OHIO COUNTY INFO: Carolinas Quakers

What route did the
Carolinas Quakers take to Ohio?

Ran across this and thought others may find it interesting, especially those that have wondered what route the North Carolina Quakers took into Ohio.

From the Ohio Yearly Quarterly records
- Smithfield-Plymouth Transfers
Three handwritten undated sheets -----

History of the Friends migration from North Carolina.

In the year 1796 the friends of North Carolina believed the principle of human slavery to be wrong and liberated their slaves. They were placed under arrest and were forced to place their negroes under bondage. The friends appealed to the courts, they upheld them and they again liberated the slaves. The following winter the legislature passed an act making it a penal offense to liberate the slaves. The friends appointed a committee of three - Jos. Hogens, Borden Stanton and name unknown to visit the northwest territory and select a suitable site to migrate to a place where slavery could never exist. They reported favorably on the site of what is now the extreme southern end of Jefferson County, Ohio. The Trent River Quarterly Conference voted unanimous to go (and one hundred thirty families) and started in the spring of 1799. Left B ..... North Carolina in a sailing vessel was becalmed at sea and was two weeks in going to Alexandria. There they hired wagons to haul them and their goods to the mountains. On arriving at the mountains they discharged the heavy wagons and hired lighter ones to take them over, they got as far as Red Stone Virginia and waited until the following spring for the land office to open. On arriving at what is known as the Short Creek Country in 1800, they then divided. Part went to Plymouth (now Smithfield) part to Concord and the rest remaining at or slight west of Mt. Pleasant. The Short Creek church was built in 1806.

The Large church or Yearly meeting house was built in or rather completed 1814 (at Mt Pleasant) was built by five Quarterly meetings at a cost of $8588. The five quarterly meetings were assessed as follows:

Redstone composed of 181 families were assessed $8.90 per family

Short Creek composed of 410 families were assessed $8.00 per family

Salem composed of 292 families were assessed $6.00 per family

Miami composed of 450 families were assessed $3.00 per family

West Branch composed of 359 families were assessed $3.00 per family

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