charms for healing

Charms for Healing

The Zennor Charmers

A large degree of men and women of the Zennor parish possessed the remarkable charm of being able to stop blood, no matter how much blood was flowing. It is said that "Even should a pig be sticked in the very place, if a charmer was present, and thought of his charm at the time, the pig would not bleed." Which shows the large amount of faith people had in their power. Cautious however, the charmers are in making known their charms A man would not on any account tell his charm to a woman, or visa versa. People travel miles to be charmed for "wildfires" (erysipelas), ringworms, pains in the limbs or teeth, 'kennels' (ulcerations) on the eyes.
It has been said by one charmer, "There were but three charmers left in the west, one at New Mills, one in Morva, and herself.'

The Twelve-o'clock Stone

The Logan stone, near Nancledrea, has supernatural powers at midnight. The stone was impossible to move during daylight or any other time, but at midnight it would rock like a cradle. Many children have been cured of rickets by being placed by this stone at midnight. Unfortunate the stone would not rock if the child was 'misbegotten' or was had dissolute parents, there would not cure the child. On Cuckoo Hill, east of Nancledrea there two piles of rock which were about eight feet apart and a large flat stone for a top, forming a doorway. It is said it was "large and high enough to drive a horse and cart through". It was custom to march in through this 'doorway' before going to the twelve-o'clock stone.
These grand masses of granite whether well-known by the giants or holy by the Druids, has been removed sometime back in history.

Sundry Charms

The water from the font after a christening; is known to undo some spells. All the fonts in the country were formerly locked to prevent people from stealing the 'holy water'..

Cure for colic in Towednack

Stand on your head for quarter of an hour.

For a scald or burn

"There came three angels out of the east
One brought fire and two brought frost;
Out fire and in frost
In the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost.

Bramble-leaves or sometimes the leaves of the common dock wetted with spring water are incorporated in this charm.

Charms for inflammatory disease

A similar chant to that used for a burn is used.
Three angels are called to come from the east and this form of words is repeated three times to each leaf of nine bramble leaves, which have been immersed in spring water, then you pass over the diseased part with the leaves.

Charm to stop bleeding

"Christ was born in Bethlehem
Baptized in the river Jordan;
There he digg'd a well
And turn'd the water against the hill
So shall thy blood stand still. In the name......."

The sleeping foot

Cross the foot with saliva

To cure the hiccough

Wet the forefinger of the right hand with spittle, and cross the front of the left shoe or boot three times, repeating the Lord's Prayer backwards.

The cure of boils

Pass nine times against the sun, under a bramble-bush growing at both ends. Also this will cure rheumatism.

Rickets, or a crick in the back

The holed Stone - Men-an-tol in Lanyon, commonly called by the multitude the crick-stone. The sufferer was drawn nine times against the sun through the hole- if a man, he is to crawl through the hole nine times.

Tea-stalks and smut

Stems of tea floating in the drink indicate strangers.
Flakes of smut hanging loose to the fire-bars do the same thing.
The stranger's arrival time may be known by placing the stern on the back of your hand and smacking it with the other; the number of blows given before it is removed indicates the number of days before his arrival.
The flake of carbon is blown upon, and according to it's removal, by the first, second, or third blow, so is the time the visitor may be expected.

To choose a wife

Determine the day of the young woman's birth, and refer to the last chapter of Proverbs. Each verse from the 1st to the 31st will indicate, directly or indirectly, the character, and to guide the searcher - the verse corresponding with her age indicating the woman's character.

Four cures for warts

1. Out of Bodmin - " touch each wart with a new pin, and drop the pins into a bottle, place it in a newly made grave, or burying it in the earth at a "four cross-roads", as the pins rust, the warts decay.

2. Take a piece of string and tie as many knots on it as there are warts on your body; touch each wart to the knot dedicated to it. Then bury the string, and the warts will fade away as it decays. A shipwright in Devonport dockyard claims to be cured of his warts by simply receiving a knotted string which had been tied by the afflicted person.

3. Touch each wart with a pebble, place the pebbles in a bag, and then lose the bag on the way to church. (unfortunate the person who found the bag as they received the warts)

4. Steal a piece of meat from a butcher's stall in the public market, touch the warts with this, and then bury it. As the meat spoils the warts will decayed.

A cure for paralysis

A paralysed woman is to set in the church porch and present her open palm to the congregation as they leave after the morning service so they may drop pennies in her hand.
She should then, solicite the priest to change the copper coins into one silver one. She should then go up the aisle to within the alter rails, and walk around the communion-table three times.
She should now say to the clerk "Now with God's blessing, I shall be cured; my blessed bit of silver must be made into a ring and within three weeks after it is on my finger I shall get the use of my limbs again.'

A cure for rheumatism

Crawl under a bramble which has grown a second root in the ground. Or get a woman who has delivered a child feet first to walk on the patient.

Cure of toothache

The story goes..."One good man was underground one day, and had the toothache 'awful bad, sure enough; and Uncle John ax'd me, "What's the matter?" says he. "The toothache," says I. "Shall I charm it?" says he. "Ees," says I. "Very well,' says he; and off he went to work in the next ditch. Ho! dedn't my tooth ache, Lor' bless ee; a just ded, ye knew; just as if the charm were tugging my very life out.
At last Uncle John comed down to the soiler, and sing'd out, "Alloa! how's your tooth in there says he. "Very bad," says I "How's a feeling?" says he. "Pulling way like an ould hoss with the skwitches," says I. "Hal drag my jaw off directly," says I. "Ees the charm working?" says he. "Es, a shure enuf," says I. "Es," says he, "al be better d'rectly." "Hope a will," says I. Goodness gracious! dedn't a ache; I believe a did you; then a stopped most to once. "Es better," says I. "I thought so," says he, "and you waan't have un no more for a long time," says he. "Thank ee, Uncle John," says I; "I'll give ee a pint o' beer pay-day," and so I ded; an' I haben't had the toothache ever since.
Now, if he dedn't charm un, how ded a stop?' and if he dedn't knaw a would be better a long time, how ded he say so? No, nor I haven't had un never since. So that's a plain proof as he knaw'd all about it, waden't a you?''

The convalescent's walk

If an convalescent person goes out for the first time and makes a journey, this tour must be with the sun; if it is against the sun, there will be a relapse.

Two cures for whooping-cough

1. Gather nine spar stones from a running stream taking care not to interrupt the free passage of the water in doing so, then dip a quart of water from the stream, which must be taken in the direction in which the stream runs; by no means must the vessel be dipped against the stream.
Heat the nine stones until red hot, and throw them into the quart of water. Bottle the prepared water, and give the afflicted child a wine glass of this water for the following nine mornings If this will not cure the whooping-cough, nothing else can, says the believer

2. Undress the child and pass her over a female donkey of three years old, nine times over its hack and under its belly. Then draw out take three spoonfuls of milk from the teats of the animal, and cut three hairs from the back and the belly . Place the hairs in the milk and have it stand for 3 hours before the child is to drink it in three doses.
This is to be repeated for three day every morning

note: Christ placed the cross on the ass's back when he rode into Jerusalem, and so rendered the animal holy, if the child touched where Jesus sat, they should cough no more.