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Please help me, help you, by following these simple suggestions:

  1. NOTE on 12/26/99: Hi everyone. I am going to have to suspend lookups indefinitely due to the sheer volume that I am receiveing. Please feel free to submit the information as I send it to my lists and there are many helpful folks there that will do lookups or might connect with you. I also will put it in the Ohio Lookups database for exposure.
  2. NOTE: I never seem to get caught up but I need to remind folks that I need your total email address. I have information for folks and now no email address. Also if you just send me a surname I will only post it in the database. Due to the difficulty in obtaining records before 1850, please be warned that in Ohio there are no easy record access to find births and deaths so you will most likely get a message back to go to the page I have on the county where you are seeking your ancestors. Please send the requests because this gets exposure thorough Surname Helper and some counties have excellent easily accessible records. Thanks a lot and Happy Hunting!
  3. Please make SURE that this is a genealogy based request!
  4. Please include as much information as you have. (smile)I don't want a book, but for example: dates, places, marriages, what counties did they live in, where did they come from and continue toward. If you just give me a name, I don't have a clue.
  5. Include known dates of birth, death & marriage.
  6. Include the person's parents & children if known.
  7. If you have already done a census search, have a birth, death, marriage certificate please let me know so I don't duplicate your effort.
  8. If I cannot obtain the information for you I will give you addresses and suggestions for where to do so yourself.
  9. I cannot look up Adoptions as they are sealed. I now have a page up that explains the proper procedure for seeking adoption related information. It also has a link to an adoption web ring for your convience and help.
  10. Birth Certificates less that 50 years old are protected by the right to privacy laws and I cannot obtian them. Information on how you can go about obtaining them is available on my Vital Statistics Page.
  11. Death Certificates that I have access to are from December 20, 1908 through 1944. A copy of one of these is 25 cents. Also if you know the year or approximate year, I can still find it with the microfiche index at the Ohio Historical Society.
  12. Keep it simple and to the point! Fifty words or less is best. Use the 5 W's for Lookup Requests: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY
  13. I have numerous sections to this page and receive mail from them all. Please put FREE LOOKUP REQUEST in the subject of the message. That way I will look at it immediately.
  14. Now you are ready to submit your query or question to Maggie.
    Note: You must have a browser that supports MSIE in order to use this mail option. In order for you mail to reach me and not go into some black hole, send your query directly to Maggie instead. Please be sure to put FREE LOOKUP REQUEST in the Subject as I have several OHGenWeb counties in addition to my regular page that I take care of and not knowing what you are seeking will delay my response to you and your lookup. If in doubt send mail to Maggie.

I am going to start putting your lookup queries for all to see. If there is some reason you do not want yours posted for public viewing, please indicate so in your message. This system will give your queries/lookups more exposure and maybe will find you a new cousin! The following is an automated query system. Please be sure to include your name and complete email address.

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Please remember that I only one person and it can take me a while to get to your request. I WILL get all the requests done in the order that I receive them.



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