, b. circa 1577; m. Elizabeth
                    Draper; m. Frances Greville.
                ii. John Peirsey.
               iii. Judith Peirsey; m. ___ Smythson.
                    She resided at England.

                      Generation Two

2.  Abraham Peirsey (___1); b. circa 1577; m. Elizabeth Draper,
daughter of Clement Draper and Elizabeth Garton, at England; 1st wife;
m. Frances Greville circa 1626 at Virginia; 2nd wife, 2nd husband;
d. circa 16 Jan 1627/28.
     He was a merchant. He resided at Maidstone, Kent, England. He
immigrated in 1616 to Jamestown, VA; on ship 'Susan' on which he then
returned to England. He immigrated in 1617 to Virginia; on ship
'George.' He resided at James City, VA. He was a member of Council at
Virginia. He left a will on 1 Mar 1626/27; proved 8 Feb 1627/28.

     Known children of Abraham Peirsey and Elizabeth Draper were as
                 i. Elizabeth Peirsey; b. circa 1609 at England; m.
                    Capt. Richard Stephens circa 1628 at Virginia; 1st
                    husband; m. Sir John Harvey 1638; 2nd husband; d.
                    by 1646 at England.
                    She immigrated in 1623 to Jamestown, VA; on ship
     3.         ii. Mary Peirsey, b. circa 1613 at England; m. Capt.
                    Thomas Hill; m. Thomas Bushrod.
               iii. Abraham Piersey; d. young.
                iv. John Piersey; d. young.

     Frances Greville immigrated in 1620 to Virginia; on ship
'Supply.' She married Nathaniel West, son of Sir Thomas West and Anne
Knollys, in 1621 at Virginia; 1st husband. She married Capt. Samuel
Mathews after 24 Mar 1627/28; 3rd husband, 1st wife. She died before
10 May 1633.

                     Generation Three

3.  Mary Peirsey (Abraham2, ___1); b. circa 1613 at England; m. Capt.
Thomas Hill by 1633; 1st husband; m. Thomas Bushrod Sep 1657; 2nd
husband, 1st wife, no issue.
     She immigrated in 1623 to Jamestown, VA; on ship 'Southampton.'

     Capt. Thomas Hill resided at Stanley Hundred, Warwick Co., VA. He
died before 1657.

     Thomas Bushrod was born circa 1604. He resided at 'Essex Lodge',
York Co., VA. He married Elizabeth; 2nd wife, 2nd husband. He left a
will at York Co., VA, on 18 Dec 1676; proved 24 Apr 1677.

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