Smith Family Genealogy

Smith Family

                     Generation One

1.  James Smith; b. 1683; m. Sarah Hynson, daughter of Col. John
Hynson and Rachel, 21 Jan 1705/6; d. Mar 1760.
     He was County Clerk at Kent Co., MD. He resided at Kent Co., MD.

     Sarah Hynson was also known as Ann Hynson.
     Known children of James Smith and Sarah Hynson were as follows:
                 i. John Smith; baptized 15 Oct 1706; d. Nov 1732 at
                    age 26.
                ii. Hannah Smith; b. 14 Mar 1708; m. Edward Scott 7
                    Oct 1725; 1st husband; m. Joseph Nicholson; 2nd
                    husband, 1st wife.
               iii. Sarah Smith; b. 23 Sep 1711; m. Josias Ringgold 11
                    Aug 1730.
                iv. James Smith; b. 2 Apr 1714.
     2.          v. Ann Smith, b. 7 Dec 1720; m. Dr. William Murray.
                vi. Mary Smith; m. Nathaniel Hynson Jr. 29 Oct 1735;
                    1st husband; m. Samuel Wickes; 2nd husband.
               vii. William Smith.

                     Generation Two

2.  Ann Smith (James1); b. 7 Dec 1720; m. Dr. William Murray, son of
James Murray and Sarah Thomas, 22 Jan 1740 at Chestertown, MD; d. 18
Aug 1807 at age 86.
     She and Dr. William Murray resided at Chestertown, Kent Co., MD.

     Dr. William Murray was born on 15 Jul 1708. He was a physician.
He died on 13 Apr 1769 at age 60.

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