Hurling is a Cornish sport. It is a game of skill requiring a nimble hand, quick eye, swift feet, and a set of good strong lungs. It consists of two teams, usually between two parishes, with each team having 40 to 60 able bodied men on each side. They hurl about a three inch diameter, silver plated wooden ball that is gilted and has a common motto inscribed on it "Gware wheag yeo gware teag", (Fair play is good play) The game is played running down the streets of the town for a distance of three to four miles, catching the ball dexterously when it is thrown up and carrying it off expeditiously in spite of all opposition from the other team. If not impossible, also throwing it into the hands of a partner who in his turn exerts his efforts to convey it and run to his own goal, which can be three or four miles away.