Stanley Family


Generation One



     1.  Thomas1 Stanley; b. 1597;  m. Bennett Tritton, daughter of Daniel Tritton and Alice Goldhatch; 1st husband;  d. 31 Jan 1663 in Hadley, MA;  bur. in Hadley, MA.

     He immigrated in 1634 to Cambridge, MA.  He resided in Lynn, MA.  He was a founder of Hartford, CT.  He resided in Jun 1636 in Hartford, CT.  He resided in 1659 in Hadley, MA.  He left a will on 29 Jan 1659 in Northampton, MA.

     Bennett Tritton was born on 1 Aug 1609.  She married Gregory Wilerton; 2nd husband.  She died on 5 Jan 1664/65 at age 55.  She and Gregory Wilerton resided in Hadley, MA.  She left a will; proved 28 Mar 1665.

     Known children of Thomas1 Stanley and Bennett Tritton were as follows:

               2     i.   Nathaniel2 Stanley, b. circa 1638 in Hartford, CT; m. Sarah Boosey.

                      ii.   Hannah Stanley, m. Samuel Porter, son of John Porter, 1659;  d. 18 Dec 1708.

     Samuel Porter died on 6 Sep 1689.  He resided in Hadley, MA.

                     iii.   Mary Stanley; m. John Porter Jr., son of John Porter and Rose, 1650;  d. 13 Sep 1688;  d. 18 Sep 1688.

     She and John Porter Jr. had 12 children.

                     iv.   Sarah Stanley; m. John Wadsworth Esq., son of William Wadsworth, 1656;  d. 1718.


Generation Two



     2.  Nathaniel2 Stanley (Thomas1); b. circa 1638 in Hartford, CT;  m. Sarah Boosey, daughter of Lt. James Boosey and Alice, 2 Jun 1659;  d. 14 Nov 1712 in Hartford, CT;  bur. in Center Church, Hartford, CT.

     He and Sarah Boosey resided in Hartford, CT.  He resided in 1659 in Hadley, MA.  He resided in 1665 in Hartford, CT.  He left a will on 11 Nov 1712 in Hartford, CT; proved 6 Jan 1712/13.

     Sarah Boosey was born on 12 Nov 1643 in Wethersfield, CT.  She died on 18 Aug 1716 in Hartford, CT, at age 72.  She was buried in Center Church, Hartford, CT.

     Known children of Nathaniel2 Stanley and Sarah Boosey all b. in Hartford, CT, were as follows:

                      i.   Nathaniel3 Stanley; b. 5 Jun 1664 in Hadley, MA;  b. 5 Jan 1665;  d. 12 Apr 1665 in Hadley, MA.

                      ii.   Sarah Stanley; b. 24 Aug 1669;  d. 28 Nov 1689 in Hartford, CT, at age 20;  bur. in Center Church, Hartford, CT.

                     iii.   Joseph Stanley; b. 20 Feb 1671/72;  d. 18 Mar 1675/76 in Hartford, CT, at age 4;  bur. in Center Church, Hartford, CT.

                     iv.   Hannah Stanley; b. 30 Sep 1674;  d. 31 Oct 1681 in Hartford, CT, at age 7;  bur. in Center Church, Hartford, CT.

               3     v.   Mary Stanley, b. 8 Oct 1677; m. Nathaniel Hooker; m. John Austin.

                     vi.   Susanna Stanley; b. 13 Apr 1681;  d. 18 Sep 1683 in Hartford, CT, at age 2;  bur. in Center Church, Hartford, CT.

                    vii.   Nathaniel Stanley; b. 9 Jul 1683;  m. Anna Whiting, daughter of Joseph Whiting and ___ Allyn, 14 Nov 1706;  d. 17 Aug 1755 at age 72.


Generation Three



     3.  Mary3 Stanley (Nathaniel2, Thomas1); b. 8 Oct 1677 in Hartford, CT;  m. Nathaniel Hooker, son of Rev. Samuel Hooker and Mary Willet, Dec 1698; 1st husband;  m. John Austin 8 Dec 1713 in Hartford, CT; 2nd husband;  d. 23 Aug 1753 in Hartford, CT, at age 75;  d. 25 Aug 1753 at age 75;  bur. in Center Church, Hartford, CT.

     She and Nathaniel Hooker resided in Hartford, CT.

     Nathaniel Hooker was born on Sep 1671 in Farmington, CT.  He died on 21 Nov 1711 at age 40.  He was a merchant in Hartford, CT.  He was a member of the Legislature between 1709 and 1711.

     Known children of Mary3 Stanley and Nathaniel Hooker were as follows:

                      i.   Mary4 Hooker; b. 3 Dec 1699 in Hartford, CT;  d. 2 Jan 1765 at age 65; unmarried.

                      ii.   Alice Hooker; b. 12 Nov 1701 in Hartford, CT;  m. Samuel Howard 20 Sep 1720;  d. 1750 in Hartford, CT.

     She and Samuel Howard had 9 children.

                     iii.   Sarah Hooker; b. either 7 Nov 1703 or 7 Nov 1704 in Hartford, CT;  m. Hon. Daniel Edwards, son of Richard Edwards and Mary Talcott, 1728;  d. 31 Jul 1775 at age 70.

     She and Hon. Daniel Edwards had 5 children.

                     iv.   Abigail Hooker; b. 1707 in Hartford, CT;  baptized 5 Oct 1707;  m. Rev. Benjamin Lord, son of Benjamin Lord and Elizabeth Pratt; 3rd wife, no issue;  d. 4 Oct 1792 in Norwich, CT.

                      v.   Nathaniel Hooker; b. in Hartford, CT;  d.young.

                     vi.   Nathaniel Hooker; b. 1710;  baptized 8 Oct 1710 in Hartford, CT;  m. Eunice Talcott, daughter of Gov. Joseph Talcott and Eunice Howell;  d. 24 Jan 1763 in Hartford, CT;  d. 27 Jan 1763 in Hartford, CT.

     He resided in Hartford, CT.  He and Eunice Talcott had 5 children.  He was graduated in 1729 in Yale College, New Haven, CT.

     John Austin was born in Catharine St., The Strand, London, England.  He immigrated to Boston, MA.    He was a merchant.  He left a will on 19 Feb 1741/42 in Hartford, CT; proved 20 Sep 1743.  He died in 1743 in Hartford, CT.

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