Dunn Family

Generation One

1. John1 Dunn was born Dec 1855 at Pennsylvania; he married Kathryn Hunt either 1877 or 1878.
He and Kathryn Hunt resided at Philadelphia, PA. He was a dealer/huckster.
Kathryn Hunt was born in Aug 1855 at Pennsylvania.
Known children of John1 Dunn and Kathryn Hunt were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Nellie V.2 Dunn (John1) was born 11 Apr 1880 at Philadelphia, PA; she married Hugh Bartholomew McHugh, son of Patrick J. McHugh and Bridget, 29 Jun 1904 at Philadelphia, PA; she died circa 1948 at Bryn Mawr Hospital, Bryn Mawr, PA.
She and Hugh Bartholomew McHugh resided at Philadelphia, PA.
Hugh Bartholomew McHugh was born on 4 Jul 1877 at Philadelphia, PA. He died on 28 Jan 1935 at Philadelphia, PA, at age 57. He was a reporter.

3. Mamie2 Dunn (John1) was born Jul 1882 at Pennsylvania; she married Daniel O'Connell.
Mamie2 Dunn and Daniel O'Connell had 5 children.

Additional Generations

4. Kathryn Dunn3 McHugh (Nellie2 Dunn, John1) married Charles Edward Reilly.
6. Charles Edmund4 Reilly Jr. (Kathryn3 McHugh, Nellie2 Dunn, John1) married Lynn Alden Wanger.
11. Deborah Lynn5 Reilly (Charles4, Kathryn3 McHugh, Nellie2 Dunn, John1) married John Randolph Marshall.

Pedigree Base - Marshall
2 - Nellie V. Dunn

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