Ohio Migrations Map and Information
Ohio Migration Trails

Ohio Migration Trails Map

Pioneer Migration Routes through Ohio (This contains written information on migration trails that crossed the state of Ohio. For detail see below.)

  1. Genealogical Research in Ohio (Page 19) (Discusses major early nineteenth-century migration routes into Ohio.)
  2. History of Ohio In Five Volumes (Discusses the history of migration to Ohio.)
  3. Advancing the Ohio Frontier: A Saga of The Old Northwest (Discusses prominent portage routes that passed through Ohio.)
  4. Zane's Trace, 1796-1812: A Study in Historical Geography (Discusses Zane's Trace and it's impact on Ohio migration.)
  5. Historic American Highways (Significant Incidents in the Development of Highway Transportation In Colonial America and the United States during more than Four Centuries for the Settlers Moving West)
  6. History of The Pennsylvania Railroad through Ohio

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