Willard Family Genealogy

Willard Family

                      Generation One

1.  Richard Willard; b. circa 1564 at Goudhurst, Kent, England; m.
Catherine; 1st wife; m. Margery Humphrey; 2nd wife; m. Joan Morebread;
3rd wife; bur. 29 Feb 1616/7 at Horsmondon, Kent, England.

     Known children of Richard Willard include:
                 i. Mary Willard.
                ii. Thomas Willard.
               iii. Elizabeth Willard.
                iv. Richard Willard.
                 v. Edward Willard.
                vi. John Willard.
               vii. George Willard resided at Scituate, MA. He had 3

     Catherine died in Mar 1597/98 at Horsmondon, Kent, England.

     Margery Humphrey died in Dec 1608 at Horsmonden, Kent, England.
She was buried on 12 Dec 1608 at Horsmondon, Kent, England.
     Known children of Richard Willard and Margery Humphrey were as
     2.          i. Maj. Simon Willard, m. Mary Sharpe; m. Elizabeth
                    Dunster; m. Mary Dunster.
                ii. Margery Willard; m. Capt. Delour Davis.
                    She and Capt. Delour Davis immigrated in May 1634
                    to Boston, MA.
               iii. Catherine Willard.

     Joan Morebread died after Feb 1617.

                      Generation Two

2.  Maj. Simon Willard (Richard1); baptized 7 Apr 1605 at Horsmonden,
Kent, England; m. Mary Sharpe, daughter of Henry Sharpe and Jane
Feylde; 1st wife; m. Elizabeth Dunster, daughter of Henrye Dunster;
2nd wife; m. Mary Dunster circa 1652; 3rd wife, 1st husband; d. 24 Apr
1676 at Charlestown, Middlesex Co., MA.
     He and Mary Sharpe immigrated in May 1634 to Boston, MA. He
resided at Cambridge, MA. He resided in Sep 1635 at Concord, MA. He
was a Deputy between 1636 and 1653. He resided at Lancaster, MA. He
resided at Groton, MA. He resided at Charlestown, MA. He was commander
of Middlesex Co. troops in 1675 at Middlesex Co., MA.

     Mary Sharpe resided at Horsmonden, Kent, England.
     Known children of Maj. Simon Willard and Mary Sharpe were:
                 i. Mary Willard; b. at England; m. Joshua Edmonds.

     Known children of Maj. Simon Willard include:
                 i. Rev. Samuel Willard; b. 31 Jan 1639/40 at Concord,
                    MA; m. Abigail Sherman, daughter of Rev. John
                    Sherman and Mary Launce; 1st wife; m. Eunice Tyng,
                    daughter of Col. Edward Tyng and Mary Sears, 1679;
                    2nd wife; d. 12 Sep 1707 at age 67.
                    He and Eunice Tyng had 14 children. He and Abigail
                    Sherman had 6 children. He was educated in 1659 at
                    Harvard College, Cambridge, MA. He resided in 1663
                    at Groton, MA. He was pastor of Old South Church
                    in 1678 at Boston, MA. He was acting President of
                    Harvard College between 1701 and 1707 at Boston,
                ii. Elizabeth Willard; d. infancy.
               iii. Elizabeth Willard; m. Robert Blodd.
                iv. Dorothy Willard; d. infancy.
                 v. Josiah Willard; m. Hannah Hosmer, daughter of
                    Thomas Hosmer.
                vi. Sarah Willard; m. Nathaniel Howard.
               vii. Abovehope Willard; d. aged 17.
              viii. Simon Willard; m. Martha Jacobs, daughter of
                    Richard Jacobs and Joanna; 1st wife; m. Priscilla
                    Buttolph; 2nd wife.
                ix. Mary Willard; m. Cyprian Stevens, son of Col.
                    Thomas Stevens.
                 x. Henry Willard; m. Mary Lakin; 1st wife; m.
                    Dorothy; 2nd wife, 2nd husband.
                xi. John Willard; m. Mary Hayward, daughter of John
               xii. Capt. Joseph Willard; m. ___.
                    He was a sea captain. He resided at London,
              xiii. Benjamin Willard; m. Sarah Lakin, daughter of Ens.
                    John Lakin.
               xiv. Hannah Willard; m. Capt. Thomas Brintnall, son of
                    Thomas Brintnall and Esther.
                xv. Jonathan Willard; m. Mary Browne, daughter of Maj.
                    Thomas Browne and Patience.

     Mary Dunster was born circa 1629 at Bury, Lancashire, England.
She married Joseph Noyes after 1659; 2nd husband. She died on 28 Dec
1715 at Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA.
     Known children of Maj. Simon Willard and Mary Dunster were:
     3.          i. Daniel Willard, b. 29 Dec 1658 at Concord, MA; m.
                    Hannah Cutler; m. Mary Mills.

                     Generation Three

3.  Daniel Willard (Simon2, Richard1); b. 29 Dec 1658 at Concord, MA;
m. Hannah Cutler, daughter of Capt. John Cutler and Mehitable, 6 Dec
1683 at Charlestown, MA; 1st wife; m. Mary Mills, daughter of John
Mills Jr. and Elizabeth Shove, 4 Jan 1692/93; 2nd wife, 1st husband;
d. 23 Aug 1708 at age 49.
     He resided at Sudbury, MA. He resided at Charlestown, MA. He
resided at Braintree, MA. He resided at Boston, MA.

     Hannah Cutler was born circa 1660. She died on 22 Feb 1690/91.
     Known children of Daniel Willard and Hannah Cutler were as
                 i. Anna Willard; d. infancy.
                ii. Anna Willard; m. Timothy LeFevre; 1st husband; m.
                    John Bosworth; 2nd husband.
               iii. Elizabeth Willard; m. Phineas Rice, son of Joseph
                    Rice and Sarah.

     Mary Mills was born on 1 Apr 1670 at Braintree, MA. She married
David Melville; 2nd husband, 2nd wife.
     Known children of Daniel Willard and Mary Mills were as follows:
     4.          i. Daniel Willard, b.  at Boston, MA; m. Abigail
                    Mather; m. Ann Thomas.
                ii. George Willard; b. at Boston, MA.
     5.        iii. Mary Willard, b. 16 Nov 1695 at Boston, MA; m. ___
                    Cuyler; m. Dr. Edward Ellis.
                iv. Edward Willard; b. 28 Feb 1697 at Braintree, MA.
                 v. Benjamin Willard; b. 10 Jul 1698 at Braintree, MA.
                vi. Susannah Willard; b. 15 Nov 1700 at Boston, MA.
               vii. William Willard; baptized 1 Feb 1702 at Boston,
              viii. Sarah Willard; b. 12 Jun 1703 at Boston, MA; d.
     6.         ix. Sarah Willard, b. circa 1704 at Boston, MA; m. ___
                 x. Mehitable Willard; b. 12 Jan 1706 at Boston, MA;
                    m. John Baxter.

                     Generation Four

4.  Daniel Willard (Daniel3, Simon2, Richard1); b. at Boston, MA; m.
Abigail Mather, daughter of Rev. Cotton Mather; 1st wife; m. Ann
Thomas; 2nd wife.
     He and Abigail Mather had 4 children. He and Ann Thomas had 1
child. He was a ship chandler.

     Known children of Daniel Willard and Abigail Mather were:
                 i. Catherina Mather Willard; m. Samuel Stevens, son
                    of Lt. Erasamus Stevens and Persis Bridge, 11 Jul
                    1738 at Boston, MA.

5.  Mary Willard (Daniel3, Simon2, Richard1); b. 16 Nov 1695 at
Boston, MA; m. ___ Cuyler; 1st husband; m. Dr. Edward Ellis, son of
Dr. Robert Ellis and Elizabeth Pemberton; 1st wife, 2nd husband; d.
circa 1745.

     ___ Cuyler resided at Barbadoes.

     Dr. Edward Ellis was born on 23 Feb 1698/99 at Boston, MA. He was
baptized at Old South Church, Boston, MA. He was Surgeon General of
Massachusetts Troops on 19 Feb 1744. He married Abigail Otis on 18 Oct
1756 at Narragansett, RI. He died in 1769 at Amsterdam, Holland.

6.  Sarah Willard (Daniel3, Simon2, Richard1); b. circa 1704 at
Boston, MA; m. ___ Hope.

     Known children of Sarah Willard and ___ Hope were as follows:
                 i. Henry Hope; b. 1736 at Braintree, MA; d. 25 Feb
                    He resided at Amsterdam, Holland.
                ii. Harriet Hope; m. John Goddard Esq.

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