Harrison Family Genealogy

Harrison Family

                          Generation One

1.  Michael Harrison resided at Lancashire, England. He resided at
Kendall, Westmoreland, England.

     Known children of Michael Harrison include:
     2.          i. Christopher Harrison, m. Elizabeth Cooke.

                          Generation Two

2.  Christopher Harrison (Michael1); m. Elizabeth Cooke, daughter of
Thomas Cooke.
     He resided at London, England. He was a merchant tailor.

     Known children of Christopher Harrison and Elizabeth Cooke were:
     3.          i. Edmund Harrison, m. Jane Godfrey.

                          Generation Three

3.  Edmund Harrison (Christopher2, Michael1); m. Jane Godfrey,
daughter of Thomas Godfrey Esq, 1634.
     He resided at London, England.

     Known children of Edmund Harrison and Jane Godfrey were:
     4.          i. Godfrey Harrison

                          Generation Four

4.  Godfrey Harrison (Edmund3, Christopher2, Michael1).

     Known children of Godfrey Harrison include:
     5.          i. Sarah Harrison, b.  at England; m. Philip Thomas.

                          Generation Five

5.  Sarah Harrison (Godfrey4, Edmund3, Christopher2, Michael1); b. at
England; m. Philip Thomas, son of Evan Thomas, at England; d. 1687 at
     She and Philip Thomas immigrated in 1651 to Maryland.

     Philip Thomas was born in 1600 at England. He resided at Anne
Arundel Co., MD. He was a member of High Commission governing MD in
1656. He left a will on 6 Sep 1674. He died in 1675 at Maryland.

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