Ghostly Shepherd of Dartmoor Prison

Ghostly Shepherd of Dartmoor Prison

My story concerns the Ghostly Shepherd of Dartmoor Prison passed down the family and many years later confirmed in a book my cousin found.

Ada told her children that when she was a child in Princetown, a small place mostly known for Dartmoor Prison, an elderly and trusted convict was the prison shepherd and he loved looking after his sheep out on the moor. He had served several stretches and upon release he would deliberately commit another felony, solely to get back to the prison and be with his beloved sheep.

Everyone wondered about him when he had not been seen for a while and when he never returned, it was found that he had appeared in Court as usual, but sadly before a different judge who had sent him to another prison.

Several years ago, my cousin found a second-hand book titled “Dartmoor From Within”, by Jock of Dartmoor, undated, but appears to have been written shortly after World War I. In it, the author states, ”The legend of the convict shepherd of Dartmoor is too well known to repeat. I have heard convicts swear that they have seen the ghostly figure of an ‘old lag’ following behind the sheep of Dartmoor.”

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