Hillman Family Genealogy

Hillman Family

                      Generation One

1.  John Hillman; b. circa 1655; m. Margaret 6 Jan 1692/93 at
Gloucester, NJ; 1st husband; d. circa 1729.
     He was a husbandman. He resided in 1697 at Gloucester Twp.,
Gloucester Co., NJ. He left a will in 1707; proved 1729.

     Margaret married John Eastlack in 1735; 2nd husband.
     Known children of John Hillman and Margaret were as follows:
     2.          i. John Hillman, m. Elizabeth.
                ii. Daniel Hillman; m. Elizabeth; d. 1754.
               iii. Ann Hillman.
                iv. Abigail Hillman; m. John Gill, son of John Gill,
                    12 Nov 1767 at recorded Haddonfield Friends
                    Meeting, Haddonfield, Gloucester Co., NJ.

                      Generation Two

2.  John Hillman (John1); m. Elizabeth; d. 29 Jul 1764.

     Elizabeth' last name was probably Bates. She died after 1764.
     Known children of John Hillman and Elizabeth were as follows:
     3.          i. Joab Hillman, m. Mary Mattlacke.
                ii. Josiah Hillman; m. Elizabeth Pancoast.
               iii. Daniel Hillman.
                iv. James Hillman; m. Mary Smallwood 1754.
                 v. John Hillman.

                     Generation Three

3.  Joab Hillman (John2, John1); m. Mary Mattlacke 18 Apr 1761 at
Gloucester Co., NJ.
     He resided at Gloucester Co., NJ. He was a farmer.

     Mary Mattlacke was born circa 1741.
     Known children of Joab Hillman and Mary Mattlacke were as
     4.          i. Elizabeth Hillman, b. 1764; m. Samuel Crawford.
                ii. Ephraim Hillman; b. 1 Jul 1773 at Kirkwood, NJ; m.
                    Elizabeth Crawford between 1797 and 1798; d. 14
                    Jul 1845 at Kirkwood, NJ, at age 72.

                     Generation Four

4.  Elizabeth Hillman (Joab3, John2, John1); b. 1764; m. Samuel
Crawford, son of Henry Crawford and Elizabeth McCulloch; d. 1832.
     She and Samuel Crawford resided circa 1785 at Philadelphia, PA.

     Samuel Crawford was born on 5 May 1759 at 'Mole Hill Farm',
Gloucester Co., NJ. He was a grocer. He died in 1808.

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