Plumley Family Genealogy

Plumley Family

                      Generation One

1.  Charles Plumly; m. Margery Page 11 Feb 1665/66 at Northern
District Meeting, Somersetshire, England; 1st husband; d. 1683 at
Bucks Co., PA.
     He resided at Priddy, Somersetshire, England.

     Margery Page resided at Butcomb, Somersetshire, England. She
married Henry Paxson on 13 Aug 1684.
     Known children of Charles Plumly and Margery Page were as
                 i. William Plumly; b. 7 Dec 1666 at Somersetshire,
                    England; d. before 1699 at Bucks Co., PA.
                ii. George Plumly; d. 1754 at Philadelphia, PA.
                    He was a cutler. He resided at Philadelphia, PA.
               iii. James Plumly; b. 1669; d. 1702 at Bucks Co., PA.
     2.         iv. Charles Plumley, b. 29 Apr 1674 at Wells,
                    Somersetshire, England; m. Rose Budd.
                 v. John Plumly; b. 8 Sep 1677 at Priddy,
                    Somersetshire, England; m. Mary Bainbridge,
                    daughter of John Bainbridge and Sarah, 1707;
                    1st husband.
                    He and Mary Bainbridge had 6 children.

                      Generation Two

2.  Charles Plumley (Charles1Plumly); b. 29 Apr 1674 at Wells,
Somersetshire, England; m. Rose Budd, daughter of Thomas Budd and
Susannah; 1st husband; d. 1708 at Philadelphia, PA.
     He resided at Philadelphia, PA. He was a joiner. He left a will
on 30 Nov 1708 at Philadelphia Co., PA; proved 17 Dec 1708.

     Rose Budd was born 13 1mo 1680/81, recorded in the Burlington
Monthly Meeting, Burlington, NJ. She resided at New Jersey. She married
John McWilliams; 2nd husband. She married Joseph Shippen, son of
Edward Shippen and Elizabeth Lybrand, on 4 Mar 1721; 2nd wife, 3rd
     Known children of Charles Plumley and Rose Budd were as follows:
     3.          i. Sarah Plumley, b. 8 Nov 1706 at Philadelphia, PA;
                    m. Edward Shippen.
                ii. Charles Plumley.

                     Generation Three

3.  Sarah Plumley (Charles2, Charles1Plumly); b. 8 Nov 1706 at
Philadelphia, PA; m. Edward Shippen, son of Joseph Shippen and Abigail
Grosse, 20 Sep 1725; 1st wife; d. 28 Apr 1735 at Philadelphia, PA, at
age 28.

     Edward Shippen was born on 9 Jul 1703 at Boston, MA. He was Mayor
of Philadelphia. He was the founder of Shippensburg, PA. He married
Mary Gray, daughter of Granny Gray, in Aug 1747; 2nd wife, 2nd
husband. He died on 25 Sep 1781 at Lancanster, PA, at age 78.

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