Chiswell Family Genealogy

Chiswell Family

                          Generation One

1.  Charles Chiswell; b. 1677; d. 1737.
     He was a metalurgist. He was Clerk of the General Court at

     Known children of Charles Chiswell include:
     2.          i. Col. John Chiswell, m. Elizabeth Randolph.

                          Generation Two

2.  Col. John Chiswell (Charles1); m. Elizabeth Randolph, daughter of
Col. William Randolph Jr. and Elizabeth Beverley, 19 May 1736; d. 15
Oct 1766; when he committed suicide while awaiting trial for a murder
he committed during a political arguement.
     He resided at 'Scotchtown', Hanover Co, VA. He and Elizabeth
Randolph resided at Williamsburg, VA. He was a metalurgist. He was a
member of the House of Burgesses (most sessions) between 1744 and
1758 at Virginia.

     Elizabeth Randolph was born on 24 Oct 1715. She resided at
Hanover Co., VA. She died in Feb 1776 at age 60.
     Known children of Col. John Chiswell and Elizabeth Randolph were
as follows:
                 i. Elizabeth Chiswell; b. 24 May 1737; m. Charles
                    Carter, son of Col. Charles Carter and Mary
                    Walker, circa 1755/60; d. 1804.
                ii. Susan Chiswell; b. 1738; m. John Robinson, son of
                    Hon. John Robinson and Catherine Beverley, 21 Dec
                    1759; 3rd wife.
     3.        iii. Mary Chiswell, b. 22 Feb 1739; m. Capt. Warner
                    Lewis Jr.
                iv. Lucy Chiswell; b. 3 Aug 1752; m. Col. William
                    Nelson, son of Thomas Nelson and Lucy Armistead,
                    24 Nov 1770; d. 4 Apr 1810 at age 57.

                          Generation Three

3.  Mary Chiswell (John2, Charles1); b. 22 Feb 1739; m. Capt. Warner
Lewis Jr., son of Col. Warner Lewis and Eleanor Bowles, 1766; 1st
wife; d. 1 Nov 1776 at age 37; bur. at 'Warner Hall', Gloucester Co.,

     Capt. Warner Lewis Jr. was born in 1747 at Virginia. He resided
at 'Warner Hall', Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., VA. He was a
Captain of Militia during Revolutionary War. He was a member of the
Electoral College that elected Washington President. He married Mary
Fleming, daughter of Col. John Fleming and Susanna; 2nd wife, 1st
husband. He died on 30 Dec 1791 at Virginia. He was buried at 'Warner
Hall', Gloucester Co., VA.

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