Willett Family Genealogy

Willett Family

                     Generation One

1.  Thomas Willett; b. circa 1620/21 at Bristol, England; m. Sarah
Cornell, daughter of Thomas Cornell and Rebecca Briggs, 1 Sep 1643 at
New Amsterdam, New Netherlands; 1st husband; d. circa 1645.
     He was a soldier. He resided at Bristol, England. He immigrated
in 1643 to New Amsterdam, New Netherlands.

     Sarah Cornell resided at Essex, England. She resided at Cornell's
Neck, NY. She married Charles Bridges on 3 Nov 1647 at Dutch Reformed
Church, New Amsterdam; 2nd husband. She married John Lawrence Jr., son
of John Lawrence and Susannah, on 20 Nov 1682; license, 3rd husband.
She died between 1692 and 1698.
     Known children of Thomas Willett and Sarah Cornell were as
                 i. Lt. William Willett; baptized 27 Jun or 6 Jul 1644
                    at New Amsterdam; d. 1701; no issue.
     2.         ii. Col. Thomas Willett, bap. 26 Nov 1645 at Dutch
                    Reformed Church, New Amsterdam; m. Heiltie
                    Elbertse Stoothoff; m. Charity Stevenson.

                     Generation Two

2.  Col. Thomas2 Willett (Thomas1); baptized 26 Nov 1645 at Dutch
Reformed Church, New Amsterdam; m. Heiltie Elbertse Stoothoff,
daughter of Capt. Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff and Altje Cornelise Cool,
1667; 1st wife; m. Charity Stevenson, daughter of Edward Stevenson and
Charity Field, 15 Jan 1705; 2nd wife; d. Sep 1722 at Flushing, NY, at
age 76.

     Heiltie Elbertse Stoothoff resided at Brooklyn, NY. She was also
known as Helena. She died by Nov 1701.
     Known children of Col. Thomas Willett and Heiltie Elbertse
Stoothoff were as follows:
     3.          i. William Willett, b. 1668; m. Anna Field; m. Mary
                ii. Sarah Willett; b. circa 1670; m. Jacob DeKey 9 May
               iii. Lt. Col. Thomas Willett; b. 1672; m. Sarah
                    Hinchman, daughter of John Hinchman and Sarah
                    Harrison; 1st wife; m. Keziah Thorne 20 Jul 1723
                    at Grace Church, Jamaica, NY; 2nd wife; d. 30 Nov
                    He resided at Queens Co., NY. He resided at
                    Newton, Gloucester Co., NJ. Sarah Hinchman was b.
                    1672, d. 30  Nov 1724.
                iv. Mary Willett; b. 1674; m. Richard Willett 22 Dec
                 v. Elbert Willett; b. 1676; m. Joanna Varick.
                vi. Charles Willett; b. circa 1678.
     4.        vii. Helena Willett, b. 22 Dec 1680; m. William
              viii. Cornelius Willett; b. 1683; d. before 1722.
     5.         ix. Abraham Willett, b. 1685; m. Susanna Stevens.
                 x. John Willett; b. 1690; m. Mary Rodman, daughter of
                    Dr. John Rodman and Mary Scammon, 14 Sep 1714; d.
                    circa Feb 1737.
                    He resided at Flushing, NY.
                xi. Elizabeth Willett; b. 1692; m. Daniel Stevenson,
                    son of Thomas Stevenson and Ann, 24 May 1711.

     Charity Stevenson died in May 1712.
     Known children of Col. Thomas Willett and Charity Stevenson were:
                 i. Mary Willett; b. circa 1710; m. Samuel Rodman, son
                    of Dr. Thomas Rodman and Hannah Clarke, 16 Mar
                    1723 at Flushing, Long Island, NY; d. 21 May 1756
                    at Newport, RI; bur. at Clifton Burying Ground,
                    Newport, RI.
                    She and Samuel Rodman had 9 children.

                     Generation Three

3.  William Willett (Thomas2, Thomas1); b. 1668; m. Anna Field,
daughter of Robert Field and Susannah; 1st wife; m. Mary Hinchman 12
Dec 1722; 2nd wife, 2nd husband; d. 1733.
     He resided at West Chester, West Chester Co., NY.

     Known children of William Willett and Anna Field were as follows:
                 i. Gilbert Willett; b. 1692; d. 1731.
                    He resided at West Chester Co., NY.
     6.         ii. Mary Willett, b. 5 Sep 1693; m. Dr. John Rodman.
               iii. Col. William Willett; b. 1695; m. Margaret Floyd,
                    daughter of Col. Richard Floyd, circa 1733; 2nd
                    husband, 1st wife; m. Alice Colden, daughter of
                    Lt. Gov. Cadwallader Colden, 1753; 2nd wife;
                    d. 1775 at Rye, West Chester Co., NY.
                iv. Anna Willett; b. 1704 at Flushing, NY; m. David
                    Jones, son of Maj. Thomas Jones, 22 Nov 1722; d.
                    31 Jan 1750.
                 v. Isaac Willett; b. 1706; m. Isabella Morris,
                    daughter of Lewis Morris and Isabella, 19 May
                    1746; 1st wife; m. Margaret Morris; 2nd wife; d. 6
                    May 1774.
                    He resided at Cornell's Neck, NY.
                vi. Thomas Willett; b. 1708; m. Abigail Stevenson,
                    daughter of John Stevenson, 17 Feb 1736; d. 28 Aug
                    1764 at Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ; bur. at
                    Hartshorne Burying Ground, Middletown, NJ.
               vii. Cornelius Willett; b. 20 Oct 1710; m. Elizabeth
                    Oakley, daughter of John Oakley and Martha, 1741;
                    d. 4 May 1781 at age 70.
                    He resided at West Chester Co., NY. He was a

     Mary Hinchman married William Bloodgood; 1st husband.

4.  Helena Willett (Thomas2, Thomas1); b. 22 Dec 1680; baptized at
Flatbush, Long Island, NY; m. William Hartshorne, son of Richard
Hartshorne and Margaret Carr, 1 May 1713; 2nd wife; d. 1 May 1715 at
age 34.
     She resided at Flushing, Long Island, NY.

     William Hartshorne was born 1678/79 at Monmouth Co., NJ. He
resided at Portland, Highlands, Monmouth Co., NJ. He resided at
Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ. He married Catherine Bowne, daughter of
John Bowne; 1st wife. He married Elizabeth Lawrence, daughter of
William Lawrence and Ruth Gibbons, between 1716 and 1718; 3rd wife.
He left a will on 25 Nov 1745; proved 10 Mar 1748. He died on 29 Feb
1747/48 at Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ. He was buried at Hartshorne
Burying Ground, Middletown, NJ.

5.  Abraham Willett (Thomas2, Thomas1); b. 1685; m. Susanna Stevens 1
May 1713; d. after 1756.

     Susanna Stevens was also known as Susanna Stephenson.
     Known children of Abraham Willett and Susanna Stevens include:
                 i. Helena Willett; m. Joseph Rodman, son of Dr. John
                    Rodman and Mary Scammon, 9 Nov 1758; 2nd wife.

                     Generation Four

6.  Mary Willett (William3, Thomas2, Thomas1); b. 5 Sep 1693; m. Dr.
John Rodman, son of Dr. John Rodman and Christina Gibson, 7 Jul 1719;
2nd wife; d. 8 Apr 1759 at age 65.
     She resided at Cornell's Neck, Westchester Co., NY.

     Dr. John Rodman was a physician. He was born on 14 May 1679 at
Barbadoes. He immigrated in 1682 to Newport, RI. He resided circa 1700
at Newport, RI. He married Margaret Grosse, daughter of Thomas Grosse
and Elizabeth, on 7 Aug 1705; 1st wife. He resided at Block Island,
RI. He resided at Philadelphia, PA. He resided at Boston, MA. He
resided in 1712 at Flushing, Long Island, NY. He resided in 1726 at
Burlington, NJ. He died on 13 Jul 1756 at Burlington, NJ, at age 77.

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