Armitt Family Genealogy

Armitt Family

                     Generation One

1.  Richard Armitt; m. Frances.

     Frances was buried 3mo 22 1686 at Eaton, England.
     Known children of Richard Armitt and Frances were:
     2.          i.John Armitt, m. Jane Woolrich.

                     Generation Two

2.  John Armitt (Richard1); m. Jane Woolrich, daughter of Thomas
Woolrich, 5mo 19 1668 at Strafford, England; bur. 8mo 24 1701 at
Basford, England.
     He resided at Leek, Straffordshire, England. He resided at Nettle
Beds, Winkle, Cheshire, England.

     Jane Woolrich resided at Shawford, Staffordshire, England. She
died 6mo 31 1700. She was buried 7mo 3 1700 at Basford, England.
     Known children of John Armitt and Jane Woolrich were as follows:
                 i. John Armitt; b. 9mo 30 1670 at Winckle, Cheshire,
                ii. Thomas Armitt; b. 9mo 29 1672; bur. 3mo 18 1686.
               iii. Richard Armitt; b. 6mo 30 1674; m. Sophia Johnson,
                    daughter of John Willemse Bockohoven, 1701; d. 7
                    Aug 1748 at Philadelphia, PA.
                    He was a merchant. He immigrated in 1700 to
                    Philadelphia, PA. He resided at Philadelphia, PA.
                    He left a will 4mo 21 1740 at Philadelphia Co.,
                    PA; proved 24 Aug 1748.
                iv. Sarah Armitt; b. 8mo 16 1676.
                 v. Enoch Armitt; b. 12mo 7 1677/8.
                vi. Jane Armitt; b. 10mo 1 1678; d; young.
               vii. Joseph Armitt; b. 5mo 13 1680; d. 1687.
              viii. Stephen Armitt; b. 7mo 5 1682.
                ix. Elizabeth Armitt; b. 12mo 10 1683; d. 1686.
     3.          x. Thomas Armitt, b. 10mo 2 1687 at England; m.
                    Elizabeth Brockden; m. Elizabeth.

                     Generation Three

3.  Thomas Armitt (John2, Richard1); b. 10mo 2 1687 at England; m.
Elizabeth; 1st wife; m. Elizabeth; 2nd wife; d. 8mo 9 1726.
     He was a cooper. He immigrated before 1717 to Philadelphia, PA.
He resided at Philadelphia, PA. He left a will on 28 Jun 1726 at
Philadelphia Co., PA; proved 21 Oct 1726.

     Elizabeth died 3mo 14 1722.
     Known children of Thomas Armitt include:
     4.          i. Joseph Armitt, m. Elizabeth Lisle.
                ii. Jeremiah Armitt; d. 12mo 16 1717/18.

                     Generation Four

4.  Joseph Armitt (Thomas3, John2, Richard1); m. Elizabeth Lisle,
daughter of Maurice Lisle and Mary Badcock, 9mo 9 1739 at Friends
Meeting, Philadelphia, PA; d. 5mo 9 1747.
     He resided at Philadelphia, PA. He was a joiner. He left a will
on 12 Jul 1747 at Philadelphia Co., PA; proved 28 Jul 1747.

     Elizabeth Lisle left a will on 16 May 1798 at Philadelphia Co.,
PA; proved 26 Apr 1802. She died circa 1802.
     Known children of Joseph Armitt and Elizabeth Lisle were as
     5.          i. Mary Armitt, b. 1739; m. Elijah Brown.
                ii. Elizabeth Armitt; m. Richard Waln, son of Nicholas
                    Waln and Mary Shoemaker, 4 Dec 1760; d. before 16
                    May 1798.
               iii. Henrietta Armitt; m. ___ Wister.

                     Generation Five

5.  Mary Armitt (Joseph4, Thomas3, John2, Richard1); b. 1739; m.
Elijah Brown, son of James Brown and Miriam Churchman, 9 Jul 1761 at
Arch Street Meeting, Philadelphia, PA; d. 18 Jul 1825.

     Elijah Brown was a merchant. He was born on 12 May 1740 at prob.
East Nottingham, Chester Co., PA. He resided in 1757 at Philadelphia,
PA. He died on 27 Aug 1810 at age 70. He was buried at Friends Burying
Ground, Philadelphia, PA.

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