Bedell Family Genealogy

Bedell Family

                          Generation One

1.  John Bedell; m. Johanna Wolleston; d. circa 1485.
     He resided at Wollaston, Northamptonshire, England.

     Johanna Wolleston resided at Wolleston, Northamptonshire,
     Known children of John Bedell and Johanna Wolleston were as follows:
     2.          i. Thomas Bedell
                ii. John Bedell.
               iii. George Bedell.

                          Generation Two

2.  Thomas Bedell (John1).

     Known children of Thomas Bedell include:
     3.          i. William Bedell, m. Goditha Villers.

                          Generation Three

3.  William Bedell (Thomas2, John1); m. Goditha Villers.
     He resided at Catworth, Huntingtonshire, England.

     Goditha Villers resided at Leicestershire, England.
     Known children of William Bedell and Goditha Villers were as
     4.          i. Silvester Bedell; m. Anna Lane; m. Margareta
                ii. William Bedell.
               iii. Gabriel Bedell.
                iv. Alice Bedell; m. Ambrose Lane.
                 v. Elizabeth Bedell; m. Henry Clarke.

                          Generation Four

4.  Silvester Bedell (William3, Thomas2, John1); m. Anna Lane,
daughter of John Lane; 1st wife; m. Margareta Highfeild, daughter of
William Highfeild; 2nd wife.
     He resided at Hamerton, Huntingtonshire, England.

     Known children of Silvester Bedell include:
                 i. Sir John Bedell resided at Hamerton,
                    Huntingtonshire, England.

     Known children of Silvester Bedell and Margareta Highfeild were:
     5.          i. William Bedell, m. Bridget Power; m. Elizabeth.

                          Generation Five

5.  William Bedell (Silvester4, William3, Thomas2, John1); m. Bridget
Power; m. Elizabeth; last wife; d. 1612.
     He resided at Great Catworth, Huntingdonshire, England. He
resided at Catsworth, Huntingdonshire, England. He left a will on 27
May 1612; proved 6 Jul 1612.

     Known children of William Bedell include:
     6.          i. Dorothy Bedell, m. Edward Burwell; m. Hon. Roger
                ii. Silvester Bedell; b. circa 1569; m. Ann Pickering,
                    daughter of James Pickering; d. 1629.
                    He resided at Mouldsworth, Huntingtonshire, England.
               iii. George Bedell.
                iv. Henry Bedell; m. ___ Audeley.
                    He resided at Catworth, Huntingtonshire, England.
                 v. Francis Bedell resided at Catworth,
                    Huntingtonshire, England.
                vi. Jane Bedell.
               vii. Ann Bedell; m. Henry Godfrey.
              viii. Elizabeth Bedell; m. ___ Robinson.
                ix. Bridgett Bedell; m. Richard Dixey.
                 x. Gabriell Bedell; d. at Virginia; unmarried.
                xi. John Bedell; d; unmarried.
               xii. Mary Bedell; m. ___ Hawes.
              xiii. ___ Bedell; m. ___ Petitt.
               xiv. William Bedell; d; unmarried.
                xv. Alexander Bedell; d; unmarried.

     Bridget Power resided at Northamptonshire, England.

                          Generation Six

6.  Dorothy Bedell (William5, Silvester4, William3, Thomas2, John1);
m. Edward Burwell, son of Edward Burwell and Jane Wingate; 1st
husband; m. Hon. Roger Wingate, son of Roger Wingate; 2nd husband.
     She was also known as Dorothea Bedell.

     Edward Burwell was baptized on 24 Aug 1579 at Toddington,
Bedfordshire, England. He resided at Houghton Park, Harlington,
Bedfordshire, England. He left a will on 18 Oct 1626; nuncupative. He
died in 1626.

     Hon. Roger Wingate resided at Bedfordshire, England. He resided
in 1637 at London, England. He was a member of Council at Virginia. He
was Treasurer between 1639 and 1641 at Virginia. He died in 1641.

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