Southworth Family Genealogy

Southworth Family

                      Generation One

1.  Sir Thomas Southworth; m. Margery Boteler, daughter of Sir Thomas
Boteler and Margaret Delves.

     Known children of Sir Thomas Southworth and Margery Boteler were:
     2.          i. Sir John Southworth, m. Mary Ashton.

                      Generation Two

2.  Sir John Southworth (Thomas1); m. Mary Ashton.

     Known children of Sir John Southworth and Mary Ashton were:
     3.          i. Thomas Southworth, m. Rosamond Lister.

                     Generation Three

3.  Thomas Southworth (John2, Thomas1); m. Rosamond Lister, daughter
of William Lister and Bridget Pigot.

     Children of Thomas Southworth and Rosamond Lister may include:
     4.          i. Edward Southworth, b. 1590 at London, England; m.
                    Alice Carpenter.

                     Generation Four

4.  Edward Southworth(may be the son of Thomas3, John2, Thomas1); b. 1590 at London,
England; m. Alice Carpenter, daughter of Alexander Carpenter, 28 May
1613 at Leyden, Holland; d. circa 1621.

     Alice Carpenter was born circa 1590. She resided at Wrington,
Somersetshire, England. She immigrated in Jul 1623 to Plymouth, MA;
ship 'Ann.' She married Gov. William Bradford on 14 Aug 1623 at
Plymouth, MA. She died on 26 Mar 1670 at Plymouth, MA. She was buried
at Burial Hill, Plymouth, MA.
     Known children of Edward Southworth and Alice Carpenter both b.
at Leyden, Holland, were as follows:
     5.          i. Constant Southworth, b. 1615.
                ii. Thomas Southworth; b. 1616/17; m. Elizabeth
                    Reynor, daughter of ___ Reynor, 1641; d. 8 Dec
                    1669 at Plymouth, MA.

                     Generation Five

5.  Constant Southworth (Edward4, Thomas3, John2, Thomas1); b. 1615 at
Leyden, Holland; m. Elizabeth Collier, daughter of William Collier and
Jane, 2 Nov 1637 at Plymouth, MA; d. 10 Mar 1678/79 at Duxbury, MA.
     He left a will on 27 Feb 1678.

     Elizabeth Collier resided at Duxbury, MA. She was baptized on 9
Mar 1618/19.
     Known children of Constant Southworth and Elizabeth Collier were
as follows:
     6.          i. Alice Southworth, b. 1646; m. Col. Benjamin
                ii. Edward Southworth; m. Mary Pabodie, daughter of
                    William Pabodie and Elizabeth Alden, 16 Nov 1669;
                    d. 1727.
               iii. Mercy Southworth; b. circa 1638; m. Samuel
                    Freeman, son of Samuel Freeman and Apphia Quick,
                    12 May 1658 at Eastham, MA; d. 25 Nov 1712.
                iv. Nathaniel Southworth; b. 1648; d. 14 Jan 1711.
                 v. Mary Southworth; b. circa 1650; m. David Alden,
                    son of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins, by 1674;
                    d. 1719.
                vi. William Southworth; b. 1659; m. Rebecca Pabodie,
                    daughter of William Pabodie and Elizabeth Alden,
                    circa 1680; d. 25 Jun 1718 at Little Compton, RI.
               vii. Elizabeth Southworth.
              viii. Priscilla Southworth; m. John Irish; m. Samuel
                    Talbot 1 Mar 1678 at Bristol, RI.

                      Generation Six

6.  Alice Southworth (Constant5, Edward4, Thomas3, John2, Thomas1); b.
1646; m. Col. Benjamin Church, son of Richard Church and Elizabeth
Warren, 26 Dec 1671 at Tiverton, RI; d. 5 Mar 1718/19 at Little
Compton, RI.
     She resided at Duxbury, MA. She and Col. Benjamin Church resided
at Duxbury, MA. She and Col. Benjamin Church resided at Bristol, RI.

     Col. Benjamin Church was born circa 1640 at Plymouth or Duxbury,
MA. He resided in 1705 at Little Compton, RI. He died on 17 Jan 1718
at near Little Compton, RI.

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