Clayton Family Genealogy

Clayton Family

                     Generation One

1.  William Clayton; b. 1590; m. Joan Smith 30 Oct 1631 at Sussex,
England; d. before 1659 at Chichester, Sussex, England.
     Joan Smith died on 25 Apr 1644. She was buried at Boxgrove,
Sussex, England.
     Known children of William Clayton and Joan Smith were as follows:
     2.          i. William Clayton, bap. 9 Dec 1632; m. Prudence
                ii. Joan Claiton; baptized 23 Aug 1635 at Boxgrove,
                    Sussex, England.
               iii. Elizabeth Clayton; baptized 11 Feb 1637 at
                    Boxgrove, Sussex, England.
                iv. Richard Claiton; baptized 13 Sep 1640 at Boxgrove,
                    Sussex, England.
                 v. Thomas Clayton; baptized 26 Feb 1642 at Boxgrove,
                    Sussex, England.

                     Generation Two

2.  William Clayton (William1); baptized 9 Dec 1632; m. Prudence
Langkford 7 Nov 1653 at St. Pancras Parish Church, Chichester, Sussex,
England; d. before 1 Oct 1689 at Chester Co., PA.
     He was a carpenter. He resided at Chichester, Sussex, England.
He resided at Rumbaldsweek, Sussex, England. He and Prudence Langkford
immigrated in 1677 to America; ship 'Kent.' He resided at Burlington,
West Jersey. He resided at Marcus Hook, PA.
     Known children of William Clayton and Prudence Langkford were as
                 i. William Clayton; b. at Sussex, England; m.
                    Elizabeth Bezer, daughter of Edward Bezer, 1681.
                ii. Prudence Clayton; b. 20 Aug 1657 at Lewes, Sussex,
                    England; m. Henry Reynolds 10 Jan 1678; d. 2 Apr
                    1728 at Chester Co., PA, at age 70.
               iii. Joseph Clayton.
                iv. Elizabeth Clayton; d. 1660.
     3.          v. Honour Clayton, b. 18 Jan 1662/63 at England; m.
                    James Browne.
                vi. Elizabeth Clayton; b. 29 Jun 1665 at Rumbaldsweek,
                    Sussex, England; d. 30 Jun 1665.
               vii. Mary Clayton; b. 29 Jun 1665 at Rumbaldsweek,
                    Sussex, England; m. John Beals 1682; d. 1682.
              viii. Hannah Clayton; b. 12 Oct 1667 at Sussex, England.

                     Generation Three

3.  Honour Clayton (William2, William1); b. 18 Jan 1662/63 at England;
m. James Browne, son of Rev. Richard Browne and Mary, 8 Aug 1679 at
Burlington, NJ.
     James Browne was born on 27 May 1656 at Boarsworth,
Northamptonshire, England. He immigrated on 16 Aug 1677 to Burlington
Co., NJ; ship 'Kent.' He died between 2 Aug 1715 and 1716 at East
Nottingham, Chester Co., PA.

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