Ohio's Presidents - Ulysses Simpson Grant
Ulysses Simpson Grant

Ulysses S. Grant
(Born Hiram Ulysses Grant)
18th President

"Lyss" was born at Pt. Pleasant, Clermont County, Ohio. His father tanned leather and "Lyss" helped keep the fire going. Because his father wanted him to have a good education, he went to college at West Point, the United States Military Academy in New York. There he was accidently called Ulysses Simpson Grant. Due to the trouble involved in correcting the mistake, Ulysses kept his "new name."

He liked shooting at targets but hated to kill animals. He was an accomplished horseman. Grant became the Union General of the Civil War, even though he hated army life. As a hero of the Civil War, he was elected president.

His birthplace in Point Pleasant and the first school he attended in Georgetown are open to the public for viewing. Grant's boyhood homes in Georgetown and Bethel are also open to tour.

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