Baldwin Family Genealogy

Baldwin Family

                          Generation One

1.  John Baldwin; m. Mary Wilkins, daughter of John Wilkins and
Bridget Craft, by Dec 1650; m. Elizabeth; 2nd wife, 2nd husband.
     He resided at Northampton Co., VA. He and Elizabeth resided at
South River, Anne Arundel Co., MD. He left a will on 12 Jun 1682 at
Anne Arundel Co., MD; proved 25 Jul 1684.

     Known children of John Baldwin and Mary Wilkins were as follows:
     2.          i. John Baldwin, m. Hester.
                ii. Margaret Baldwin; b. circa 1651; m. Thomas
                    Crutchley by 1671; 1st wife.
               iii. Lydia Baldwin; m. Thomas Watkins after 1671; 1st
                    husband; m. Edward Beetenson by 31 Jul 1680; 2nd
                iv. Ruth Baldwin; m. Capt. Philip Howard, son of
                    Matthew Howard and Anne, after 1671.

     Elizabeth married George Dorrell; 1st husband. She left a will on
29 Dec 1687; proved 14 Jan 1690/1.

                          Generation Two

2.  John Baldwin (John1); m. Hester Larkin before 20 May 1695; 3rd
     He resided at Anne Arundel Co., MD. He left a will on 27 Feb
1714/15 at Anne Arundel Co., MD; proved 26 Mar 1715.

     Hester Larkin was born circa 1665. She married William Gough;
1st husband. She married Nicholas Nicholson; 2nd husband.
     Known children of John Baldwin and Hester Larkin were as follows:
     3.          i. Col. John Baldwin, m. Mary Dare; m. Mary Sewall.
                ii. James Baldwin; m. Mary Tyler 20 Jan 1714/15; 1st
                    He resided at Prince George's Co., MD. He resided
                    at Anne Arundel Co., MD. He was a planter. He left
                    a will on 7 Dec 1727; proved 14 Feb 1727/8.
               iii. Thomas Baldwin; b. circa 1699; m. Agnes; d. Feb
                iv. Mary Baldwin; m. Robert Lusby Jr. 21 Aug 1707.
                 v. Catherine Baldwin; b. circa 1705; m. Capt. Charles
                    Griffith 1727; d. 13 May 1733.
                    She and Capt. Charles Griffith resided at Anne
                    Arundel Co., MD.

                          Generation Three

3.  Col. John Baldwin (John2, John1); m. Mary Dare, daughter of
William Dare, before 25 May 1730; 1st wife, 2nd husband; m. Mary
Sewall, daughter of Maj. Nicholas Sewall, by 1737; 2nd wife, 3rd
     He resided at Anne Arundel Co., MD. He resided by 1728 at Cecil
Co., MD. He left a will on 22 Feb 1730/31; proved 15 Aug 1752.

     Mary Dare married John Thompson; 1st husband.
     Known children of Col. John Baldwin and Mary Dare were as
     4.          i. Hester Baldwin, m. Dowdall Thompson.
                ii. Mary Baldwin; m. John Thompson 26 Mar 1744.
               iii. Catherine Baldwin; m. George Milligan 23 Mar

     Mary Sewall married William Frisby; 1st husband. She married
Dominick Carroll; 2nd husband.

                          Generation Four

4.  Hester Baldwin (John3, John2, John1); m. Dowdall Thompson, son of
Augustine Thompson and Sarah Salter, 10 Apr 1740; d. 1771.

     Dowdall Thompson was born on 23 Sep 1718. He resided at Queen
Anne's Co., MD. He died on 28 Apr 1756 at age 37.

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