Qulin Missouri flooding 2008

March 2008 Flood

High Water And Closed Roads From Flooding
Kept Many Travelers Closer To Home
On Easter Weekend In 2008. 

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Poplar Bluff and Qulin Photos

Contributed by: Glen Sedrick
North of Qulin
North of Qulin
North of Qulin
North of Qulin
Poplar Bluff
Industrial Park
Briggs and Stratton
Industrial Park

Contributed by: Mary Collins
HWY 60 bypass
Poplar Bluff Area
Poplar Bluff Area
East Poplar Bluff
East Poplar Bluff
Race Track
Twin Towers

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(Wed, 19 Mar 2008 evening 18:00)
Vine Street Bridge
(Tues, 25 Mar 2008, evening 18:00)
Vine Street Bridge

(Wed, 19 Mar 2008 evening 18:00)
on Business US 60 Church next to
Sportsman Park
(Wed, 19 Mar 2008 evening 18:00)
Riggs warehouse (near Sportsman Park)
on Business US 60

(Wed, 19 Mar 2008, morning 09:30)
Clinton Park
(Wed, 19 Mar 2008, morning 09:30)
Clinton Park
(Tues, 25 Mar 2008, evening 18:00)
Clinton Park

     Torrential rains earlier in the week lasting more than  24  hours
     caused many creeks and normally low water  streams  to  overflow.
     These smaller streams carrying water run off from the Ozark Hills
     north of the low lands and into the larger rivers bringing  about
     major flooding in Missouri and neighboring states. Traveling  was
     difficult from St. Louis into Arkansas for this  Easter  weekend.
     At  Least  70  Missouri  counties  have  reported  flooding.  The
     U.S.Coast guard was kept busy througout  the  state  of  Missouri
     rescuing people caught up in the flood waters.

     The U.S. Coast guard reported its crews in boats and in  the  air
     had rescued 52 residents and 15 pets from  flood  waters  in  and
     around Poplar Bluff, Allenville and Eureka. Forty people  trapped
     at Coon Island near Poplar Bluff after a levee broke on Wednesday
     were rescued by two Coast  Guard  helicopters  from  New  Orleans
     brought in to assist with this operation. Poplar bluff seen  1000
     people in shelters from this flood. Hwy 53 between  Poplar  Bluff
     and Qulin was under water for several days when levees broke.

     More than 150 miles north and west of Poplar Bluff I-44  west  of
     Doolittle was closed when the Gasconade river near  Jerome  crept
     out of it's banks and onto the interstate.  150  miles  north  of
     Poplar Bluff, in Fenton MO., hwy 141 looked more like a lake than
     a major hwy under the intersection  at  I-44.  Flooding  at  this
     intersection caused a major issue for traffic  when  the  Meramec
     broke out of it's banks. Pacific MO, a town of 7,000 residents 35
     miles south west of St. Louis, one of several flooded  MO  towns,
     estimates 200 homes and businesses were  damaged  with  the  town

     The flooding reports were repeated from Oklahoma to St. Louis and
     Cape Girardeau MO., into Tennessee, Illinois, Arkansas

     Many towns stood watch as the water continued to rise hoping  the
     levees held fearful of the destruction it could cause.

     Compiled by: Mary Hudson        
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Stats from the NOAA /Natl Weather Service
websites abt the Black River in Poplar Bluff:

03/18 05:00 river stage 04.02 ft (rain just starting)
03/18 09:30 river stage 04.44 ft
03/18 21:30 river stage 13.79 ft
03/19 09:30 river stage 19.25 ft
NEW record! ==> 03/20 02:30 river stage 22.15 ft
03/25 18:00 river stage 11.14 ft

Historical Crests (1) 21.68 ft on 12/04/1982
(2) 21.10 ft on 03/12/1935

Flood Cegories (in feet)
Major Flood Stage: 21 ft
Modere Flood Stage: 19 ft
Flood Stage: 16 ft
Action Stage: 12 ft