Qulin, Butler co. MO.

Located;  Fifteen miles south of the county seat Poplar Bluff. 
Qulin, Missouri, established date 1904 second largest town in Butler County  
The location of the town was  once called, Melville.
The Great Western Land Co. purchased the land where Qulin is now located. 
The land company had began selling lots in the town of Melville, 
by the year of 1910.

The Postal zip code is 63961


The Qulin Historical Society
is  creating a Wall of Honor 
in the Qulin Museum. 
We need photos of anyone who 
served in any branch of the 
military at any time We have
from the Spanish American 
through today's conflicts. 
 Send your photos to 
Qulin Historical Society 
P.O. Box 295
Qulin, Missouri 63961
Or e-mail a copy in .jpg format

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and Her School Books History regarding the naming of Qulin can be found in a book published by the Qulin Historical Society and is for sale by contacting
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    "Qulin Early Days School Records"

    Other School Photos and Records

Can any one name any of these children??


The Qulin Historical Society Needs your help
Can any one name any of these children??

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    The orgin of the name Qulin, has been hard to come by
    That is one of those things we have let slip into the past.
    Below are a couple versions of how the name might have been choosen
    And the Qulin Historical Society has a different one in their book

    One story passed down to us recently (2004) is sent by Charles McClure.
    One Theory on how Qulin was named.

    The name of Melville was changed due to a problem the Postal Service was having in determining whether the mail should go to Mehlville (a suburb of St. Louis) or Melville. Mehlville being much larger, Melville was required to select another name.
    The committee considered a number of names before they agreed to honor Alfred Kelley,
    one of the earliest settlers, by allowing him to select the name.
    Alfred selected Quincy, after his daughter.
    Shortly after submitting the name of Quincy to Jefferson City they were notified this name could not be used; due to another small town in Hickory County Missouri having this name.
    They modified the name of Quincy by dropping the CY and inserting an L. Thus, honoring us with the exotic name of Qulin, feeling sure that there couldn't possibly be another name like it. This is how we were honored with such an exotic name.
    The above information was passed on to me by, my Aunt Jullean "Scott" Crane, who was a Qulin history buff.
    All of the old-timers will remember "The old Kelley place." Alfred's farm was located at the Southeast corner of highway 53 and the number one ditch. (This is where "Booger" Hollowell grubbed for his extensive arrowhead collection.)
    Submitted by Charles McClure

    Another story by Elonzo Brown a Qulin Native    
    A text file  transcribes the images of the letter from Elonzo Brown
    A copy of letters written by Elonzo  Brown born 1905 in Qulin
    Photograph of --- Edward L.Brown and wife Cora Ruberta 

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    History of Qulin
    Butler county Missouri

    Folks from Qulin

    "The Beulah Mae & Marvin O'Dell McClure Years"
    Edward Lawrence Brown
    Peter F. and Rosetta Ella Brown
    Ira Sweezea
    David Hendrix
    Jimmy Jones
    Patsy Ledbetter Skaggs
    Mary A. LedbetterHudson
    Junental (June) LedbetterDeGeare
    Robert Luke and Mary C.Thaxton Ledbetter
    Bill and Ruby Wynn Ledbetter
    John Sedrick and Phoebe Ledbetter
    Hudson Family Photos
    Tracy Wood

    Surnames of folks from Qulin
    List your surname here
    Mary Hudson


    Cross Line

    Killed and Missing in Action Korea, Vietnam MEMORIAL

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    Courtesy of the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS),  
    Feature Name:Qulin,   Feature Type:populated place,  Elevation:316
    Estimated Population (1994):391, State:Missouri,  County:Butler 
    Variant Name(s) Melville 
    Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map 
    363545N 0901450W Glennonville, 363552N 0901525W Oglesville 
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