Bacon Family Genealogy

Bacon Family

                          Generation One

1.  John Bacon; m. Agnes Cockfield, daughter of Thomas Cockfield; d.
     He resided at Drinkstone, England.

     Known children of John Bacon and Agnes Cockfield include:
     2.          i. Robert Bacon, m. Isabella Cage.

                          Generation Two

2.  Robert Bacon (John1); m. Isabella Cage, daughter of John Cage;
bur. at Hesset, England; d. 1548.
     He resided at Hesset, England. He resided at Drinkstone, England.
He left a will on 10 Aug 1548; proved 10 Dec 1548.

     Isabella Cage was buried at Hesset, England.
     Known children of Robert Bacon and Isabella Cage include:
     3.          i. James Bacon, m. Margaret Rawlings.
     4.         ii. Sir Nicholas Bacon, b. 1509.

                          Generation Three

3.  James Bacon (Robert2, John1); m. Margaret Rawlings, daughter of
William Rawlings; 2nd husband; bur. at St. Dunstan, Stepney,
Middlesex, England; d. 5 Jun 1573.
     He was Sheriff of London. He resided at London, England. He was a
fishmonger. He left a will on 22 Apr 1573; proved 2 Oct 1573.

     Margaret Rawlings married R. Goldston; 1st husband.
     Known children of James Bacon and Margaret Rawlings include:
     5.          i. Sir James Bacon, m. Elizabeth Bacon.

4.  Sir Nicholas Bacon (Robert2, John1); b. 1509; d. 1579.
     He was Lord Keeper of the Great Seal during the reign of Queen

     Known children of Sir Nicholas Bacon include:
                 i. Sir Francis Bacon; b. 22 Jan 1561 at The Strand,
                    London, England; d. 9 Apr 1626 at age 65.

                          Generation Four

5.  Sir James Bacon (James3, Robert2, John1); m. Elizabeth Bacon,
daughter of Francis Bacon and Elizabeth Cotton; d. 17 Jan 1618 at
London, England.
     He resided at Friston Hall, Suffolk, England.

     Known children of Sir James Bacon and Elizabeth Bacon include:
     6.          i. Rev. James Bacon, m. Martha Woodward.
     7.         ii. Nathaniel Bacon; b. 15 May 1593; m. Anne le

                          Generation Five

6.  Rev. James Bacon (James4, James3, Robert2, John1); m. Martha
Woodward, daughter of George Woodward and Elizabeth Honeywood; 1st
husband; d. 9 Nov 1649.
     He resided at Burgate, Suffolk, England.

     Martha Woodward married Rev. Robert Pecke; 2nd husband. She died
on 25 Aug 1670.
     Known children of Rev. James Bacon and Martha Woodward were as
     8.          i. Martha Bacon, b. circa 1629; m. Anthony Smith.
                ii. Elizabeth Bacon; m. Thomas Burrows 16 Sep 1647.
               iii. Anne Bacon; baptized 18 Nov 1631 at Burgate,
                    Suffolk, England; m. ___ Wilkinson.

     Known children of Rev. James Bacon include:
                 i. Hon. Nathaniel Bacon; baptized 1620; m. Ann
                    Bassett, daughter of William Bassett and Anne; 2nd
                    husband; b. 1620; d. 1692/93.
                    He immigated in 1650 to Virginia. He was Acting
                    Governor at Virginia. He was President of the
                    Governor's Council at Virginia. He resided at
                    'King's Creek', York Co., VA.

7.  Nathaniel Bacon (James4, James3, Robert2, John1); b. 15 May 1593;
m. Anne le Grosse; d. Aug 1644 at age 51; bur. at Friston Church,
Suffolk, England.
     He resided at Friston Hall, Suffolk, England.

     Known children of Nathaniel Bacon include:
     9.          i. Thomas Bacon

                          Generation Six

8.  Martha Bacon (James5, James4, James3, Robert2, John1); b. circa
1629; m. Anthony Smith circa 1651.

     Anthony Smith resided at Colchester, England. He died circa 1667.

9.  Thomas Bacon (Nathaniel5, James4, James3, Robert2, John1) resided
at Friston Hall, Suffolk, England.

     Known children of Thomas Bacon include:
                 i. Nathaniel Bacon; b. 1647 at Suffolk, England; d.
                    1676 at Gloucester Co., VA.
                    He resided at 'Curles Neck', Henrico Co., VA.

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