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Interesting Maher Articles and other Tidbits

O Meagher, Meagher and Maher - and their dispersal in Tipperary

This article is a portion of the original article by William J. Hayes and is published in the 1993 Tipperary Historical Journal. This Journal can be ordered from the County Tipperary Historical Society in Ireland where all Mahers came from. I highly recommend you visit there site and consider joining thier society. The Journal is very professional, well made, and well worth the money. The people there are also most friendly.

The O'Meagher's Of Ikerrin

This article is from the book "Some Historical Notices of the Meaghers of Ikerrin", by Joseph Casimir O'Meagher published in 1890! I was able to obtain this on microfilm from my local library via interlibrary loan.

Thomas Francis Meagher - Meagher of the Sword

This article is also from the book "Some Historical Notices of the Meaghers of Ikerrin", by Joseph Casimir O'Meagher. Thomas Meagher was a Irish patriot and a U.S. Civil War Brigadier General of the Irish Brigade.

Mahers and Meaghers sent to Australia

Here is a list of Mahers and Meaghers from the Irish National Archives who were "transported" from Ireland to Australia between 1788 and 1868.

newIrish Times Article

Here is a snippet from an Irish Times article sent to me by Ciaran O Meagher.

Here is 45 generations of the decendants of Oiliol Olum King of Munster AD 174-234 - the progenitor of the O'Meaghers, and goes to the late 1800s

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