Baldwin Family Genealogy

Baldwin Family

                          Generation One

1.  Nathaniel Baldwin; b. at England; m. Abigail Camp; 1st wife; m.
Joanna; 2nd husband, 2nd wife; d. 1658 at Fairfield, CT.
     He immigrated before 1639.

     Abigail Camp died on 22 Mar 1648.
     Known children of Nathaniel Baldwin and Abigail Camp were as
                 i. John Baldwin; m. Hannah Osborn 19 Aug 1663; 1st
                    wife; m. Ruth Botsford; 2nd wife.
                ii. Daniel Baldwin; b. 1644; m. Elizabeth Botsford 27
                    Jun 1665.
                    He and Elizabeth Botsford resided at Milford, CT.
               iii. Nathaniel Baldwin; b. 2 Jan 1645; m. Hannah
                    Botsford 12 Mar 1671; 1st wife; m. Martha
                    Mitchell; 2nd wife; d. Jun 1714 at age 69.
                iv. Abigail Baldwin; b. 1648; d. 1668.

     Joanna resided at Fairfield, CT. She married ___ Westcoat; 1st
husband. She resided at Guilford, CT. She died in 1682.
     Known children of Nathaniel Baldwin and Joanna were as follows:
                 i. Sarah Baldwin; b. 1650.
                ii. Deborah Baldwin; b. 1652.
     2.        iii. Samuel Baldwin, b. circa 1654 at Fairfield, CT; m.
                    Abigail Baldwin.

                          Generation Two

2.  Samuel Baldwin (Nathaniel1); b. circa 1654 at Fairfield, CT; m.
Abigail Baldwin, daughter of John Baldwin and Mary Bruen; 1st husband;
d. 12 Jan 1696 at Guilford, CT.
     He and Abigail Baldwin resided at Guilford, CT. He was a

     Abigail Baldwin was born on 15 Nov 1658 at Milford, CT. She was
baptized circa 16 Apr 1659. She married John Wadhams; 2nd husband.
     Known children of Samuel Baldwin and Abigail Baldwin were as
     3.          i. Abigail Baldwin, b. 14 Dec 1678 at Guilford, CT;
                    m. Joseph Starr.
                ii. Deborah Baldwin; b. 8 Apr 1681; d. 5 Dec 1681.
               iii. Dorothy Baldwin; b. 27 Dec 1683; m. Ziba Tryon.
                iv. Joanna Baldwin; b. 18 May 1686; m. Samuel Rose.
                 v. Samuel Baldwin; b. 13 Jan 1689; m. Elizabeth
                    Frisbie 14 Mar 1711; 1st wife; m. Lydia Sperry 8
                    Jan 1713; 2nd wife.
                    He resided at Branford, CT. He resided at
                    Litchfield, CT.
                vi. Timothy Baldwin; b. 14 Apr 1691; m. Bathseba Stone
                    24 Sep 1713; d. 4 Aug 1757 at age 66.
                    He and Bathseba Stone resided at North Guilford,
               vii. Deacon Nathaniel Baldwin; b. 28 Nov 1693; m.
                    Elizabeth Parmelee 8 Apr 1718; d. 18 Oct 1760 at
                    age 66.
                    He and Elizabeth Parmelee resided at Goshen, CT.
                    He and Elizabeth Parmelee resided at Litchfield,

                          Generation Three

3.  Abigail Baldwin (Samuel2, Nathaniel1); b. 14 Dec 1678 at Guilford,
CT; m. Joseph Starr, son of Comfort Starr and Marah Weld, 24 Jun 1697;
d. 24 Aug 1745 at Middletown, CT, at age 66.

     Joseph Starr was born on 23 Sep 1676 at Middletown, CT. He
resided at Middletown, CT. He died on 13 Jul 1758 at Middletown, CT,
at age 81.

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