Heritage Family Genealogy

Heritage Family

                     Generation One

1.  Richard Heritage; b. circa 1620; m. Mary Timms Nov 1662; d. Jun
1702 at Gloucester Co., NJ.
     He was a carpenter. He resided at Brayle's Inn, Warwickshire,
England. He immigrated in 1684.
     Mary Timms resided at Sutton, England. She resided at
Sutton-under-Brails, Warwickshire, England.
     Known children of Richard Heritage and Mary Timms were as
     2.          i. John Heritage, m. Sarah Slocumb.
     3.          i. Joseph Heritage, b. 24 Apr 1675 at
                    Gloucestershire, England; m. Hannah Allen.
                ii. Sarah Heritage; m. William Clark 1687.
               iii. Mary Heritage.

                      Generation Two

2.  John Heritage (Richard1); m. Sarah Slocumb 1706; d. 1716.
     Known children of John Heritage and Sarah Slocumb were as
                 i. Mary Heritage; m. Hasker Newberry.
                ii. Naomi Heritage resided at Bladen Co., NC.

3.  Joseph Heritage (Richard1); b. 24 Apr 1675 at Gloucestershire,
England; m. Hannah Allen, daughter of Judah Allen and Mary Woolley,
26 Jan 1697 at Haddonfield Monthly Meeting, Gloucester Co., NJ; d.
1756 at New Jersey.
     He resided at Chester, Gloucester Co., NJ. He left a will on 17
Feb 1756; proved 27 Nov 1756.
     Hannah Allen was born on 13 Apr 1681 at Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.,
NJ. She died on 19 Jul 1745 at age 64.
     Known children of Joseph Heritage and Hannah Allen were as
     4.          i. John Heritage, m. Ann Hugg.
                ii. Mary Heritage; m. John Gill 23 Oct 1718; 1st
                    husband; m. John Thorne, son of Joseph Thorne
                    and Mary Bowne, 10 Sep 1750 at Coles Church,
                    Colestown, Gloucester Co., NJ; 2nd husband; d.
                    She resided at Haddonfield, Gloucester Co., NJ.
                    She left a will on 14 Jul 1775; proved 4 Oct
               iii. Richard Heritage; m. Sarah Whitall; 1st wife; m.
                    Sarah Tindall; 2nd wife.
                iv. Joseph Heritage; m. Ruth Haines.
                 v. Benjamin Heritage; m. Kesiah Matlack.
                vi. Hannah Heritage; m. ___ Roberts.

                     Generation Three

4.  John Heritage (Joseph2, Richard1); m. Ann Hugg, daughter of
Joseph Hugg and Ann, 22 Aug 1741 at Chester Twp., Burlington Co., NJ;
license; d. 30 Nov 1761.
     He was a bricklayer.
     Ann Hugg was also known as Sarah Hugg or Sarah Ann Hugg.
     Known children of John3 Heritage and Ann Hugg were as follows:
     5.          i. John Heritage, b. circa 1740; m. Susannah Marple.

                     Generation Four

5.  John Heritage (John3, Joseph2, Richard1); b. circa 1740; m.
Susannah Marple 7 Dec 1766; d. 27 Sep 1817 at Gloucester Co., NJ;
bur. at Sloan/Union Burying Ground, West Collingswood, Camden Co.,
     Susannah Marple was born circa 1742. She died on 2 Sep 1822 at
Gloucester, NJ. She was buried at Sloan/Union Burying Ground, West
Collingswood, Camden Co., NJ.
     Known children of John Heritage and Susannah Marple were:
     6.          i. Ann Heritage, b.  at Gloucester, NJ; m. Samuel

                     Generation Five

6.  Ann Heritage (John4, John3, Joseph2, Richard1); b. at Gloucester,
NJ; an infant during the Revolution; m. Samuel Redfield, son of
William Redfield and Elizabeth Starr, 1795 at Gloucester, NJ; d. 1825
at Gloucester, NJ.
     Samuel Redfield was a sea captain. He was born on 23 Jan 1757 at
Middletown, CT. He resided circa 1794 at Gloucester, NJ. He died circa
1812; at sea.

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