Hopkins Family Genealogy

Hopkins Family

                          Generation One

1.  Gerard Hopkins; m. Thomsin; d. between 1692 and 1694 at Anne
Arundel Co., MD.
     He immigrated on 24 Jan 1661 to Anne Arundel Co., MD.

     Known children of Gerard Hopkins and Thomsin were as follows:
                 i. Ann Hopkins.
                ii. Thomson Hopkins.
               iii. Mary Hopkins; m. John Gover 11 Aug 1761.
     2.         iv. Gerard Hopkins, b. 8 Oct 1683; m. Margaret Johns.

                          Generation Two

2.  Gerard Hopkins (Gerard1); b. 8 Oct 1683; m. Margaret Johns,
daughter of Richard Johns and Elizabeth Kensey, Jan 1700/1 at The
Cliffs, Calvert Co., MD; d. Jan 1743/44 at Anne Arundel Co., MD, at
age 60.

     Margaret Johns was born on 11 Oct 1683. She died in Mar 1749/50
at age 66.
     Known children of Gerard Hopkins and Margaret Johns were as
                 i. Elizabeth Hopkins; b. 13 Jun 1703; m. Levin Hill
                    10 Jan 1723/24; d. 27 Feb 1772 at age 68.
                ii. Joseph Hopkins; b. 2 Nov 1706.
     3.        iii. Gerard Hopkins, b. 17 Mar 1709; m. Mary Hall.
                iv. Phillip Hopkins; b. 1711.
                 v. Samuel Hopkins; b. 16 Jan 1713; m. Sarah Giles,
                    daughter of John Giles and Cassandra Smith, 2 Sep
                    1740; d. 1767.
                vi. Richard Hopkins; b. 1715.
               vii. William Hopkins; b. 1718.
              viii. Johns Hopkins; b. 30 Oct 1720; m. Elizabeth Gillis
                    May 1744; m. Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of Samuel Thomas
                    and Mary Snowden, 16 Feb 1758; 3rd wife; m. Mary
                    Richardson; 2nd husband.

                          Generation Three

3.  Gerard Hopkins (Gerard2, Gerard1); b. 17 Mar 1709; m. Mary Hall,
daughter of Richard Hall and Mary Hosier, May 1730 at Herring Creek
Meeting, South River, MD; d. 3 Jul 1777 at South River, MD, at age 68.

     Known children of Gerard Hopkins and Mary Hall were as follows:
                 i. Margaret Hopkins; b. 11 Jan 1730/31; m. John
                    Thomas, son of John Thomas and Elizabeth Snowden;
                    d. 16 Mar 1806 at age 75.
                ii. Gerard Hopkins; b. 25 Aug 1732.
               iii. Mary Hopkins; b. 11 Nov 1734.
                iv. Sarah Hopkins; b. 20 Sep 1737; m. John Cowman, son
                    of Joseph Cowman and Sarah, 27 Sep 1757.
                 v. Richard Hopkins; b. 7 Feb 1739; d. infancy.
                vi. Elizabeth Hopkins; b. 3 Nov 1741; m. Basil Brooke,
                    son of James Brooke and Deborah Snowden, 1 May
                    1764; d. 17 Aug 1794 at age 52.
     4.        vii. Rachel Hopkins, b. 30 Dec 1742; m. Evan Thomas.
              viii. Joseph Hopkins; b. 11 Jan 1744/45; m. Elizabeth
                    Howell; d. 11 Sep 1825 at age 80.
                ix. Richard Hopkins; b. 20 Mar 1747; m. Ann Snowden,
                    daughter of Samuel Snowden and Elizabeth Thomas,
                    23 Dec 1774; d. 20 Sep 1823 at age 76.
                 x. Hannah Hopkins; b. 29 Aug 1749.
                xi. Dr. Elisha Hopkins; b. 15 Oct 1752; m. Hannah
                    Howell; 1st wife; m. Sarah Snowden, daughter of
                    Samuel Snowden and Elizabeth Thomas; 2nd wife; d.
                    30 Sep 1809 at age 56.
                    He was a physician.

                          Generation Four

4.  Rachel Hopkins (Gerard3, Gerard2, Gerard1); b. 30 Dec 1742; m.
Evan Thomas, son of Samuel Thomas and Mary Snowden, 26 Dec 1766 at
Indian Spring Meeting; d. 3 Dec 1825 at age 82.

     Evan Thomas was born on 21 Jan 1738/39 at Maryland. He resided at
Montgomery Co., MD. He resided at Frederick Co., MD. He died on 10 Nov
1826 at Maryland at age 87.

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