Grinnell Family Genealogy

Grinnell Family

                          Generation One

1.  Matthew Grinnell; m. Rose French 27 Aug 1615 at Lexden Parish,
Essex, England; 1st husband; d. between 1638 and 1643.
     He resided on 20 May 1638 at Newport, RI.

     Rose French married Anthony Paine circa 10 Nov 1643; 2nd husband.
She married James Weeden; 3rd husband.
     Known children of Matthew Grinnell and Rose French were as
                 i. Rose Grinnell; baptized 21 May 1616 at Lexden
                    Parish, Essex, England.
                ii. Thomas Grinnell; baptized Jan 1630/31 at Parish of
                    St. Botolph, Colchester, Essex, England.
     2.        iii. Daniel Grinnell; b. circa 1636; m. Mary Wordell.
                iv. Mary Grinnell; m. John Manchester.
                 v. Matthew Grinnell; baptized 18 Jul 1619 at Lexden,
                    Essex, England; bur. 26 May 1620 at Lexden, Essex,
                vi. Matthew Grinnell.

                          Generation Two

2.  Daniel Grinnell (Matthew1); b. circa 1636; m. Mary Wordell,
daughter of William Wordell and Mary; d. after 1703 at Little Compton,
     He was a maltster. He resided in 1656 at Portsmouth, RI. He
resided in 1687 at Little Compton, RI.

     Mary Wordell was born in Nov 1640.
     Known children of Daniel Grinnell and Mary Wordell were as
     3.          i. Daniel Grinnell, b. circa 1668 at Portsmouth, RI;
                    m. Lydia Pabodie.
                ii. Richard Grinnell; b. circa 1669 at Portsmouth, RI;
                    m. Patience Emory, daughter of Joseph Sadler and
                    Elizabeth Washburne, 25 May 1704 at Little
                    Compton, RI; d. 1 Jul 1725 at Little Compton, RI.
                    He left a will on 9 Dec 1723; proved 20 Jul 1725.
               iii. Jonathan Grinnell; b. 1670; m. Rebecca Irish,
                    daughter of Elias Irish and Dorothy Witherell;
                    1st wife; m. Abigail Ford 8 Dec 1698 at Little
                    Compton, RI; 2nd wife.
                    He resided at Little Compton, RI.

                          Generation Three

3.  Daniel Grinnell (Daniel2, Matthew1); b. circa 1668 at Portsmouth,
RI; m. Lydia Pabodie, daughter of William Pabodie and Elizabeth Alden,
circa 1683; d. 7 Jan 1740/41 at Saybrook, CT.
     He left a will in Nov 1726 at Guilford, CT.

     Lydia Pabodie was born on 3 Apr 1667 at Duxbury, MA. She died on
13 Jul 1748 at Saybrook, CT, at age 81.
     Known children of Daniel Grinnell and Lydia Pabodie were as
                 i. Peabody Grinnell; b. circa 1684; m. Ruth Nettleton
                    8 Apr 1718 at Saybrook, CT; 1st wife; m. Sarah
                    Barnes 20 Mar 1733 at Saybrook, CT; 2nd wife.
                ii. George Grinnell; b. circa 1686; m. Mary Bull 31
                    Jan 1725.
                    He resided at Westbrook, CT.
               iii. Mary Grinnell; b. circa 1688; m. Robert Lay.
     4.         iv. Priscilla Grinnell, b. circa 1690 at Saybrook, CT;
                    m. Theophilus Redfield.
                 v. Elizabeth Grinnell; m. ___ Stevens.
                vi. Lydia Grinnell; m. Joseph Clark.
               vii. Sarah Grinnell; m. ___ Brooks.
              viii. Jemima Grinnell; b. 26 Jul 1704; m. Abraham Charker.
                ix. Daniel Grinnell; b. 11 Jan 1707/8.
                 x. Ruth Grinnell.
                xi. Rebecca Grinnell; m. ___ Doude.

                          Generation Four

4.  Priscilla Grinnell (Daniel3, Daniel2, Matthew1); b. circa 1690 at
Saybrook, CT; m. Theophilus Redfield, son of James Redfield and
Elizabeth How, 24 Dec 1706; d. 12 Jan 1770 at Chestnut Hill, CT.

     Theophilus Redfield was prob. born in 1682 at Saybrook, CT. He
resided at Killingworth, CT. He was a joiner. He died on 14 Feb 1759.

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